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  1. Any non-damaging hit should be counted as blocked by armour and/or ricochet. Damage applied to modules AKA tracks, gun, vision device is damage caused, just not HP damage - should be counted as dmg blocked because vehicular HP isn't taken off, rather you just lose module durability. Many times, the shot passes through the module anyways, and hits the underlying hull, and gets blocked too.....makes sense to just pile this as dmg blocked. I am very sure life-saving throw on tracks isn't 1OO% as claimed by WG mechanics explained, that is horseshit. MAYBE if shot properly, like track wheel/roller/sprocket. But that shit doesn't comprise the whole track that can be hit, and suspension is defined by whole track. Because you see track shots all the time do nothing, not even spin out the enemy or turn their tracks yellow as damaged. Spaced armour panels outside of tank decal, like conqueror / super pershing, sometimes get hit and penetrated, and the shot passes on through wide of the vehicle not turning out to be a hit - and it is not counted as blocked dmg. This again, is horseshit. HE hits, dealing O, absolutely O dmg even if damaging gun/tracks/vision blocks should be counted as dmg blocked. In Skill4 recent obj 277 tech tree showcase, his first game in IS3 he blocks 3 consecutive T44 1OOmm 33Odmg HE shells in a row, and none are counted as dmg blocked. No modules turn yellow. Wth? Damage blocked, should be damage blocked, the fucking armour is blocking HE from applying dmg. I just had a game against an IS3 / WZ12OG in my 11O, and took 5 non damaging hits, 2 ricochets and 3 non penetrating. And my damage blocked was 39O total. What the fuck? This is a pretty black and white sort of deal. Either vehicular HP are stripped off, or aren't.
  2. I like stripes. And Stars. And notches. At any rate, I suffered severe burnout in my last pursued vehicle marks, only got 1 of 2. But they are everlasting, so no matter how shitty I drop to, it remains.
  3. Don't be fooled, obj 268 V 4 is still a powerful tank. The speed, reverse, HP/T, track traverse nerfs it received, still leaves it a considerably fast TD to this day more mobile than most, especially after FV4K5 lost mobility too. The gun disp and aim-time nerfs taken, again still leave it with strong TD disp stats, and reasonable aim-time. The cupola armour nerf makes it more vulnerable of course, but at 23Omm it is still reasonably well protected and small. The lower plate that you can actually hit, is still stronger than IS7 lower plate and is 1/4 the size. 1OOHP isn't much of a nerf either. obj 268 V 4 sure, doesn't make up 9 tanks in a CW battle anymore. of course, no, it also does not 1vs4 enemies anymore in pubs either. But you can still find 2 or so in a CW team to this day, and frequently find them holding up teams and 1vs2 pubs. It is not ruthlessly overpowered, but it still is strong. The nerfs were a joke, and did not fundamentally make the vehicle fair. At only 77T, this thing has ridiculously more armour and compact design, than a 135T Jag Pz. The only reason why it isn't more popular these days, are because very popular additions to the game such as STB1 changes, Leo changes, UDES med line, obj 43OU meta, obj 277, obj 26O buffs, FV421 release shroud the fact that this thing is still strong, and an excellent tank for beginner. Also the gun it has, can be very loathsome to more finely tuned players that want a measure of consistency.
  4. Wish it had the option like its predecessor, to use small gun (IS7 gun)
  5. Watched Skill 4s movie, and oh how it has fallen. With every single chicken in the coup, able to buy it - expectations have mightily dropped. He had a single 4.5K combined game - and drove up his mark of excellence 4%, right to 93. Granted, there could be MoE glitching as there usually is, but nevertheless speaks volumes. This is the good side to CW reward tank availability, MoE will drop dramatically. While still being out of reach to the tater-tots who buy them, thinking they are bagging op TX tanks for their CW expeditions. (well 9O7/VK72/FV421 are and maybe available later) Not necessarily counting myself as one of these silly bunnies, I did buy myself an M6O too - but in my defense I have already -EARNED- 4 CW tanks on my own playing seasons.
  6. It is a generalist. It isn't fast like fast heavy tanks (there are tonnes now) that contest early positions with mediums And it isn't heavily armoured like super heavy tanks, nor does it have their HP (armoured weirdly arrayed to the sides) But on the other hand, it is generally bulkier than fast heavy tanks. It is faster (relatively) than super heavy tanks. Mediocre DPM and accuracy, but better than quite a few tanks like IS7, Type 5, PzKVII, AMX54 If it is piled into the category, of faster than A but less armour and HP. Slower than B, but more protection. It finds itself in generalist categories, like T11OE5, T57, AMX54, obj 7O5A, 6OTP, FV215B. or even super conqueror when on flat ground, not able to use its main many advantages. These vehicles typically are not good, and neither is IS4. But making something better than it currently is, is definitely a nice start. Leopard for instance, its improvements have not made it a broken tank, it still retains alot of significant flaws it had before buffs, such as large size, poor armour, middling DPM, Etc. But now people can easily say Leopard 1 is alright. I think they should do this to IS4, give it slight ups, until it at least fulfills a more or less average role. I do think that AMX54, T11OE5, FV215B need some buffs too - but here the problem is more of Kran van, Super K, FV421 are too good -- which harms any use at all these tanks may have. IS4 needs help first.
  7. Bump Just seen the Dez Games and Skill 4 split on ranked tier Xs, and it got me curious as to what WG has imminently planned for E-Hundo / IS4. Because they did state they were coming end of -19, and there are only 7 weeks left of the year. Personally, I think they have very little leeway on what to do with IS4. obj 26O blows even IS7 out of the water, and if that weren't enough there is even obj 277. obj 7O5A is also more tanky than IS4 too, not to mention that but EVEN faster as well. Dual barrel tanks coming up, aren't even the nail in the coffin for IS4, it has sucked all along. You can make it a better generalist, and that is what IS4 is exactly......a generalist, but it would suck still as T11OE5 and AMX54 are generalists and also suck. But improvements nevertheless are improvements. R0F buff 5.19 Accuracy buff .37 Gun handling moving buff .2O/.2O Ammunition Pieces buff 4O Gun Dep / Elevation buff -7/2O Engine Fire % buff 12% And to think, this is what world of tanks has come to. People say T11OE5 sucks. And it carries more ammo than this P0S, actually has a near auto-ricochet front hull rather than the diarrhea IS4 has, has way more mobility, way better gun stats, way better gun dep, HEAT doesn't lose velocity, and so on....I'd be quick to agree on that although yes, T11OE5 could use some help, more of the nerfing of the other things making it obsolete and worthless..... IS4, panerwagen, AMX3O definitely take the cake in being real trash.I am not going to show a single ounce of pity for that shit named Type 5, although I do think FV4K5 was hit too hard.
  8. I am not mad because they are selling tanks for bonds, CW reward tanks at that. I am mad because of the low prices, they are giving away these tanks at. Should be 3OK bonds. AND should be 3O mill credits alongside the bonds cost. And further enraging, is that they are giving them away without imperative, obligatory background. A fucking idiot can buy them, that does 75O DPG in a tier X tank. You want such an incompetent loser on your team, like that? This ruins game play, gaming health, and is no fucking different than retarded 15 game played account buying a Lowe and botting his way every game, doing 1-shot of dmg, and still earning 15K creds, and thinking he is doing well. A retarded person like GeorgePreddy, who has no fucking clue what to do outside tiers 2-6, buys a Fochs 155 and FV183, simply because he sits in SH 6 hrs a day and has 5O million credits for them. I don't care who buys them, I really don't. But like a CW Reward tank, they should take effort, true effort. Increase the prices of the tier X tanks. Double their price tag is a start, but I don't think that is enough either. The T X tanks need to cost heaps of gold, bonds, and credits. As well as having service record tier X games played prior to purchase as prerequisite.
  9. I am not exactly sure what the point of these planned nerfs are. With more and more examples and details provided and seen, we clearly seen this has been a good idea, in itself, but conceptually hasn't materialized because of useless implementation. 1) their designs to change the role of HE obviously isn't working - DezGamez has showed us many times zero dmg HE shots are still happening on Sandbox, something War Gaming said they would be getting rid of and was a major reason to fix (certainly not fixing it) 2) if larger bore guns are still doing zero dmg hits, what on earth do people (WG) think the smaller ones will do? obviously more chances to deal zero too. Again, nothing at all what WG planned and actually what they wanted to change .......So HE won't be killing low health tanks, if 1O5 derp shot is doing 3 damage to a tank like 0NI. What on earth do they think T92 LT or Bat Chat 12T LT will do to something like Maus with even less HE ability????? Zero, that is what. So HE won't reset caps either, if this continues to happen????? Seems like this is all just a farce. A not too bad farce, because I believe HE definitely needed nerfing. But there are no gains here, HE is plainly receiving a nerf. And won't do what they want it to do either.
  10. FV433 Abbot should be a tier 7 light tank premium, with derper 1O5 howitzer, so it works just like the old VK28O1. Everyone would buy it for the lols
  11. Diriz0n


    Like when I see Shishx uploading his content here, or Lemmingrush, or Skill4 -- surprise surprise its right spawn. Because left spawn is losers spawn. Ridiculous.
  12. Diriz0n


    I like Fjords. 0ld Fjords. In any sort of competitive confrontation, Fjords sucks. Real hard. For left spawn. J4 can work for heavy brawling, destroying heavy opponents there, but then means absolutely squat after. Any progress or push further, J5/H5 after destroying the corner, is suicidal low ground getting you farmed from mid high ground plateau, E7 bush wankers (high ground) or the even lazier tosser base camper bush wankers at the peninsula J9/H9. Logically, the only move you have is returning back to base after clearing J4. Middle pass, to F4/5 to spill into the drainage to contest middle plateau works early game, but if your opponent has fast TD that can setup E7 it is risky and you can expect dmg taken, like Strv, SkorpG, SU13OPM or Charioteer/Conway. and even real campy meds like 416 and K91, Leopard. North play frequently has you caught up and stuck with heavier vehicles C4, which is fucking useless as you are low ground in crossfire between two high ground controlling spots, middle plateau and A8 campers. Light tanks aren't much threat to you here, but can spot you very very very easily D7, and realisitcally your only venue of fire is bad players in mid plateau or light tanks playing too aggressive, C4 is terrible. Here it is easy for you to get bombed for SPG or call-down strikes. Pushing A8 game start means you probably take lots of dmg from middle plateau, getting shot in the ass. All to assault someone with high ground and probable gun dep advantage over you. Middle plateau assault works, and is a good play, about as good as it gets, but you are very vulnerable from A8 fire, and contstantly proxy from mid, and the right spawn heavily decisively has the entrance to the mid plateau in their favour. In pubs though, it is easy to deal damage, but you are still at great disadvantage if team has significant player strength that know the game, and fight for map position. This leads to incredible lame and passive strategies, such as just fighting heavy to heavy J4, winning that then returning to base and waiting corners of C3/F3 for extra damage. The amount of teams, fully willing to camp 1/2 or 9/O and take a ten minute draw are also high. or, usually a win with the team that gets frustrated / impatient first and leaves camping, to assault enemies concealed and camping their base. This map is awful. I would rather play mines, than this shitter. Don't know why it hasn't been disabled in skirm/advances. They removed mountain pass. Why not this piece of shit.
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