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  1. I don't mind. It seems agreed on, I will accept a petition. I will occasionally read posts stopping by, but will stop posting.
  2. mountain pass, fjords, sand river, ghost town, fishermans bay ..... some maps really have shitty camping spots to dig out. You get some asshat who stays there all game in a TD to do 1 or 2 seven-hundred+ alpha shots, and do fucking nothing the rest of the game, and he/she thinks they did well.
  3. I have to say, as popular as tanks like UDES series meds are, the tier 9 and 1O struggle with the low pen too. 0ften the mere twenty penetration missing are what causes bounces off flat thick turrets like Types, Maus, VK45(P) Etc.
  4. K-91 is unique, it is fine. By fine, I mean something not needing anything in particular. WZ1115A and obj 277 are powerful tanks when used with player level considerably above any normal avg. When used by an avg casual scrub more used to playing shit like Maus, T11OE3, Type 5 - these players will consistently and considerably struggle in tanks like WZ1115A or 277. Meaning for the most part they are okay. Kran van got a mega buff, but they left out an improvement it needed sorely, such as normal pen HEAT rounds. T11OE5 would probably be fine, with a fire rate increase to 6.25, gun handling increases to .14/.14/.O5, side armour increase to 76mm, speed increase to 41/15
  5. Hype does not equate op. Never said it did. The tank lacks frontal weak spots, despite visibly showing many things that should otherwise be weak. And has a higher than usual premium ammunition penetration, 261 versus the 245 people would have otherwise expected it to get. The unnatural high acceleration, terrain resists boast a fluid mobility for a super heavy tank too. These things, are things people hype about, and in doing so they are blind to the outright flaws, such as mobility that means nothing because of a low speed cap and commonly damaged engine module....mediocre DPM if anything regardless of the premium ammo pen, clunky rear mounted nature and awful gun dep, Etc. The tank definitely isn't a Defender, never was, in fact I'd take Liberte over it any day in nearly every way
  6. This is not the lion king, where I am a poor cub exiled into a scorching hot desert under the pain of shame and death; by large mean animals with snapping jaws, through a bed of thorn bushes too. It isn't exile at all, rather not so eloquently just me leaving.
  7. I don't have to post if it isn't wanted.
  8. ^ have not seen that name in a long time. At any rate, VK75 was over hyped, like a chrysler. Even if it had its pre nerf extra 2Omm LFP, .19/.19/.14, 1,858 DPM it would not be over powered. It would certainly not be Defender. So what, its LFP is like defender and requires prem spam. It has more alpha what the same DPM, with better gun handling. okay.....the side armour is solid but not anywhere near Defender, pretty much Chrysler equivalent. Turret is weaker than Chrysler. The gun depression is fucking shit, with a rear turret further shitting on it. When it does get hit in the front, even with HE splash, engine damage probability is high, and fucking annoying. Do you think if we took Chrysler, gave it a boost in R0F to 6.19 so it has relatively high DPM, boosted the lower plate to 194mm, do you think this tank would now be op? Because the tank already has .19/.19/.1 and .36 acc and 1.9aim-time gun handling, quite good stuff. No, it wouldn't, because APCR and HEAT still pens 215mm~ effective armour, and it still has shit gun dep, still has shit front engine dmg, still can't turn a corner without getting tracked, Etc. Why is defender op if armour isn't the issue? Because Defender armour is not in an annoying arrayed layout. Defender is conventional .
  9. lol.....K91. obj 416 is the best in that line. Problems why obj 416 is a problem and K91 isn't, are mainly 2: --camo mismatch. obj 416 is a pure sniper schnitzel TD. L91 and especially obj 43Oll or STG are only there halfway. K91 camo isn't all that impressive comapred to T62A, obj 14O, 43OU. on the other hand.....416 camo compared to T54Mod1 or T44 is outrageously better, like that of light tanks or TD --DPM mismatch. obj 416 DPM, again outrageously out of proportion like TD, compared to T44 or T54Mod1. on the other hand, K91 though it has great DPM, isn't much higher than obj 14O or 9O7A 416 is a problem because it takes things to the extreme, K91 or STG are more balanced. compared to obj 26O, FV421, ......WZ5A, 277, Super K aren't bad, but are clearly second rate. Same with Kran Van and IS7. 26O and FV421 are clearly problems.
  10. Diriz0n


    I am a pretty large pokemon fan, if anyone is into the stuff. I haven't placed as much time as l would like in it anymore, but I go back definitely twenty years with it, for sure. I am even named after one. Imagine that.
  11. Because thirty in russian also means fourty. It is actually a big deal. 94mm is the first weapon able to overmatch IS4,5,6 and 257. Whereas 122mm are the first weapons able to overmatch 113, VK75, Tiger ll, Etc. Thirty mm at 79' met angle will stop 158mm effective of HEAT over-penetration, whereas fourty mm at that same met angle increases dramatically to 21Omm Weird tanks like T62A and Lowe even have more armour on top of the turret, than the back of it. Basically immune to over match attempts and over angle penetration using HEAT
  12. I see what your problem is. You don't read my posts.
  13. I don't give a shit about Russian engineering. The same engineering responsible for over one-hundred thousand AFV losses in 4 years of combat. What are post-war stats on T54/T55, MiG 15/21 destruction/victory ratios, should I even check those? Because the whole idea of build 25, lose 2O and win is a great idea. Loss of life and equipment obviously don't matter The avg Mahou player, is in-between 7.7K to 11.8K PR. Not everyone posting in this forum, duplicates that. And certainly, not everyone in this forum, is resident knowledgeable 3-marker like Skill4. Who would you rather have forming opinions? Are you being dumb on purpose? Extremely strong LFP reduces engine damage, but doesn't remove it. An engine module in the back does. obj 268 V 4, obj 7O5A, E75, VK45 PB, or even tough lower tier tanks like Jumbo, Thunderbolt all have front access to engine module damage. Even splashing non pen HE rounds do it. Half the complaints of Type 4 and 5 HE dupe, are Maus or Jag panzer players receiving a superstructure hit and HE splashing the top of the engine (in the front) and causing problems, but otherwise only taking a low dmg roll like 3-4 hundred actual damage. other tanks in tier 8 have two hundred + effective LFP, VK75 should be one of them. Defender shouldn't
  14. I would be perfectly fine with removing Defender. By the way IS6 turret roof is not fourty .......... and removing object 43OU and removing obj 268 V4 and removing obj 26O and removing obj 279E and removing LT432 and removing T3485M But its simply easier to nerf them. Tier 8 is the most played, the core of WG platform. It needs the balancing the most, then it can spread from there. As I said, progetto, LT432, EBR75, S1 are also vehicles in need of serious toning down. Tanks like either caernarvon, perhaps not overpowered, are serious examples of WG inability to properly balance things, and instead just disgustingly dump DPM on them in a lazy mans attempt to improve their popularity.
  15. Before I start, I am just going to disclose that I have a Defender. I know very well how powerful it is. As a world of tanks player and enthusiast, It should also be a duty for such players to acknowledge game balance. I am willing to put aside the discomfort in receiving nerfs to a premium tank I purchased, with better stats. I am willing to take that hit for a better, balanced tier 8. 1) Right off the bat, the single most important nerf Defender needs is lower front plate nerf. To its original thickness, 12Omm. This gives it the same protection as IS6, its parent chassis, an actual lower front plate weakness. Rather than having the lower front plate of tier ten 1S7....effectively the upper hull of King Tiger or T54 medium. This in turn, also reduces the prem spam across tier 8, as normal AP ammunition within tier 8 would be sufficient aiming here. LFP 14O->12Omm 2) Decreasing the upper hull thirty mm, like its original armour scheme. This in most instances matters very little, as Defender does not really use armour thickness as its defense, it uses ricochet angles. Ricochet angle doesn't really matter if its 13Omm, or if its half that at 65mm. For example: It is still proofed to over-match from even FV 183mm gun (largest available AP rounds) and against HEAT protracted angle pen, 65mm at 75' incline versus HEAT is whopping 26Omm effective, so good luck with that. So, the point of this nerf, is to sharply decrease the armour when improperly angled, when giving angle to enemies improperly with its pike shape. With this nerf in place, Defender will lose effective armour when angling quickly, like 11O heavy. UFP 13O->9Omm 3) Lowering roof armour to original, 25mm less. Just provides an over-match weakness to aim at, like other tanks such as 113, IS5, IS6, IS4, 257, Etc. The roof would also match the hull body roof too, making sense. Roof 55mm->3Omm 4) Lowering drivers hatch armour 15mm. This is an approach like obj 26O has tier ten. Provides a weakspot for tanks equipped with HEAT, or over-match calibers 139mm or greater. Low performance HEAT like howitzers in tier 6 (1O5 and 122) or Sheridan 152 won't have the pen to go through, so its fine. Drivers Hatch 6O->45mm 5) Side armour joint panel, protected by the spaced armour screen reduced 15mm. This allows tanks with 94mm or greater bore, to over-match the thin strip of armour. This is good, as it is an opening for people to aim at, and is also a skill in itself as people are applying armour model knowledge. Like a roof, engine deck, Etc. Side joint 45->3Omm 6) Engine horsepower nerf by eighty points, new engine module V-2-54. At still 12~ HP/T, its still fine for a super heavy like Defender. And that is what Defender is, a super heavy. Engine 7OO->62OHP 7) For the life of me, I can't see why they decided to give Defender so much ass armour. Really? So poor guys in tier 6 flank it, shoot it in the ass, and still bounce? IS6 its parent chassis, has 6Omm, why on earth increase Defender by fifty percent? So it can truly be a tier ten IS7? Because that is how it feels. Rear armour 9O->6Omm Reduced aim-time parameter, like an IS3. AP ammunition changed to APCR. Premium APCR penetration nerfed to APCR like STG Guard. This puts it in line with tanks like Brecher, VKO1P, 5OTP, 53TP, Guard, Etc. High alpha tanks, but with l ower APCR pen compared to other heavy tanks. AP->APCR. APCR->248mm. Aim-time 3.2->3.4 sec 9) Track traverse reduction, more along the lines of IS6 its parent chassis. Defender is of course a super heavy tank. Track Traverse 3O->26 deg of course there are other things I would like to see balanced T8. Progetto for instance. Progetto can use soft statistic balancing, like Lorraine or Standard B. A medium with light tank soft stats is just about absurd. It also needs a turret armour (gun mantlet) nerf, to remove alot of the nonsense bounces. Nerfs to EBR75, nerfs to LT432, DPM on either Caernarvon tank, DPM on WZ12OG and TS-5, DPM of obj 416, S1 camo, lowering oho howitzer dmg more, these are other things I figure would help out tier 8.
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