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  1. Aren't you a salty sausage
    I have more downvotes than you :doge:

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    2. hazzgar


      @Diriz0n are your reasons being a bot written by wot balancing department to mimic the shitposts generated by 44% tomatoes they listen too? The problem is WG is bad at what they do so they failed at making a working shitlord model, they got dissapointed and decided to release you on wotlabs since they are kinda salty about this forum

    3. Diriz0n


      I don't know? That is what you are caught up on?

      So, I am certain  you are a useless imbecile, always have. But you don't see me spouting it all over the place. See how that works? If you provide me reason to express it, and in an allowed manner, why not? 

      Boo fucking hoo. 

    4. hazzgar


      You are the most incomprehensible person I have met in a while. Seriously start reading books and learn how to form coherent sentences because you are so bad at expressing yourself you look like an art project.

  2. Faster. Doesn't have the top speed, but has more maneuverability and acceleration. Turret is not as slow either.
  3. Kran van hull. N0t Emill ll. The arm0ur is 90/70, n0t 80/60. Als0, Emill ll has a pike shape, with sec0nd step ''sh0ulder pads'' like 0bj 430. Kran van d0esn't, and with the visuals pr0vided s0 far, l00ks certainly like Kran and n0t Emill ll. I am n0t sure if it is g0ing t0 have the Caern ''Centuri0n'' turret, 0r the Centuri0n turret 0n Cent7/1. 7/1 has a much better gun mantlet.
  4. Seems very agile th0ugh. The tank will just ab0ut never get flanked unless 0utnumbered Has m0re HP/T than T10, and absurdly better track traverse that st0mps even fast heavy tanks like AMX50B. Turret traverse is als0 like a medium tank. We d0 n0t kn0w the terrain resistances yet, but if we can expect s0mething estimate-able such as the rest 0f the Emils like 1.15/1.25/2.01 it basically is a medium tank. generic things that lend t0 decent supp0rting r0les like VR, -GD are there t00.
  5. wow. That was an edit. I always thought it was Has, with a scripter, that changes all the characters around automatically. You actually went through that post, with a manual edit? Holy mole guacamole.
  6. Y0u guy5 are c0ward5. C0ward5. 1t 5eem5 0nly 1 have t0 f0770w the rule5. But 1f 1 were t0 5ay y0u have a ma7f0rmed bra1n, 0r that y0ur5elve5 5h0w 7eve75 0f retardat10n, y0u cry cry cry cry t0 has, 0r enr0h, 0r a55a551n, 0r 360 - ban th15 guy, 1 d0n't have a 5p1ne, he hurt my fee71ng5. Th1s 15n't me ca771ng y0u retard5, 0r puny brained, n0 becau5e that get5 me 1n tr0ub7e. Th15 15 me 5ay1ng, just as 500n as Enr0h made that p0st, y0u guy5 5T177 came 0ut here t0 try t0 5t1r up tr0ub7e. Bad 5me77y ba1t. Y0u guy5 are a77 c0ward5.
  7. N0 0ne is getting back at any0ne. I believe all y0ur p0sts are ridicul0us, and deserve the reacti0n. If y0u d0 n0t like the wh0le thing, ign0re me. With that in mind, I just have n0t g0tten t0 d0wn v0ting m0re, pard0n me. In additi0n, I am at a w0rkers camp, the wifi is really p00r. I will get right 0n it, as s00n as I can.
  8. I have a question. This is something I learned to do watching Lemmingrush and Fochs content, essentially playing a vehicle outside of its role and/or strengths. For instance, they would go city in medium tanks, or in himmels / Karelia - fight for the respective hills with faster heavy tanks. From what I see, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages. When I played 121 med alot grinding bonds last year, I put a significant amount of effort and time, playing it as a heavy tank, and thought it was a good trade-off for my team's benefit. Thoughts about this?
  9. I c0mpleted FL in 17 battles, 940 avg exp. I ranked up with Caern AX, Patri0t, Sk0rp G, Defender, FCM, M41D (getting capt) as quickly p0ssible, then went ham t0 die, t0 start grinding Bat Chat12T, 0bj 416, T-44, IS3, Indien Pz, VK45A, M41 Bulld0g. That is al0t 0f 8s, frankly the best way t0 grind them 0ut. IS3, a c0mplete pleasure t0 drive, I g0t within 5K fr0m finishing (b0th 257 and T10) the rest still need a t0nne 0f w0rk. I made 5mill credits, and just spent 12 mill 0n -50% 0ff eqp sale. L0ts 0f recent purchases like TE3, STB1, 0r added prems like Emil 51, Mutz, Senlac, Strv57, 0bj 244 needed eqp. I generally d0n't make cash in FL, because I run large first aid/large repair kit 0n all tanks. Bat Chat 12T runs all APCR. T-44 can't pen shit with 122, I run all APCR with 2 HE. M41 can't pen shit, s0 I run all APCR. I st0ckpile b00sters, I never activate them. Things I have n0ticed new in FL, and n0t new. B0urque is n0 where near as p0werful as l0rraine 0r pr0gett0. Standard pen is l0w, sh00ting fr0m range is t0xic. 0bj 703 II is better than IS3A 0r S0mua. E75TS, Renegade, Patri0t, Emil 51 are very str0ng being heavy tanks that can cruise ar0und @ 40km. Which brings up change, tanks like Caern AX are pr0bably sec0nd rate n0w, n0t because it is sl0w as a heavy as it is n0t, but because it is n0t fast like the previ0us. 0nly reas0n Defender is still great, is because it is still ann0ying as fuck t0 kill and just sits 0n cap eff0rtlessly. Arta is still real t0xic, dr0p-able c0nsumables are real t0xic, LTs are real t0xic and sh0uld be limited like arta. TS5 is 0ver rated, Sk0rp G and SU130PM d0 real well, S1 and WZ120G are under rated. Saw a fair bit 0f CW reward Kreslavsky, IS5, T95 driving ar0und, fucking useless at that.
  10. Air strike and artillery barrage are quite p0is0n0us, n0 matter what damage they deal. S0me pe0ple d0 n0t like w0rking f0r their p0ints , they w0uld rather have rewards and experience f0r free. I 0nce was talking t0 s0me0ne supp0rting these call-in muniti0ns, with him arguing 0ver they are very necessary in FL t0 av0id defensive stalemates and camping. What a l0ad 0f h0rseshit. It is laziness, s0me shit made f0r th0se cunt arta players t0 d0 in the 0ff-time they have after every sh0t, and t0 av0id being 0utplayed 0r 0utmicr0. And that is that. Premium ammuniti0n usage is actually very l0w. Pr0gett0s, l0rraine, WZ120G, Sk0rp G, SU130PM, Patri0t, Caern AX -- I rarely see these tanks spamming straight prem. Same with EBR75 and LT432. The pr0blem lies firstly with tanks that have p00r pen, like B0urque and Sk0da T27. T-34-3 and Ravi0li. 0r tanks with massive increases in pen, such as Pershing. And sec0ndly what these pe0ple are fighting against. Clashing with tanks such as TS5, Chrysler, 112, Defender, VK75? Expect t0 be sh0t at with prem, y0u deserve it. C0mpared t0 pubs, especially tiers lX-X....prem usage is way d0wn th0ugh. With0ut a d0ubt. Pr0gett0s, L0rraine, EBR75, LT432, Sk0rp G, SU130PM, Defender are all 0ld news. They d0minated FL bef0re, and still d0 s0 currently. Every0ne kn0ws that. I think it is great WG added m0re c0mpetitive tanks t0 j0in the fray like 0bj 703 ll, Renegade, E75TS.... why n0t? M0re int0 the mix means less 0f FL is stale. As shitty as it may certainly be, it still beats grinding tier 8 tech tree tanks in tier X pub MM. That is what FL is f0r. A piece 0f shit like T-34-2 0r AT15 are c0mpletely h0rrible, but can still w0rk in FL, because at the very least are against pr0gett0s and sk0rps they can actually damage, instead 0f being against an ST-II 0r T57 and getting st0mped. Silver, exp, free exp, tech trees, B0nds+G0ld, reward vehicles, garage sp0ts -- that is what FL is all ab0ut. I think it is a sweet deal.
  11. Yes, not the camo skill itself, but rather the 'camo' property, of being behind certain bushes. Seems broke as fuck, KV2s hiding and shit. I have been saying for a long time now, view range doesn't really counter enemies professionally staying hidden in dense brush, rather than relying on camo skill itself.
  12. I understand what K0lni means t0 say, the intent with all tier X MM arm0ured cars are fairly easy t0 hit. And I can agree, they are, but 0nly using light and medium tanks, which have very quick travelling APCR as standard ammuniti0n, c0mpared t0 m0st heavy tanks (minus the Panzer Vll & 260) AP h0vering between nine-hundred and 0ne-th0usand. The TDs even less s0, h0vering between eight-hundred and nine-hundred. This makes arm0ured cars particularly frustrating t0 hit, especially when y0u d0 manage t0 hit them there is a chance it is a wasted tire hit. I c0mpletely agree with the assessment 0f c0mbat against tanks like Chieftain, Kran, UDES, Super C0nq - fighting against them hulld0wn. 99% 0f the time, there is s0mething better y0u can be d0ing, and it is just atr0ci0us t0 get je-baited int0 c0ntesting them. There are much better things y0u can d0 with y0ur time. Even if the 0pp0nent just has 0ne-hundred HP left, HE is s0 unreliable it by n0 means is a guarantee either t0 s0lve y0ur pr0blem. This last week in an advance, a hulld0wn Chieftain had 171 HP, in my WZ5A I decided t0 test my luck with HE and dealt 43 damage. That w0uld take me an0ther 4 sh0ts, and nearly a minute t0 d0 what I needed. Frankly, unacceptable. The pr0blem I have with tier X and the t0pic 0f incredibly imp0rtant vehicle selecti0n f0r viability (AKA ranked) is the am0unt 0f wasted eff0rt placed int0 getting the 0ddball tier X and then having them c0nstantly 0utplayed because 0f the am0unt 0f p0werful reward vehicles 0ut there n0wadays, them definitely being a pr0blem in rand0m public battle t00. N0t just CW/Adv. 0r 0ther vehicles simply getting replaced with newer releases. We can agree that 121 never has been t00 useful, but it was 0nce unique, surely. 113 by n0 means a terrible tank, n0w what d0es it h0pe t0 achieve with 430U d0ing its j0b but with cam0 t00? 0r with buffs t0 0ther fast heavy tanks such as Kran, IS7, 0bj 260, and releasing WZ5A/277. W0uld any0ne want t0 play AMX30 n0w, with Le0pard just being a t0nne better? what TD actually d0es TD things pr0fessi0nally. except Strv? Really useful, really important. What could I have done better. After every death, I ponder it.
  13. Can you explain to me, why Mauschen is bad and people think VK01P and Maus are fine? It isn't just you, I am really curious, have heard it many times before. And from streamers too. They get to tier 8, say the VK01P is a fine tank, then get to tier 9 and the '''Chen is a complete dumpster fire, and then finally at Maus and it is fine again? I seem to be very lost, I think of them all as the same tanks, scaled up - with the small difference VK01P doesn't have their their gun handling or accuracy and its turret is centered, not in a rear mount.
  14. You posted it there. I don't edit peoples posts. I tend to my own. 1) As for the orzanel replay, it highlights a large problem snore listed. The tiers 8, 9, X EBRs are too powerful. Anyone can do that, it does not take any measure of skill. He drives around in loops for 7 solid minutes. Granted, they cannot do the same on maps like Himmels or Ensk, they are still probably better off than real bad light tanks such as manticore or panzer wagon, just because of their tire resilience and shot traps, inability to be immobilized, auto-lock feature, high pen HE, and speed to get places first. 2) He nailed the part about maximizing your efforts for results, out of a game that seems like a loss at the start because of the team's lethargy, positioning, passiveness, and fear. orzanel was just fortunate enough to be in an EBR. The battle would have had high chance of failure and/or poor performance if he was in another light tank. Every seem those lemmingrush battles where he talks 1/3rd of the game going on about terrible positioning (his teams positioning) and drives into the rear/camos up/hulldowns to use his team as distractions to garner some damage? it is damage control, in a losing effort, squeezing the orange dry to get something, anything. 3) Another problem is clear here, and it happens alot in maps like these, murovanka, malinovka, prokh.....are the massive forests. It promotes camping by bad players, as they just leap on the opportunity to sit bushed up and not do anything, and basically be spoon fed something.....anything. And as Skill4 clearly says, they are fucking pigeons. Certain 1-dimensional tanks also promote this, like Strv. in NA, it is not uncommon, to see powerful clans like Yolo, Mahou, or G, lose battles in SH, to complete shitter clans with lots of legionaries too - because they got a map like Steppes or mountain pass or fjords, and literally sat in their fucking densely forested backline right at cap. When I was last attempting to 3-mark T95E2 recruitment tank - I dreaded these games the most. These were the games, everything had to be raw damage. Instead of drinking fruit punch cool aid and grabbing 2.5K combined and everything didn't rest on your shoulders alone.....you find yourself worrying every moment are you even going to get 2K dmg and get close to remotely breaking even, and not dropping a heft%. Your team wouldn't fight for positions, wouldn't want high ground, would jumble up in a fucking corner and await oncoming doom. I could not count on a cent of assist to help. And this was the time of 3/5/7 for tier 8s too, is was God awful. Needless to say, orzie was lucky he was in that AC
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