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  1. Aren't you a salty sausage
    I have more downvotes than you :doge:

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    2. ZXrage


      Says the guy downvoting for no reason :doge: You have given mine purpose :bigdoge:

    3. Diriz0n


      Since when do you fucking get to decide as to what my reasons are or are not?

      I don't give a shit what your reasons are as to why you do it, and neither should you. And don't even pretend to think you know.  Don't like it? ignore. Cry me a river.

    4. ZXrage


      idk man, if a dirty hobo decides to start flinging poo at me because I called him smelly, I think I'd be petty enough to take a shit right then and there and throw it back at him

      If you don't like me? ignore. Cry me a river.

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