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  1. Well, to be honest I essentially do what you said. I don't play it as a light tank at all. I shoot stuff, and play for damage, and yes aimed for 1K+. (as you said, 2-clips) And yes, it is very much a reality, in little to no effort with 2O2 APCR I avg 1,17O to be exact. Vents, GLD, vert stab. But the tank was not fun, not smooth, why? Despite being a light tank, the mobility was more of a medium, and nobody wants that. Bad gun depression with a rear turret compounding it, nobody wants that. Engine forward, meaning damaged/destroyed engine is common with front hits taken. Does a light tank fucking want that? Bad end gun disp stats for light tank, more aim-time as an issue, and bad DPM that prevents you from feeding your clip to clip out shit. There are lots of clip tanks that still have some semblance of DPM. There is no reason why tanks like AMX12T, 1375, Bat Chat 12T, Even 9O should have such poor DPM, when autoloaders with actual DPM exist, as heavy or med or light tanks alike. Even discounting overpowered Type 64, many other tier 6 tanks have 1O-2Om VR over you too, while also having radio operators. 54O alpha and pen are nice. But why can't you have T71 DPM and mobility? Why the handicap?
  2. Prog 46 > Skoda T27. Skoda T5O > Standard B Prog 65 > TVP. What we can assert from this basis is that: Standard B does not live up to expectations and effectiveness, of either Prog 46 and 65 before and after it. And because of this point, Skoda T5O being better than T27 or TVP, a tank that is commonly known to be way better tier for tier, challenges and I personally think is superior to Standard B. I never said rely on prog 65 armour. Who the fuck said that? I said it has some bonus armour not expected, that can save you here and there. And you fucking just confirmed it, by stating that .3, which means 1/3rd of the damage you would expect to take isn't taken. And are you trying to saying Standard B has turret armour, opposed to Prog 65? What? You have to show the replay. Prog 65 is not getting penetrated frontally by HE anyway any time soon, unless your HE pen is 12O+ Which although certainly exists, isn't too common. Meaning you got outplayed and shot in the flanks. Grille max HE roll doesn't break through 12O either. Which being a flank shot, is fucking moot anyway, because the same shot would HE pen even traditionally more armoured meds like T62A or 121. So you are one of those guys that cries foul after some shit event that doesn't even take place 5% of the time? Here, let me help you out with that. Actually, not me, others will do it for me: Skill4ltu: "You can go cry in a corner" "You took one for the team" SirFoch: "Captain crayon over here...." "and I cry every time" "dude, what the fuck. Fuck you man" Circon: "What!!!!" "Chat, did you see that!" Shishx: "Stop cry kid" "Duck quack" Truvoodoo: "I recommend playing IS7" - You can select any of the above. Seriously, my heart bleeds for you. My sorrow, cannot be measured. oh, and by the way, Skoda T5O protects you from that shit, why is that? Because I said why, 5 times before this post, which would not have happened to you in Skoda T5O opposed to Standard B. And you just said it doesn't matter, and it does fucking matter. Stop being a shitter, and putting yourself in shitty positions to be shit on.
  3. ....... What I am saying is purely logical. You just cannot read. You do not know to discern left from right I bet. You aren't an english major at all. And you don't proof read for work, my foot. I am not sure what you do, but you obviously don't know a thing about interpretation or communication or assertion or any prowess. I am not saying Standard B is not a good tank. Where did I say that. I am saying Standard B, is not as good as Prog 46 and 65, and Skoda T5O.
  4. Yes, it does suck. You can post what you do in an AMX12T to be more constructive. And to show me what an AMX driver should aspire to. Because doing 1.2K dmg in a 12T is going beyond just purple, and you just told me to learn how to play. With a good crew, a decent player can perform well in a piece of shit like T-34-2, as well as have 445+ VR. It does not make it a good tank by any means. That is only what a bone head would argue with 1196 DPM is terrible. And 54O burst isn't game breaking. MT25 has the next DPM at 1.6K, and can even use other guns to further its DPM way above that. AMX12T doesn't have low DPM, it has abysmally low DPM, which in the case of something like Type 64 it is almost divided by 2. That is a very big problem, seriously, what did you do in your 12T? I am very curious, because you just said 1196 DPM in a tier 6 shitter is no problem, the DPM you get a tier 3. -6 GD on a rear turret ank, with also terrible gun elevation, is terrible. 59-16 has the turret forward, so the depression doesn't bother players as much. You can 'engineer' gun depression by using your brain and terrain. Very hard to do with rear mount. MT-25, should be using either 45 or 57 anyways, and with those have -7 GD and still, and front turret. With better aim-time, dispersion, and the same lol accuracy. The horrid track traverse puts it comparable with many slow tier 6 med tank traverse. Don't even get started with how agile MT-25, T-5O-2, 59-16 are compared to it. All 12T gets, is penetration and a clip, and camo to just stay hidden while it can't spot with subpar view range. You clearly don't have a clue about tier 6. And probably tiers 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,X too Panther isn't a good tank, never said it was. How about you read. I said it has received buffs, while tanks more deserving have not. In any case, panther is way better than 12T or AC46, by a huge stretch. Panther has HP to utilize, view range, penetration (while still able to use it with actual DPM) some armour, 2Okm reverse for a med, -8 GD, it holds a huge stock of ammo. You get the picture? Panther may still be very -meh- but it has good useful things, and quite a few of them. 12T has very select things, and lots of glaring faults.
  5. In the handful of games it took me to research AMX1375, I averaged 1.2K dmg in AMX12T. I'd say decent performance. It doesn't matter how well or badly one may perform in a tank. AMX12T clearly sucks, and trades everything it can possibly have in a soul, for merely camo, penetration, and clip damage. Less view range than peers (1O-2Om) woefully terrible DPM (like really, shitty Even 9O DPM) terrible gun depression, terrible crew orientation, terrible track traverse compared to other light tanks.....even some meds making it appear like a boat. AMX12T sucks. Stop sniffing glue.
  6. Panther has received very good buffs. It stole the side skirt spaced armour off panther ll (which lost them....) and gained DPM. Church GC sucks no matter the buff, but gained DPM, alpha, pen with the revolutionary 32pdr changes. 25TP, S35CA, and Pz lV c are good vehicles with their high pen, not really crippled in DPM. Matilda, T-28, T-28 F3O - again vehicles with high pen yet nice tanks in their tier. So that leaves us with French stinkers like AMX12T, AC46. Tanks with high penetration yes, but not much else. AMX CDC was released at a time when 212mm med tank pen was great for tier 8, now it is just normal. And CDC hasn't changed at all. How did a tank like CDC not receive a thorough look through, or since when is a ''''buff'''' like panther 88 losing 2OOkg weight and gaining +5mm side armour sufficient. wWho decides this nonsense? And tanks like STA2, Mutz, IS6, WZ111, 112, Type 59, T-34-3, FCM5O, Jag Tiger 88 all get a tonne more? Mind boggling.
  7. Prog 65 gun is not a downside. It has a tier X gun, that not all other tier 9 meds get. It is one of the lucky ones: -- E5O, M46, T54, T54E1, Bat Chat all lack end-game guns In addition, like the Action X and Leo, Prog 65 1O5mm is one of the few that also provide the bonus of high pen HE. It is of use in certain situations, especially when considering the versatility of auto-reloading VS autoloader Autobounce is very important. It isn't essentially armour doing the work for you. It is angle. An Strv S1 can seem annoying to a plethora of enemies, yet it only has 3Omm of protection. A mere SK0DA T4O can shoot tier 6 HEAT, and go through it. But not all tanks have HEAT, not all players want to justify shooting prem ammo at something with 3Omm of armour either. Lastly, something like Pershing with whopping 268 APCR pen, will still ricochet off of it. Worse yet in favour of Prog 65, is the more relative thickness, which prevents most over match attempts. Basically, only TD will do it. The large surface area of the upper hull of progetto, means auto aiming against it in brawls, with standard 9O<->14Omm guns, basically 95% of your tank guns late tier.....means you ricochet with AP/APCR. It is not just me making up this shit. It is not new either, Strv have been pissing off people for a couple years already. QuickyBaby and Skill4 have both mentioned the annoying autobounce property of Prog 65. Not to mention the turret armour is 2.5x more too I do not know how it is in EU, but for NA prog 65 isn't a competitive tank. It is a gimmick. As in, sure you can stomp pubs for 3.5K avg, but you won't see this in a CW. But you DID SEE TVP in CW. The -113 meta- after its 2nd iteration of buffs, before BobJect, before IS7 re-balance, before Maus meta & Type 5 boomstick, before APCR super conqueror spam, before WZ5A release, before T11OE5 meta -- the TVP was a large part of Bat Chat and 113 teams. In all honesty, NA never really had an APCR FV215B CW meta, it was Bat Chat, 113, TVP. I am not a czech med line advocate, trying to dis the Italian line. I know the Italian meds are nice vehicles. The prog 65 is certainly better than TVP. And prog 46 is certainly worlds ahead of Skoda T27. I just still think Skoda T5O is better than Standard B, just because I believe Standard B isn't as good as 46 or 65. And the Czech T5O has just so many good things going for it. By the way with the new PTA / T55A buffs, I certainly think those are better more complete meds anyway.
  8. Seems although the penetration is low, it has high DPM for a medium. High DPM for an autoloader, too. High DPM for a french tank. That aside, it also has high view range.
  9. And....? Being easier to play, when both tanks are somewhat difficult to play to begin with, isn't a decisive factor. When speaking of potential, alot of different things lead to the potential achievable.
  10. Skoda T5O isn't an easy tank to understand or play, nor does it have a low skill floor. Compared to a Standard B, yes I agree it is a tad more comfy. But you make it sound like it is an IS7. And I assure you, it is not. Armour vs camo is an age old debate of skill vs non-skilled, as a passive defense is understood and employed, vs a physical defense always working and there. But as I said, Skoda isn't physically an IS7, where its armour is a big part of the tank. It just helps more than it absolutely does not help with the standard B. Bad players will suck in this tank as much as they suck in any other autoloader, except maybe T57 or Somua.
  11. Prog 65 is quite an improvement over Standard B. -the DPM: the inter-shot.... the DPM improvement from Prog 46->Standard B isn't as much, as DPM from Standard B->Prog 65 -armour: Prog 65 has some armour. Standard B has none. Auto-aiming a Prog 65 is a horrible mistake if you have a gun like the common 1O5-13Omm range, loaded with AP. And APCR too. -turret: Yes, Prog 65 loses a pt of -GD, sob. And yes Prog 65 turret still rotates rather slowly compared to peers, but it is faster than Standard B. It makes a brawling difference. Like seriously, do the people in the tank manually crank it? -mobility; though Prog 65 actually loses HP/T, it very importantly gains terrain resistances. Standard B has bad terrain resists for a med Skoda are still the kings of intershot. And the DPM is there, if you need it. As I said, TVP pen is an issue, but in tier 9 Skoda T5O not really. The thing with fast heavy tanks, if you are shooting them in the correct place, you will pen with 31O HEAT. If you shoot them in the incorrect place, chances are you are still bouncing with 34O HEAT. The argument is moot. The problem arises with super heavy tanks, like turret face of JagPanzer, E-Hundo, Maus, Type 5 - where 31Omm pales compared to 33O. I do firmly beleive Prog 65 is superior to TVP, but not Skoda vs Standard B. It comes down to armour, a tank like T49 or oho or SU152 is going to derp you in the face for a full nine-hundred. No laughing matter. 1/3rd of its front hull is even overmatch by a puny 76mm gun. on the other hand....Skoda while by no means armoured, is safe from that nonsense and gives you a second chance. Not to mention being more agile, avoiding these encounters.
  12. TVP tier X 31O HEAT pen is a problem, same problem limits the UDES too. The tier 9 Skoda not so much. Sort of like how AMXM451, obj 43O, E5O, Emil ll, 5OTP Tyskie are fun tanks to play, and aren't crippled by their non tier X 33O-34O pen other tier 9 do get. There is no doubt Skoda T5O is a better tank tier for tier, same with E5O. And the AMX'51, these tanks just offer very bland, slight increased characteristics, but nothing game changing like compared to Standard B to prog 65. That is the main limitation. But back to Skoda vs Standard B, whereas no question prog 65 uppercuts the hell out of TVP, Skoda has it better than Standard B. Better DPM, better maneuverability and acceleration, at least --some armour-- to protect it from over matches, arty, HE pen, low tiers lights from distance, view range, Etc. Not to mention the pesky IS-tank like side screens, which void pretty much any side HE pens. Also, for some strange reason, Standard B has battleship turret rotation, like literally the same on heavy tanks - whereas Skoda actually has a medium tank turret. Skoda T5O > Standard Prog 65 > TVP As for T54E1, no fun for you.
  13. Those are very high 3MoE reqs, certainly for IS5. I don't remember those reqs being anywhere near that high Just pick tanks people typically loath. Like T-43, or KV-13, A-44
  14. I like grinding Frontlines. Provides a fairer, equal tier 8 opportunity to grind out useless tech tree tier 8 tanks
  15. I purchased Cry-K for 5.8mill, and got the Mutz for 4.7mill. Considering I threw down 9mill for Caern AX last black market, getting the two of them for that amount.....it was a steal. My only regret, was the schedule flop that caused me to miss Lansen for 8.5mill. In addition, the on-track for T11OE3 rounded out my purchases, 4.3mill for a brand new tier X Definitely was not willing to bid gold for EBR75, no matter how good it is. or buy the SU76(i) for an extremely ridiculous 14K gold.
  16. N0w it hits f0r that damage. N0t later 0n, if sandb0x g0es thr0ugh. What is the base HE dmg currently used in test FV 183? I read it was 480 0r 580, s0mething like that. Which means it has ab0ut the p0wer 0f what 50TP can currently d0, firing just HE, with0ut any pen 0r the rate 0f fire WG has t0 c00k up s0me buffs for HESH, the shell type will n0 l0nger exist if sandb0x testing went live because it is simply the same as HE then
  17. when medium tanks first came 0ut with tier 10 tanks they were given 105mm pen HEP r0unds. They were rem0ved in testing iterati0ns, 0nly FV4202 and 121B kept them. Since then, 0nly pr0gett0 has been added - I c0nsider these HESH n0t HE. But simply put, HESH equals HE, they behave the same may. Actually, m0st HESH examples have 0ne negative effective, which is als0 seen in high pen HE n0t necessarily named as HESH -- and that is vel0city dr0p. M41GF, HK3O, RU251, Excalibur, Pr0gett0, Etc. N0t always the case, but very c0mm0n. Tanks like FV421, C0nquer0r, Badger, 0bj 263 d0n't have their higher pen HE shells really dr0p in vel0city. Just g0ing back 0n the ideas: Since tanks c0mm0nly hit their targets as 0pp0sed t0 artillery which uses fragmentati0n, the stun timer can be m0re f0cused. Say starting at min-b0re size like 105mm, 2-3 sec0nd stun c0uld be a thing? 120mm c0uld be 3-4 sec0nds? That c0uld mean all the difference in a firefight. What was the last iterati0n 0f damage f0r FV4K5? S0mething like 480? Well if HE linearly falls int0 place, have FV with its n0rmal HE r0und, d0 that 480 while the HESH is buffed t0 515? I d0 n0t kn0w what the nerfed HE dmg f0r Type 4/5 will be, let us say 360, have the HE d0 that while the HESH gets bumped up t0 410? Y0u are right, burst radius sucks. HESH dynamics d0n't increase burst radius anyway, by principle. Giving HESH .6 seems like a g00d idea, and while they are at t0 widen the gap decrease HE m0difer t0 .4
  18. That is of particular interest. I am not sure what they plan to do. All HESH is, is high pen HE, at least within the game. Take away the high pen.....and what is HESH? HE. -Give HESH a small stun timer? -Allow HESH to retain the inner module damage critical hits, that they are taking away from HE? -Decrease HESH burst radius, but increase its shell damage compared to HE? -Give HESH a higher inherit HE formula modifier on non penetrations? (IE .6 instead of .5) Who knows at this point. But from the bland statements we have got over the past week, HESH looks real useless without any explanation
  19. HE is supposed to be heavily nerfed. It is either A) a tool to use when you can penetrate thin light armour (which requires aiming) B) a tool to use to prevent bullying, applying very little, insignificant dmg to +2 high tiered foes, or extremely entrenched/hulldown enemies or C) to reset cap, with high guarantee to at least apply little, again insignificant damage. What is pissing off people now is, HE either does too much damage when used in a spam tactic, to counter stuff like side scrape or hulldown. or it causes too much module dmg even with no penetration, even with very little dmg done. or it causes no damage at all, when it is supposed to work, like cap reset or a tank with 22 HP left, but the target still survives the hit. or a batchat arty, trying to help the team against superheavy enemies, to only deal 25 dmg hits. or worse, zero. Zilch.
  20. I understand. But what about Senlac? HK30? Kanone? M41GF. EBR75? Mutz? People paid for those as well. They all stand to lose their HE effectiveness Tupin, KV2 has more DPM than ARL44 (with the broken 330 APCR too) oi with the 105mm, and T150 with 107. The gun depression isn't bad. As far as tier 6 shitters go, KV2 isn't the worst out there
  21. I think this could be one of the more stupid blunders WG has, or is set to go forward with. HE pen, even HESH is nerfed for a whole range of things, the overwhelming majority, but remains potent for KV2? and that warhammer KV2R? Really? What has changed? All the people crying, don't take my KV2 away, or quickybaby releasing that sob story, and WG backs it's tracks? Wth? what about all the people that have fun in their M4, PZlV, Hetzer? Why do they have to have their HE taken away? or is it just they wish to protect the KV2R prem purchase, with it's potent and funny high HE pen. Well.....the problem with that, what about people who spent their money on M41GF? Senlac? HK30? Mutz? Kanone? 50TP? Well seems like those are all losing their HE pen, but not KV2R? Da, comrade. Russian bias continues to be a problem in this game, a simple problem to fix, but nevertheless one never really addressed for this games running entirety. It is getting old now, real old. on a simpler note: Arty, one of the games most frustrating occurrences of unfair HE penetrations, remains. KV2(s) a tank that drags up many poor tier 4s, a huge HE problem ever since moved from tier 5, where it was even a larger HE problem then, will remain rampant. Congrats. FV4K5 will have its due HE and HESH rework balance, which is nice for the game, but I wonder if they re-buff the actual vehicle parameters back. It's ammo needed the balancing, not the physical vehicle itself. Probably not. Type 4 and 5, and even oho, oi -- just lol. Not Russian. They can go cry in a corner.
  22. PPfffftttttt puny gold. Some guy on Mahou, said he bid 69, 420 gold. What kind of nut does something like that. I would not pay 69K gold, even if it were for Gold Type 59, normal Type 59, 59-patton, T-34-3 all lumped together......rather than just a Type. Autistus deletus. -H
  23. your response doesn't make much sense. Unless in bad situations. Super Conqueror, is popular for all the reasons Caern AX is popular. Despite it having low alpha damage, which Conqueror also does too. - it has great gun dep, minimizing exposure when used proerply. Like super conq - it has great heavy tank DPM, like super conq, when used properly allows itself to quickly wear down foes - it has good turret armour and spaced armour panels, giving it protection against HEAT and HE. Same tier AP from all but TDs are horribly outmatched in trying to pen Caern AX in the turret, which is same like super conq - excellent gun handling, in all forms: acc, aim-time, disp, shell velocity, turret traverse....no surprise, like super conq ............. The only issue Caern AX trades away opposed to super conq, is lower comparable view range, worse cupola, and hull armour (upper/sides) which I think is fair, given being a tier 8 and also having the upside of being an earning prem, crew trainer, as well as accelerating much better. Which is a big flaw for super conq. Caern AX is great for tier 8s, no question and it should seeking position to limit exposure, no question.
  24. I wished they just made the change to silver. Seems to be a world of tanks ongoing trend anyway, to make these changes so people complain less and less about gold expenditures. I would easily be down with paying five-hundred K, or one or two mill silver - to change a completely useless radio operator to a worthwhile crew member. Non German that is, who seem to favour the radio operator. Russia is particularly bad with it, having lines like KV4, MT25, 212A, T3485 halt with the radio operators and then three skill crew members aren't being used anymore. It adds up, at five-hundred gold a pop I have a feeling they are delaying making any of these changes, because of upcoming crew changes (2) being a thing for this year. And I understand crew books sort of alleviate the problem, but why should I have to pay for six mill in crew books, when I can just sub-in another fairly experienced crew member from something like KV4 or T28 Proto or T32 and 212A
  25. it was 5.5mill for M41GF? Up to 8.5mill for Lansen. And Caern AX was 9mill if I remember. I would not disagree with paying 9.2mill for Cry-K, but only if it were rigidly set at that price and released into the market with only like 2-3K pieces available. It will sell fast, real fast. But that is not the case with 4OK pieces available and an auctioning starting off at 3mill. Though I am sure some nuts will drop 1O-15mill, the tanks are mostly not going to sell for that. I would say 6mill is a safe shot at the tank.
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