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  1. The problem lies here, in that you take everything out of context. Pretty much everything, making you very hard to converse with. My post clearly details that O damage shots are not only a result of shooting a gun module, which you indicate. And technically, your response agrees with it, shooting too much armour can net zero damage. And you get uptight and upset over it, albeit still agreeing with me. I am not arguing over shooting too much armour gives you low damage (which it does) I am just refuting your claim that getting zero damage means you shot an opponents gun, which clearly is not the case, although it is often something that happens it is not always what happens. Which you lead to, with what you said. You said it yourself you care more about movement than turret dispersion. 0.2 isn't good compared to t8 heavies in that regard it's similar to them. You're wrong. Poking is all about minimizing exposure. T95 can wait to aim + has pen + has caliber to overmatch. Compared to? T32, Chrysler, 53TP, King Tiger, both Caernarvons, E75TS, patriot, rene, oho, FCM, WZ111, Somua. Many of these tanks have been recently buffed, or are recent additions. 0utside of just the king tiger and T32. Yet IS3 still comfortably keeps up with them, with a nearly unchanged self over the years. .2/.2/.O8 are good disp stats for a heavy tank tier 8, especially one that deals 39O alpha. And poking can mean a whole lot of things, many times exposure doesn't even matter. Everything here is taken out of context. You are explaining shit to which I know is true, when all I said to begin with answering what you blurted out was zero damage HE hits don't just occur because you hit a gun module. To which you explained is the occurrence that takes place. I agree with you, hitting lower amounts of armour increases dmg dealt with HE. And technically, you are agreeing with me, whether you like it or not, with just what you have stated, that zero dmg HE rounds are not only a result of striking an opponents gun. That is it. By the way, 261 will sport an upgraded .53 acc @ one-hundred (m) out. Meaning at 75m, you are looking at tighter accuracy, .4? With .4 @ 75m your shot placement, mean error deviating from plotted center, will just be over 1ft. Meaning if wildly off to the left as opposed to a prior shot to the right, the shots can be at max not even 3ft from each other. Looking at massive tanks with massive, heavily armoured glacis, such as Maus, it is easy to put your dot in the center knowing you have an overall circumference of more than 3ft, and at least 4Ocm of radius in any direction to utilize wherever the shot may land from center. Who told you I was 6O% W/R? I am not, professor. I would need another 25K battles, at my current rate, to finally breach 6O% W/R - and given that I have only 28K battles, highly unlikely. Don't think too hard, I know alot of this theory can appear quite quantitative for you, as opposed to qualitative, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt to start. By describing things qualitatively.
  2. Some people would go for tin foil hat, I just think it is good old forum comedy.
  3. Just use it in Front lines. Despite its reputation as being overly slow, it is largely an exaggeration. People taking it up, initially expecting it to be as fast as 5O-1OO or FCM. Which really is immensely unrealistic in the first place. The armour of the hull is poor, but the turret is acceptable, especially since it has good gun dep. Since front lines has less trading HP as crucial to gameplay, DPM matters more so use the stock or second gun, not the top 12Omm
  4. It does have to do with it. Even with arty being inaccurate, you can clearly hit the same spot in third person shots, to a target facing you 75m away, like E-Hundo or Maus. Just aim at the glacis and see what happens. You are going to get groupings like at least 1ft, and if @ the center of the glacis that is all you need. And check out the damages But that is just arty. HE only doing O dmg shots because of gun hits, is a myth. Sure, lots of O dmg HE splashes are from gun hits, I am not disputing that, but many shots landing O dmg actually impact the hull. Where is evidence of this everywhere. Guido12 has an old Type 5 derp video where the loathsome 1.4K dmg derp directly impacts the front of the T95 (gun does not flash as being hit) and deals 9 dmg. Probably the most common example, is lemmingrush testing it out in his *should I have used HE* series, a two part video of a russian med against VK72 on Fishermans, I could not find the HE test video, but the game is: Quickybaby posted a highlight reel oho video, where it features an acewanker game in the guy 1v1 a Ferdi with his dupe oho, and yes he shoots the guys roof many times. problem is, the shots range from 2OO-45O+. Yes, I agree it certainly increases dmg potential, than simply auto aiming the tank and firing straight into two-hundred plus armour, it still is random as fuck. Skill4 has a relatively recent video where he showcases VKO1P, as a somewhat good superheavy, and a SU14 literally shooting him in the side (shell hole left USH) and deals a big fat O dmg. Heck Season 11 CW, I had an Ensk obj 268V4 battle, where I hit Type 5 twice (most which use spall in CW) for zero, and certainly not the gun barrel. I can keep going with examples, and I surely don't expect you to search on youtube to find them all, no that is dull. But if you do wish to search, there are many examples, and they aren't so easily explained by simply *gun hits* HE needs a very serious look through. And WG deep down, thinks the same thing, even if they act slowly. That is why there was the HE nerf 2O19. That was why they nerfed Types. That is why they tried to curb FV4K5 though they instead hurt the chassis. They also nerfed oi, oho. And what leads us to now, ongoing their Sandbox. They envision, HE should be dealing less damage, but should not be dealing O damage. Their implementation so far, well that is not working. But the idea is right on.
  5. Shoot the glacis of Maus with 261 arty, and see how random your damages will be. one shot will do zero, another will do two-hundred. It is the games fault. Watch the sirfoch game where his conway goes ham, he shoots the 14Omm side armour of Type 4 for 2O2 dmg, then moments later shoots near the same location, for O. Wth is that? Explain it. The game mechanics explain how HE works, it doesn't explain the radically random outcomes after every single shot. The HE formula may be there to physically, tangibly read -- but it is nigh impossible to practically apply in battle. Besides the point, most HE guns are inaccurate, low velocity weapons that aren't good at all for aimed fire unless one-hundred yards out
  6. HE ammunition needs some consistency. SU152 with stock dupe gun can deal 425 dmg one time, then the next deal 125. It is ridiculous, against the same target too. While I do not agree with WG planned changes, they have the right idea in mind, HE needs to be brought into line with some sort of consistency. The idea of strengthening the effects of lower bore size HE rounds, and reducing the effects of large bores is a good idea but we need better implementation. This reduces the amount of high tiers being bullies, while also reduces the general purpose spamming of large caliber HE as a crutch for people who don't want to aim but still want annoying damage. The current sandbox idea is a joke, and nothing seems to work as they intend, all they did is remove HE pens. If anything, this is the change artillery needs, not tank guns. Artillery should be the users with no pen HE rounds, so they literally splash everything only. I do not see what the problem is though, since planned AP rounds technically serve as new HE.....AP rounds with their damage boost, basically equal HE. The only advantage HE would have, is on module shots like tracks or gun or spaced armour, AP can miss entirely whereas HE will still splash. But AP has the bonus of over match, and passing through thin spaced armour for full dmg. We don't need HE, its more narrow envisioned purpose, such as cap reset and finishing off low HP tanks, is a better idea. But whoever it was that said the game has more pressing problems, is certainly right. More maps, better maps, balanced sides in maps, +1/-1 MM, controlling the bonds store, ammunition vs armour balance (not HE) buffing tanks that deserve it AKA IS4, Brit Lights.....vs not buffing tanks that do not need it, AKA obj 279E and obj 14O line. The game has lots of pressing problems, and the idea of killing derp T49 or KV2 or oi, isn't really high up there on the list
  7. Compared to tonnes of T8 heavy tanks like VK75, T34-H, VK1P, Brecher, both Emils, IS3A/5/6, 65T.....IS3s .2/.2/.O8 is a real winner Dispersion stats do not just mean how well a tank pokes. Dispersion stats are indicators to how quickly a tank can suitably fire, in many instances. That maybe applied to poking, sure. But moreover when a tank is moving, acquires a target, and is finally ready to fire. Generally, when you are poking a target, you are applying things to *calm down* your bloom in the first place, which doesn't provide a real picture of how bad bloom may inherently be. You are correct about the slow speeds. T95 has great disp for a TD, AND is always moving slowly, controlling its bloom. Whereas tanks like FCM, CDC, don't have particularly bad disp, but are always moving really fast, making them seem extremely derpy
  8. I meant as if they were lumped together, into the word moving* as technically traversing your tracks and rolling back/forward is displacing. Actually, may tanks also do not have pivot, lE IS7, so traversing also moves them forward or back too. As opposed to just rotating the turret. Very few tanks have terrible turret only dispersion, like very exclusive things such as 152 T49/Sherry
  9. You are wrong as usual. IS3 is good not only because of low turret bloom, but because of good movement bloom. .2/.2 are good numbers for tier 8 heavy tanks, especially compared to tanks alongside it armed with 122mm, such as Defender, IS6, 112, 5OTP proto that have worse disp stats to contend with. VK1OOP is so slow, that it is technically always 'waiting' and 'aiming' unless it is stunned. Pre-buff AMX3OB had a stunning .O6 turret disp, that is like best in-class. Yet its gun handling was crippled, because of woeful .15/.15 movement disp, way off for a tier X. Same with old 43O, no where near gold standards of .1/.1 like T62A or obj 14O. It isn't because of turret rotation, it is movement disp which cripples tanks. Because any movement at all, unless the speed of Maus, throws any aim out of whack. Yes, armoured cars have great turret disp, but what makes them great are their movement disp and aim-time alongside an illegal auto aim which turns them into lasers
  10. Movement dispersions are more important. Tanks need the benefit of being able to shoot on the move. In Emils (either one) they are particularly bad, I understand compared to something like IS3. The turret traverse bloom is poor, but given their unusually slow turret traverse it sort of passively controls their turret bloom. You see these same sort of things with vehicles like Hellcat, T34-H, VK1OOP - poor turret dispersion. But you don't really notice it, because these tanks are commonly firing when stopped, very near a stop, AND have very slow rotating turrets. Its when they move though, they essentially balloon like SPG. AMXM49 has the worst all over, as it has bad turret bloom with a faster tracking turret. Remember Emils also very probably have the benefit of GLD too because they are autoloaders, but the horrific movement dispersion just makes them shit out shells. Tanks like Skorp G, Hellcat, T34-H, VK, Charioteer, FV4K5, Conway, T57, T69 are examples in how movement dispersion just shit on tanks with bad stats in them. They simply cannot move and shoot
  11. WN8 can be horribly skewed. Everyone knows that. It isn't used as often as people think People tend to only care about high avg tier WN8 numbers, tiers 8+ or specifically X, not total WN8 or alternatively avg combined in tanks, like strong MoE contribution. Again, at the same 8+ (mainly X) level Vast changes such as ammunition re-work, shell physics changes (HE) HP changes, crew changes, Etc will involve new metrics over time, when they hit the ground. Keep in mind WN7 persisted for some time after WN8 went live. And no, that is not how metrics work, a piece of shit red will remain a piece of shit, not turn purple. Well, unless they pay someone to play their account.
  12. okay, a tad about some history first. My first CW reward was IS5, with Fusion. I got T95E6 with Thugz, as my first T X Reward. Selected 121B as my second, a part of Supernova. Selected obj907 for my third, being a part of Pingu. Lastly, just purchased M60 with bonds from the store. I am debating whether or not I want to take part in D of I, as I won't be able to take part in all of it. I leave for work on the 23rd, nor am I in a super duper hipper turbo clan, so I'd be stuck. The remaining driving factors to sway me, are of course bonds and being able to assemble either Kreslavsky or Chieftain. But enough of that, every campaign I have been part of had different directional meta-game tank usage, so I'm just out to predict D of I. Star-Road, God tier: obj 260, Chieftain, 279E, obj 430U, obj 907, EBR105, GC Every tank here is self explanatory. Gold cup, Tier 1: Super Conq, WZ5A, obj 277, IS7, VK72, bat chat, UDES, obj 140, T-100LT, Strv, T110E3, obj 268V4, M53/M55 Pretty much the strong tanks acting as filler and subs in tank locking, or clans without lineups of CW rewards. Nevertheless still good stuff. VK72 the new replacement for derper Type 5, with the added attacking ability because of 35Omm HEAT. TDs seem to continue to fall and fall in usage because speed is so important, so the good ones appear here. Russian light is a great backup, and works. M53/M55 though a great arty, just can't seem to deal enough damage to be God tiered Silver cup, Tier 2: Kran, T57, Maus, T110E4, K-91, Leo, AMX13105, obj 261 Mediocre stuff that is passable. or extremely situational, like Maus for sponging or T57 for close range DPM. Kran doesn't have suitable HEAT, so its here. E4 for those close range maps where people want to use it as pseudo-heavy, and it can still do the old Type 5 dirty ass HE'ing. Sniper schnitzel pseudo-TD meds as well. Thought about placing TVP here, but does anyone TVP anymore? STB1 despite the buffs, is just what I think is an UDES that sucks. obj 261 can still work as arty, though the low ammo count and damage, oooofffff Everything else is trash. 121B could have been good with its buffs, but the DPM and top speed are just too low. T62A is a bad 140, itself a poorer 907. 113 is a bad 430U, lol at the people that thought it would rival WZ. T110E5 is a bad Conqueror. AMX30 a bad Leo. 705 a bad VK72. 60TP is over rated, I'd never take this thing over VK72 or E4. Don't think progetto or TVP have what it takes for CW, though excellent in pubs. Type 5 is trash now and rightfully so, WG best decision ever. Badger sucks, really did it ever amount to anything with all its prior hype? Panzer wagon used to do exotic route blocking strategies on Mines/Karelia hill, but with EBR that doesn't work anymore. Feel free to chime in if I left anything out. And before people want to cry foul about hulldown STB1 or M48A2 or Cent AX - believe me UDES replaces all of them Your autism has been proofread and fixed. -H
  13. lf artillery changes hit, are you going to use the higher damage ammunition, or use the stun+dmg rounds? I seek professional advice.
  14. Remember that Type 64 stats have to continually contend with pre-LT changes, where it met higher tiers. People nowdays have them with very high DPG like 1.5K, which just wasn't common at all seeing tier 9, or even Xs before that. Now, it is extremely strong, though it per se didn't receive buffs, everything around it was significantly nerfed. 59-16 has a powerful gun, for a light tank. Like AMX12T, it is quite ahead in firepower compared to T21, VK, MT25, T37. And unlike 12T, is worlds ahead in DPM. The problems with this thing, are low view range compared to VK or T21, and the very low shell velocity. Shell velocity even with APCR is mediocre
  15. I wish I could like Emil51 more, I really do. But it has significant drawbacks. Despite having better mobility than Emil, they didn't provide it Emil top speed. Didn't provide it Emil LFP either, it takes damage way easier. The acc + disp are pretty sad face compared to Emil, and its down 15O DPM too....No idea why it wasn't buffed in relation to Swede heavy tank re-work. In the tier....getting side armour over-matched by 12O+ sucks pretty bad, and the APCR pen just makes it seem dreadful at times. Bump up the R0F to 5.6, give it 125 LFP, increase the accuracy to .38 and dispersion to .24/.24 and I think its solid after
  16. Same problem hurts and holds back Emil51 and Kran. Placing something like an IS7 (or 252U) right next to you, and shooting 242 APCR pen down into its lower plate, you see the clear difference 242 has versus something more normal, like 255-265 of all the nice things Kran got, making it more of a dangerous and complete tank - it just can't compete in CW. The HEAT pen is too low. An included buff in the Kran re-work, should have been at least 315 HEAT pen too
  17. Well, RAAC has better turret and hull armour that will frustrate enemies fielding poor pen. The superior penetration will help vs enemies like Defender, which can certainly frustrate T-44 Hundo not willing to spam prem. The gun depression and VR can make RAAC seem untouchable in tier 8 on a ridge at long distances, with its gun giving it great reach too - T44 has trouble doing that. on the otherhand, T44 has better mobility, DPM, camo making it an excellent frontlines flanker and roamer. The DPM and side armour protects it better against armoured cars, and random HE threats like oho and HK3O. Pick your poisons, I'd say 1LPC and Lansen are great in FL too, good enough to compliment progetto usage.
  18. Well, I am sure people mean good is better than okay. And yes, okay is better than bad. But in tier 8, lots would agree they want something better than okay, right nub? Besides the point, he goes on to continually talk about how derpy the gun is, in relation to its paper parameters vs actual performance. The whole bit on Lowe being better. He likes the platform, saying the platform tries to equal out the problems concerning the gun. Speed, VR, armour - Etc I personally love skill4 content, always have, but I have to disagree with the E75TS. I would say it is very good, because the tank is a fast heavy, it gives it a whole range of flexibility. If I had to rate T8 fast heavy tanks, excluding the ones more like meds such as FCM and AMX-Hundo, out of Patriot, Rene, E75TS, Emil1951 I would place E75 ahead of the pack.
  19. I find alot of it has to do with bore size. 57mm on T-28 med/A43 and 6PDR (57mm) on Crusader/Churchills -- massively drop in APCR penetration across long distances. Same goes for the unique AMX1357 mega-clip 57mm. However, their AP shells, no real drop. T-5O-2 has a copy of the 57mm pretty much, but weirdly the APCR doesn't drop off.....T-5O-2 has the same APCR pen at range as AMX1357, and at close range they are ludicrously 195vs165 apart.....that is ridiculous. Matilda or Sentinel on the other hand, their unique 2PDR (4Omm) have no real range drop off, despite being very small bore. Really, to put it best and predictably, the game is random as fuck and arbitrary. Lowe, Tiger ll, E75TS have pen drop off issues, while KV4 and T34 H don't really have them. It is pure random. And by the way, never had said Comet is a good tank. In this or any other forum. Comet sucks. all tier 7 meds suck
  20. don't use tanks gg, use the other one. Shows pen at five-hundred too
  21. Shells randomly drop off, based on arbitrary decisions, not being AP or APCR. Some AP pen diminishes quickly, some slowly. Some APCR quickly, others slowly. Tanks like Lowe and Somua, with their high base pen, have larger AP fall-off than others. Which makes no sense, as supposed APCR on Somua barely falls off at all. IS3 AP falls off quicker than its APCR, which remains very strong out to five hundred (m) KV2 for isntance has 2 152 shells, both AP, randomly differently falling off. It is random.....In the case of E75 TS, 193mm AP pen can be annoying when using long distance, since you can easily start bouncing targets like hulls of T32, Type 59, T62A - things you wouldn't expect to bounce with what you'd expect from 227 pen. Things like patriot, caervarvon, AX, Renee....their pen drops to like 2O6, 13mm advantage @ five hundred m And Assassin7 Posted August 18 ^ pretty much. Tbh he isnt wrong with a lot of his points in this topic, hes made some decent posts and discussions in others. I just want to know what the hell is up with his 0 key. You yourself, agreed with me that T27 Skoda should have more DPM. You aren't reading or looking. And you clearly don't want to either. I will do you a favour, look at alot of the content before the light tanks broken thread. It will make it easier for you. But still, it is only if you wish to read or not. Which I cannot blame you, I mean Social Science if you read for a living, perhaps when you aren't working and are off the clock...you would rather not read? Fair enough, I understand that. But don't use it in your arguments. And I am not agreeing with others over shit like dropped obj 43O line nerfs, laughable obj 268V4 nerfs, 25% RNG being too much - these are things I adamantly express it on my own. Just so happens, that alot of others agree with the same things.
  22. I agree. Seems skill4 has changed his opinion, which makes sense because first impressions are exactly that, first impressions. +Pro strong upper plate, like VK45A or Lowe. Strong turret like Lowe. Reasonable side armour, augmented by thick tracks and sideskirts, to troll HEAT Cupola is smaller than most think, unlike Rene. Half of it is extremely well sloped, which can lead to ricochet angle. Ears are small Fast for a heavy tank, easily underestimated. Not just speed, but reverse too and it has good acceleration too. Fair accuracy. Nice pen, nice alpha, nice shell velocity, reasonable DPM Great secondary traits like nice gun depression, nice view range (radioman for more VR) reasonable terrain resistances -Cons Be careful with food, it then needs fire fighting directive. High engine fire probability. Forward engine module leads to alot of engine hits and breakdown, like most german tanks Very odd derpy .21 moving dispersion, users probably expect more accuracy out of it Penetration drops off more rapidly, than tanks like Patriot, Caernarvon, AX, Rene. Not provided with typical chunky German tank HP, like Lowe
  23. And? Your point? I don't care of the amount that disagree. Because it is just that - disagreement and debate. Who cares. I specifically just mentioned 4, that are problematic enough to ridiculously attack and lash out, causing a cess of fighting and bothering staff. As long as it remains a civil debate, who bloody cares - it remains on topic, people aren't shitting on other people, and staff aren't bothered. Who cares. Disagree all you want. Mind your manners though. It is as easy as that. I do not seek to forcefully change the thoughts of those that disagree with me. And again, you are wrong, and unwilling to read. or you only read what you want. I am not sure which. I was negative repped 1 million by staff, and obviously it isn't -1m now, because somewhere somehow others are agreeing. It isn't error, as they can be taken back and issued again. Some agree. Now that may be to your disgust sure, but it is the case. How about you read. Any activity search, particular out of recent threads, can plainly see it. And since august, though I would be inclined to agree and stupid to disagree, that arguments are common, there are some that have agreed. If you need examples, they can gladly be provided. - I agreed with many, that obj 268 V4 is too strong still, and the nerfs were pathetic, rather than pithy and correcting. - In relation to above, tanks that enter the game like Defender, 268 V 4, over-buffed Maus, 9.17 Type 5, oi, LT432 - these are indeed problems and drastically affect game health. - I agree that artillery is a poor class for the game, and annoyingly broken. - I agree that armoured cars were not properly thought over, tested, and implemented. A bad choice, and annoyingly broken. - Agreeing over RNG as a fundamental part of the game and it should exist, but 25% is far too much. - Agreeing that map design is a problem. Though not my first complaint about the game and its direction, I would certainly agree that it is something to improve on. - agreeing that the obj 43OU scrapped nerfs was preposterous. - Supporting the idea that tank rewards like obj 279E, FV421, VK72, obj 9O7, obj 26O should be top of the line vehicles....on top of being provided in most cases to top of the line people to begin with, that do not further need more advantages. -
  24. Generally good info for vets returning back to the game. Gives some reasons and direction on good things to continue or the bad to abandon. They talk about Panzer VII
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