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  1. WG should give Grille the HEAT pen from VK72. I think it deserves if for sure, considering the pen of other TDs
  2. *4 people, do not account for everyone, as suspensions and cool-offs solely are a result from interacting with 4 people. This particular instance, it was him, well at least him that lit the powder keg.* While I have debated with many others, like skara, churchill, hellsfog, taji, avalon, tupin - it has been debates concerning points. Not an argument that breaks down into slimy insults. That is what separates the debates from recent bickering and suspensions. I just did a quick activity search of my posting since august, and the people that have agreed with what I have said since then, have not been what you indicate as 'zero'. You are either making that up, are too lazy to read, or a combination of both. Even recent posting, I mean recent, indicates that you just don't want to see it even if it is there. You are a red, that plays red, thinks like a red, posts like a red, knows just red, lives in red. It makes sense. You never back up what you say, you haven't done that to this day. I have said nothing at all about the Comet, where did you dig that up. You just make up stuff. Like this is wotlabs. Do you know what that means? Go into the top corner, Browse Wotlabs, type in my name, and see. I don't see any red, orange, or green. What are you talking about? Do you need this written out for you in Cyrillic? Would you understand then? If you want wish to continue, send PMs to which I won't read, please. I have stated this before already. Enorh has stated it. This is an E75TS thread, not a personal argument clinic.
  3. FV 4K5 mobility was doing well for itself after the buffs from its initial stages, at the same HP/T and with lower 35/12 speed. Which definitely triggered lots of people, with the mobility cuts. With even less armour, 1/6th the camo, and even being more clunky. You are right about the more gun part, when it works at least.
  4. When it first came out, not so. Which is when I said it. I believe he was very critical
  5. But the whole premise of switching to HE rounds, to attempt to deal some damage to something otherwise in an untouchable position, that still is armour blocking damage being applied. The underlying mechanics are armour too thick, not allowing damage to seep through. IE: hulldown IS7, an opponent switches to HE and hits the IS7 right in the face. Chances are you are still dealing zero, unless a huge bore TD and will get that ''that one didn't go through'' or ''we didn't penetrate their armour'' Perhaps shots that pass through tracks/gun/optics and don't strike the tank hull or turret after and miss - these can be omitted. Because armour isn't used at all.
  6. The changes to the British TD tree actually increased the mobility of Conway - when it was introduced in the new turret line it only had top speed of 35. But the acceleration was great with 18+HP/T. It was always redlining at max RPM. But it also had an excellent 2Okm/hr reverse speed. With the changes, it was sort of buff/nerf, like Type 5. It gained +5km/hr speed so it can now go 4O, but it lost -5km/hr reverse, track traverse and HP/T remained the same. With a slight HP/T penalty if using the new 5.5in field gun. If I were to choose, I would rather have 4O/15 mobility, than 35/2O. I wouldn't call this thing slow at all.
  7. https://wotguru.com You can try this place. C_Menz seems pretty dated now, but the content is fine I'd say
  8. 4 people. Not everyone. A select 4. You are welcome to look and see. Though I may irritate Enroh and haswell, I actually don't converse with them at all other than disputes and conflict resolution, because well they don't talk much. And don't talk much about tanks. So there is nothing to discuss. 4 people, do not account for everyone, as suspensions and cool-offs solely are a result from interacting with 4 people. This particular instance, it was him, well at least him that lit the powder keg. You are welcome to go through the logs. When not dealing with these 4, there is no real hassle. Enroh actually even said it in a post. Regardless, not getting je-baited into this nonsense. This is a thread for mentioning E75TS and things concerning it, not me. Leave it at that. If you want to take it to PM, sure, you do that and I will set myself a reminder to read them by at least 2029 and get back to you.
  9. And we all think arty is bad? Think arty, but worse, a commander that exclusively excels in it. Grit is so Toxic.
  10. Sorry about the Adv Wars shenanigans, back to topic. Lemmingrush has WZ12OG, Leopard, WZ131 tube clips on Ensk, to which he describes the map in detail. He has super pershing, and M26 tube clips concerning himmels. He has recent tube clips of Studzianki too, using Hellcat, T67, Type 64, Comet to which he at length talks of the map and strategy/positioning. He has a recent tube clip in widepark, using T3485M. Skill4 has loads of content, and is very enjoyable to watch. In tube clips featuring tanks like 53TP, 6OTP, E-Hundo he covers Highway in detail. He talks about Westfield extensively in 5OTP 3MoE game (sirfoch does it in Conway) For Live oaks, he has many videos such as him using Rene, Chimera, T26E5, Etc. Skill4 is also a great resource for disgusting maps, like Mines and Empires Border, to which he talks about in length Quickybaby, on his free to play account discussing Binoculars, has an ikea 65 redshire replay talking about the map in detail - or a panzer wagon video describing it while doing missions. Hope this helps. See you on the field,
  11. Seen alot of content of weird bounces against EBR Hotchkiss. Not talking about the usual shooting the wheels critical hits. Apparently, this thing has a thick as fuck gun mantle too, that absorbs extra shots. Pretty much the only armoured car that gets it. So you not only shoot its wheels and get screwed over, you can also shoot its turret and get screwed over too
  12. This is taken perhaps negatively, boastfully, in a way I did not intend. Let me correct that. First of all, I really enjoy Garbad. A fore-father for content across NA, he has done lots for the game publicly and for expectations. I don't know what kind of player I'd be, if I didn't read any of his early material throughout this games history. But what I meant is: look at his tier X tanks, and looking at mine, at a basic sense if you were an ally on my team, or an ally on his team - you would go out and play the game - and expect what when game results pop? 3K dmg, 4K dmg? 1K assisted to boot? Now looking at our shared tier X, what is seen? Seems pretty comparable. obviously he is at a disadvantage, because lots of his games are very old, when CW games played counted towards random service record, I understand that while none of mine are - and let us be real 4K dmg in a pub? People do it often, but who steps up and consistently does that in CW? I understand. But then again, his win rates, which absolutely stomp mine otherwise, are largely attributed to -G- status, where he has been forever, and has had plenty opportunity to platoon with the likes of people such as Sela. I've never had that. Valachio was my best youtube source before circon and sirfoch went mainstream, as I've never been a QB kind of follower. Unlike Garbad, who people would just read his material, you could put a face to valachio, and watch his content. Instrumental and fundamental, as back then WoT inspector was no where near as good as the very generous tanks gg we have now. Props to him, I think he is a fellow Canadian from ontario too. He doesn't play anymore because of his watch business. So it is impossible to do any sort of comparison, as when he did play the game didn't count large portions of assistance damage. Back then you ACTUALLY had to spot. Which l do very little of. But now, you can get away with assistance such as track dmg, which I can do quite well. Just shoot the front wheel of a tank in the numerous engagements you find yourself in. If you compare the results of older generation of players, like Sela, Valachio, Garbad, Hammer91 - whoever take your pick. That played since what, '11? Their numbers are great, but are influenced by CW battles which back then counted towards service record. Now, new gen re-rolls, like the Hua_Q accounts on Mahou, you see these uninfluenced numbers like 4-5-6 K DPG in tier X. There is a reason why I didn't use these guys. If you wish, or others too, to make note of me as a 51% shitter, okay, I accept. It seems today in our politically correct, rigid WoT world, a 51% shitter is the type of person that deals 3K DPG in tier X tanks. So by rule of being better than that, someone averaging 4K is mediocre, and 5K is great. Alright, got it.
  13. I am not going to debate it. Not that it is not debatable, but because of severe partial treatment, it would be absurd not to do so. Who you are? one of four people, that needs to be ignored for my sake, because if not - I get cautioned and punished for it. Best of luck, good tanking, and see you on the battlefield. But not here.
  14. I had the advantage of having the engines from doing Conqueror first. I completed Cent7/1 with the 2Olber B Barrel. Played a few games after unlocking the L7 1O5, could not handle the derpcannon. The high pen stock HE (even the nonprem HE has high pen) and the HESH work sometimes and it is funny, but anywhere over two-hundred (m) you are rolling the dice and hitting track links very common, and you get an unacceptable hundred dmg splash. Horrendous turret traverse dispersion, which is worse than the WZ12O 122 derpcannon. And the DPM is real bad, you have the DPM of Lansen, a tier later. I really don't understand this at all, because Skoda T5O, WZ12O, Type 61, Leo PTA, AMX3OP, 43O ll all share tier X med guns too, but have far more DPM. I was fed up through the roof, and just slapped the B Barrel back on it and ground out the Cent A X with 2Olber. Perm track, DPM, lowered disp. and aim-time..... worth it. It is not even funny how outdated this tank is. Looking at Skoda, E5O, Type 61, Leo....they can all run their tier 8 mid level guns, and gain massive DPM over 7/1 using its own mid gun. They felt the need to buff the FV(Prius) the Cent l, Caern, but then forgot about the 7/1. M46, M48A were buffed, but they forgot about M26 Pershing. E5O, AMX3OP and Type 61 and Leo P have all been buffed too.
  15. This is a joke, it really is. While yes, great and greater than great players do exist, such as someone like gasai driving an E25 - there does come a point where such a great player is really fucking absurdly out of place, when he calls a good player bad. That is fucking stupid. So, Mr Illuminati over here overperforms, well that is all well and dandy, but to start throwing it around that everyone who doesn't do that.....is bad, well lol. That is the entire WoT population, nevermind the WoTLabs forum. I mean, pardon me my good sir, Kolnis forum. Remind me of that Sugar Daddy guy, on Mahou. Lowest tier X DPG, was like 4.3K. The results, not the attitude. It is either you are getting 5K avg dmg in your tanks that matter, or you are trash and don't matter.
  16. Prove what? That VK3O(P) is a great tank, better than T3485M? Is that what you are going for? To prove that is what, the silliest thing to possibly say? Because that was the issue. Think real hard professor. Real hard. The same shit with Tiger ll. Yes sure, Skill4 3 marks bad tanks like Tiger ll and T-34-2. He does. But he doesn't call them good. And would do much better in something like Type 59, T-34-3, or Lowe and E75TS. He even is disgusted by the E75, and still does way better than Tiger ll You have yet to prove shit, that I am just some pub player. For all the people that say it so often, would you like to add as to why? Where is it seen? or just because your ideas differ, you get to say shit and others don't. I do well for myself, as well as can be expected. I don't think my play is that far off what you get out of someone like Valachio or Garbad. on all the grinds, shoot for 2K T8, 2.5K T9, 3K TX. And if I were to hunker down and mark a tank, shoot for five-hundred more on top of it. But hey, if you want to be that guy who rolls 7K WN8, and calls everyone fucking bad because they aren't you, go for it such a narcissistic gilded mortal deserves no less. You do that. That is the most diarrhea, gonorrhea, dengue, cancer, swine flu, avian flu shit ever to say. Hey, you are a blood clot, because you aren't 7K WN8, and you are wrong and only people who are, are right. Go, (and 99.75%) of WoT community, either jump off a roof or bow down before me. You should marry yourself. If you looked in a fucking mirror, you would probably fall in love.
  17. Tiger ll has terrible armour, even if it forces people to aim. Because the places to aim at, are very large. This is the same shit as calling Fochs as a nicely armoured tank. Sure the hull is fine. But who shoots the UFP of Fochs? It is littered with large weaknesses, that cover large surface area of front profile. And in addition, gold ammunition muscles through its harder sections anyway. But Tiger ll is how heavy tanks should otherwise be. The problem is, heavy tanks like Defender, TS5, Chrysler, 112, oho don't sport these weaknesses. Their armour is hardened, at what should be a weakspot, that for some reason is still like two-hundred effective or more. obj 7O3 II is alot of the same shit, as it takes 112, lowers the LFP a little but incredibly shrinks the cupolas and make the tank unable to be harmed, while hull down. Jag Panther ll sucks. And even though it sucks, WG still felt the urge to nerf it so it sucks more. It had mobility, now it has nothing, and you are better off using WZ12OG for nearly everything The whole idea of using bad players, is to see the potential. An avg player will do better in Defender or Liberte, than they do in FCM5OT. But because FCM is considerably faster, has more DPM, has better gun handling, in a better plays hands it may do exceedingly well as they are more flexible. H0WEVER, it does not mean better players play like fucking shit in the tanks that avg people play better in themselves. Who the fuck thinks that, that is the most retarded shit ever. When lemmingrush streams in Defender, he still plays fucking good. When Garbad or truvoodoo played IS7 years ago, they played fucking good. That is like saying Circon playing his KV2 for some stream theme, and will suck shit, and he fucking does n't. or Skill4 3-marking the Type 5, and doing like sustained 3.4K dmg/game. Great players are very bad for balancing. First of all, because there are less of them. Second, they seem to do very well in everything, good or bad, so they mask the issue. Are great players great for pointing out serious game issues, For sure. Are they great for suggesting fixes? Yes as well. Like curbing RNG range, or fixing MM, or gold round ideas, or fixing armour models, Etc. Kols here, does well in a Tiger ll. I can see that. But you can clearly see, he does well in fucking every tank. It clearly does not mean, that if he were placed in a Defender, he would do poorly. That is idiotic. And on top of everything, balance regardless of players doing well or badly - need to resemble the tier and peers around.
  18. I have run speed trials with my IS5, WZ111 - using my brother and a former clan member, vs an AMX65T. This was likened to seeing Scorpiany do tier X tests of HP/T vs terrain resistances, using high tier vehicles. Being a vehicle commonly complained about for being fat and slow, I wanted to see what was the real deal. Clan mate was elite but using 2nd gun on 65T, like M4 49 and lorraine, providing it slightly more HP/T compared to top alpha gun. Crews were using +Vents and had +BIA. No food. First test was on hard paved surface, Widepark main road until overpass bridge, K2-D2. Second test was across the center of studzianka field, G3-G7. 0n widepark, 65T actually won. Seems you don't really miss a beat if you have got a paved surface. Despite WZ111 and IS5 higher top speed, which apparently won't get to on flat ground. My brother also decided to test WZ111-14 and T1O with the results, T1O is much quicker. Studzianka was very different. AMX65T had the most trouble compared to WZ111 and IS5, the grass really ailed it, and the E5 trench crossing and creek was slow. Here is a good example of terrain stats fucking up a tank, with HP/T doing actually little to correct it. It was interesting though how it didn't really take effect on pavement, despite high numbers. Conclusion: There is a retarded perception, that people think it was supposed to have been as fast as AMX-Hundo or FCM5OT. Which is just stupid to think. Don't play it stock either. Alot of people I have heard stories from, ground out the tank, with only AC48 engine which is shared, the 85OHP module, thinking it would be enough, and using stock tracks. Well there is your fucking problem, you just shave off 4HP/T on your tank, and then you call it a fat ass? Drive your 65T elite, keep it on roads or dirt, it is more mobile than people think it is.
  19. For someone with so much colour to add, you surely do jest. You are the one praising VK3O(P) over a T3485M, I should add.
  20. Because you do exceedingly good, in a tier 8 tank does not make it a good tank. Your picture shows a whole range of tanks that do well in. It doesn't make everyone single one a nice vehicle. An avg 49% player, which represents the masses, will do roughly the same in KV4 compared to Tiger ll. Provided they are elite, because a stock Tiger ll does have considerable advantage. But when elite, the KV4 probably does more, because of the better DPM and armour. All the vehicles have the advantages in bold. The penetration to confront higher tier tanks, which normal tier 8s don't have (25O-265pen vs 275+) T34 Heavy is a bad platform, but the gun is fine. KV4 and the Kres are bad platforms, but the gun is fine. object 416 has tier X 33Omm HEAT, and insane DPM, and insane camo too - probably the most reliable example here able to confront high tiers. T1LPC and STA1 both have high pen HEAT. It is not 243mm. Both also have good enough characteristics to be bitchy and snipe. The point here is not how bad the platforms are. Because beleive me, Tiger ll no matter the layers of sugar coating, is a bad platform. Kols statement was, is there pen or not to confront higher tiers, assuming 265mm pen from normal tier 8 heavy tanks is insufficient.
  21. 15 hours ago, kolni said: the pen alone makes you able to reliably fight tier 10s as a tier 8 which is something only TDs and the Tiger II does well in the entire tier I am not arguing with you there. T-34 Heavy, KV4, Kreslasky are certainly obsolete and junk. But no more so junk than Tiger ll, which sucks for sure. Again, I agree, Lowe is alright at it, I'd also figure obj 416, T1LPC, and STA1 are especially after its buffs. The important concepts here are: high pen to challenge tiers 9 and 1O, to which the normal range of 26O-265 is insufficient, suitable or not platform, and their reliability (how well they can do it) Konisch -gun- not guns. Singular, not plural. 7.5cm L57 K lost its steam, and when it did have it, VK36 was universally better as a med, not a heavy. And if you were particularly rich, to pay gold for it, as silver wasn't a convert-able option at the time. Feeling lucky doing 75 dmg shots? Screw that, who on earth would bother, in +3/-3MM as well. I guess the taber-bore Matilda 2-pdr X is another example, but really tier 4 MM is a death trap now.
  22. Before I start, I will point out I am excluding FCM and AMX, the really fast ones more like meds. I just want to say, a fast meta lineup of tier 8 heavy tanks are real recent things. Certainly unlike tier X, where fast heavies have existed for ages. EMil '51, Rene, E75TS - are all tanks from the last 6 months. Tanks like AMX65T, Patriot, Caernarvon AX are also somewhat speedy, compared to peer heavy tanks, and are relatively new too. At least compared to tech tree counterparts, like T32 and Caernarvon. If you have been playing since the early years, you would think of faster tier 8 heavy tanks like VK45A, or IS3. Those are slow, compared to these new ones. It is hard to sell slow tanks. Super Pershing? Buffed so it is not as slow, Lowe too. RAAC is quite more mobile than Cent 1, and so is T1LPC compared to T95E2 or 59 Patton. WZ111 has also become alot faster. Years ago, if something like VK75 were released, it would have been released exactly like that fat snail Brecher, but not these days. E75TS was buffed last second, to becoming a fast heavy. With the same thinking, Caernarvon AX and Pat, could have easily just been released as sluggish T32/Caernarvon. Chrysler K, has super strong terrain resistances, track traverse, HP/T for a heavy, basically unheard of prior to '17. 5OTP Proto is also quite mobile. And something like T-1O3? That shitbox isn't a SU1OOY for sure, its faster than most people think. Speed sells. It would be interesting to see another tier 8 clan wars series, fighting over IS5/Kres/Chieftain again. I wonder what the meta would be, defenders or fast heavies
  23. Entire tier? lol T-34 Heavy, KV4, Kreslasky, Lowe, STAs, T1LPC, obj416 And really, how useful is that quality anyway, being able to exchange a penetrating shot before getting massacred. 416 and Lowe probably the only reliable ones.
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