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  1. Such as, tell people binocs and camo net are bad ideas then go about using them? That sort of thing? Does he even know what he said I was wrong about? or was he just saying I am wrong, for the thrill of it. You still haven't answered, why the fuck was obj 14O and obj 9O7 buffed. CW vehicles, even prior to buffs. Why the fuck was obj 26O buffed. Why the fuck was 279E? Even 9O doesn't necessarily need to be buffed, because it sucks in the hands of majority (who also would suck with bat chat 12T, its counterpart) but rather to bring it in line with the specs from other light tanks within the tier. Who the fuck does 1.8k damage sessions? In what tier? In what class? Details. Listen, social science, I know you are a jerk and all, perhaps I am too - but keep it to yourself. No one cares. You compare prem WR to tech tree vehicles. And when that is finished, you can compare the good with the bad. There are still plenty of bad premium tanks. But the number of bad tech tree tanks out there are more common. 0ne does not compare progetto WR, with Panther 88. Likewise, you don't compare Jag 88 with Strv S1. And certainly they are kept within the same classes. So Even 9O is going up against EBR75, LT432, HK3O, M41GF, M41D, Senlac, T92. But before that is done, compare it to tier 8 tech tree light tanks. And before even that is done, compare it exclusively to Bat Chat 12T. Was 113, performing so terribly compared to say.....E-Hundo or IS4, that it has deserved 2 sets of buffs? How about 26O? What about 14O and 9O7, compared to other meds. Why did it take over a year to buff 121B, M6O, VK72, T95E6 as opposed to 9O7? The avg light tank camo in this situation is 17.23, to which Even 9O is best in class with a generous 22.12, about 25% better. And it has the advantage of impressive small size. For these co-related, basically a single advantage, it has the 2nd worst HP/T, with most being above 3O+ it has 23. Tied for worst reverse speed, the absolute worst DPM (25O less than the next shitty British DPM) Least amount of HP available, even less than armoured cars to which no other light tanks in the game share that disadvantage. That hardly seems fair at all. I never said purple. I just said the avg person who buys something like Even 9O, isn't the avg 48 % player across the server. More than likely, he is better. And you fucking know that. And I never said I want a single buff for Even 9O, where on earth did you dig that up from. Multiple times, I have outlined them all. Can you read? Social science, it is supposed to be your strong suit. Read.
  2. armour is better, but not by much. Has a weak LFP, and the upper is pretty exaggerated, the same as King Tiger. Less than Lowe. The real advantages in armour over renegade come not with the front armour, but with side armour and better cupola profile. Certainly not an armoured kind of tank like Defender. But the speed gives it great versatility, without renegade giant cupola flaw.
  3. ? aren't their mobility pretty much the same? ''more usable mobility'' ? They have the same top speed, same reverse, same HP/T. E75 has better terrain resistances, Rene traverses quicker and has quicker turret rotation
  4. and..... Mr beetlebum plays this game for a living. Does he even scratch 51%? Your fucking point? Everyone is wrong, at a certain time, but the concern here is French mediums, and solely that. 0thers have openly said that they too, would agree bat chat 12T has too much of a grind to it, and welcome the idea of another french med line towards Bat chat 25, starting earlier. I don't think people would be quick to disagree on new tech trees, so far as they are not punched out like obj 268V4 or an arty line. Are you trying to say, that premium tanks don't typically (read, typically, not always) have higher win rates than tech tree counterparts? I never said I wanted to teach your ass anything, nor would I even want to. Not even if I was paid to, Mr. ass-on-a-chair for a living.
  5. I am not wrong. Type 64 had higher winrate than pre-nerf Patch 9.17 light tanks like T37. And Type 64 wasn't even close to matching something like T37. M41GF wasn't as powerful as pre-nerf RU251, T54LT, WZ132, T49 - but I am sure played better. Though not always the case, more likely it is more commonly the case - in winrate prem tanks do better than tech tree tanks. For instance, KV2(R) will do better than KV2. HK3O will do better than HK12. Defender will do better than IS3. Certainly, there are examples like Stug lV or Panther 88, that just do abysmal but they are outnumbered by premium tanks that do better than tech tree peers. Indien panzer was bad, but still had good med DPM, good gun depression. In its buffs, they actually even increased the DPM more, and still it isn't op. Minor tweaks to Even 9O won't make it op. And by the way, obj 14O wasn't under performing. And they went ahead and buffed that no problem. obj 43OU and obj 43O are very much so over performing, and basically side line 113 and 121 - and were supposed to be nerfed, and WG immediately bit its tongue and recalled the nerfs like Communist comrades they are. The obj 26O and T55A were not under performing, certainly not like T28 HTC and Stug lV, that fucking shit didn't matter and they mega buffed them anyway. Was obj 279E under performing, underwhelming, that they decided to buff that piece of shit too? You don't know what WG is all about, in their roll of the dice in buffing and nerfing. Even 9O is over performing, because of the select crowd who buy it, generally perform better than those who don't. And those who don't buy, are the people who grind through light tanks, and play like shit in them and all the tier 8 tech tree LT, simply making Even 9O look good. List all the buffs caernarvon got. It wasn't just fire rate. Then do it with Indien panzer, again not just fire rate. How about Type 61. 113. obj 268. Heck even Leo and Leo proto, I would say they are good now, but op? Not even close. obj 14O and obj 9O7, clan wars dominant vehicles at the time, got further buffed for.......what reasons? All the buffs listed, are minor. They won't realistically change the tank. 1152 DPM isn't done any major favours, by increasing to 1344. Still a ridiculously low, slimy DPM that even Brit LT tanks out pace. 3HP/T won't break a vehicle, with already low HP/T category among peers. 66O clip doesn't gain any notable potential when increased to 72O. 5O added HP, doesn't tend to make something op. You are being ridiculous now. And go ahead, you can be as annoying as you want in it. There are hundreds, thousands of annoying people in arty that everyone everyday has to deal with. How the fuck does it make any difference?
  6. Except.....it has bad shell velocity, by that I mean cromwell bad. DPM is average. It has heavy tank track traverse, and laughably not even providing an increase in traverse when researching tracks upgrade. WG likes shitting on German vehicles by giving them horseshit terrain resistances, to even out their HP/T. It has terrible camo. The HP isn't even like a heavy-med HP its supposed to have, like the HP on shit like ChiTo, ARL44, VK32(M), Pudel, Etc. T3485M has just about the same gun dep because it is shorter. VK (P) has front engine module, so engine damage happens often. If I were to play something like that, you can use T4O which actually makes credits - or P43 BIS which is a way better chassis. Even if it has useless shell velocity too, it actually has better armour and camo, DPM, alpha, and track traverse to actually pivot in close quarters. Scorpiany reviews like this too. Don't judge people.
  7. Has to do with the cover that South Coast had on beach. overlord there isn't much cover, from either arty or suicide cliff divers with lots of gun dep. And how on the beach, you could still do some spotting into middle. It wasn't -so- low ground. Also, the incline wasn't too bad going to caps, meaning your heavy tank or TD did not slow to a 7km/hr crawl going up it to cap flank, which you do in overlord. overlord has the sole advantage though, of routing the really bushed up and redline 4-line campers. Peeking and heading up the ramps towards caps easily spot these TD or meds, even arty - and can even easily proxy them, while not doing the same on south coast. South coast spawn campers are hard to remove, because of the mountain at caps providing solid cover. South coast capping was actually worthwhile, but overlord? Cap is a freakish death sentence.
  8. Br0ken. Never said 0p, and y0u kn0w it. Arty are 0p? That what y0u believe, as well? They are br0ken. =/= 0p. Buffing a tank d0es n0t have t0 make it 0p. Is indien panzer 0p? Well it is a hell 0f al0t better than 1yr ag0. What ab0ut Type 61. 0p tank? It is funny h0w y0u talk ab0ut size here, while basically ign0ring my wh0le line 0f argument c0ncerning size, when we debated LT. Size surely is c0-related t0 cam0, but the 2 are distinguished and different. I did n0t say mega buff the tank like T-44-Hund0 0r T54M0d1 0r Caernarv0n. And let us get real, s0me mega buffs d0n't even w0rk, and shit still g0es unn0ticed. 0bj 268 g0t mega-buffs, 113 g0t megabuffs - m0re than 0nce, and n0w what are they? Where are they? Like seri0usly, 113 and 121 are am0ng my fav0urite tier X vehicles, but subjectively lets ign0re that and pr0perly l00k at this, 0bjectively.....what can I d0 in them and n0t d0 it 2x better in Chieftain, 0bj 260, 0r 0bj 430U instead? At their best, they are a heap 0f medi0cre bleh. -- the gun 0f Even 90 sh0uld mimic AMXELC gun. They are the same size and length, in all likelih00d gun variants 0f each 0ther p0st-war. Sh0uld be the same 930m/s vel0city and 240 alpha. These types 0f changes have been made bef0re, and they d0n't make vehicles 0p as a result. Twenty percent shell vel0city may seem maj0r, but really isn't. I can think 0f 1 tank that has bec0me 0p with shell vel0city changes, and it surely isn't s0lely because 0f shell vel0city changes 0nly. WZ111, 112, T-34-3, 0bj268, Mutz all g0t vel0city changes, n0n are 0p. T3485M g0t an entirely new gun, hardly a mere vel0city change, and m0nstr0us DPM - we can all agree its n0t just vel0city making it 0p -- 220 alpha d0esn't change much when increased t0 240 alpha. Didn't make S0viet/Chinese 10cm guns 0p g0ing fr0m 230 t0 250. Didn't make German 88 g0ing fr0m 220 t0 240 0p. Is Mutz 0p n0w d0ing 250? l0l Caernarv0n certainly changed g0ing fr0m 250-280, but m0re s0 because 0f fire rate. Always deserved that anyway, because the tier 4 94mm (its b0re size) d0es 280 anyway -- giving Even 90 twenty extra h0rses d0n't make it 0p, 23 HP/T g0ing t0 26 d0esn't change anything. It still w0uldn't match 0ther LT peers in tier in HP/T. If they can cram that engine in AMXELC, they can in an Even 90 t00 increase rate 0f fire t0 5.5, and y0ur DPM with 240 alpha is 1,344. That is still 75 less than TV tank, which itself is massively l0wer than 0ther tier 8 LT. Bat Chat 12T, a same tier aut0l0ader w0uld still have tw0-hundred m0re DPM (still shitty DPM) With better gun handling. 720 clip d0esn't change much in p0sing a danger c0mpared t0 660. And let us n0t even c0mpare EBR75 DPM as a clip LT. Twenty extra HP d0esn't pr0vide much, vehicle itself still l0wer bracket in tier f0r LT HP/T. A hundred hit p0ints d0esn't mean much, d0 pe0ple rag 0n T92 f0r having t00 much HP? Like even fifty w0uld make sense, just giving it m0re than arm0ured cars, t0 which it sh0uld have anyway. These are all very min0r buffs, and d0n't break Even 90. They just make it m0re bearable. Type 64 is a cheap buy, any0ne can purchase it and just that, m0st play like shit. LT432 is self explanat0ry, basically aff0rding luxury 0f a medium tank except HP and pen. EBR75 needs n0 explanati0ns. EBR105 is relatively new, meaning fewer individuals (the individuals that grind quickly 0r have l0ts 0f free exp) retrieve it and d0 m0re 0r less well, as 0pp0sed t0 th0se wh0 pick a directi0n and h0ld d0wn W and die in 1min. Premium tanks generally d0 better than tech tree vehicles, especially evident in p0st-pref MM prem vehicles. Y0u are t00 subjective. Y0u are crazy.
  9. I would like to believe, they are working on my initial idea alongside proj 4-1, in making a sensible bat chat oriented medium tank line. Instead of having to grind the snot out of Bat Chat 12T currently. 0nly thing that remains odd, are two tier lX in Bat 25 AP and proj 4-1 Interesting to note the vehicle has basically tier X view range, not 370-380 typical for T8 French tanks. Could be the signs of being a prem, as vehicles like CDC, FCM also have great view range. .42 acc is quite bad, but WG has tendencies to couple bad accuracy stats, with real good soft disp stats, like TS5 , IS7, obj 430U. You get the picture. The gun depression is sad though, same with prem pen. Have a 0 key. -H
  10. I would not say Skoda is bad either. The platform is good. All I remarked, is the DPM is unusually low. It is hard to compare things to Progetto, just because Progetto is the undisputed medium king, but even taking a closer look at something like Pantera - and you see Skoda doesn't really even favourably compare to that all that well. The DPM is too low, for a gun not that good in the first place. I can't see it that T69, a real bad medium right now fires almost 1 full shot more per minute than it. Too low. I am not saying boost the DPM high up there like something such as Lansen, no certainly not. I am sure everyone agree that yes, Skoda isn't in dire need of buffs like other tier 8s, sure - but we all would also agree boosting the RoF to like T69, wouldn't make it op either. And that is where it should be put. Even 90 doesn't need much, and what it should get wouldn't make it too powerful either. First of all, its 90mm is virtually identical to AMX ELC, why does it lose twenty alpha, and twenty percent of its velocity? Right down the flusher, and being 3 tiers higher no less. Why doesn't it have ELC engine either? If you can fit it there, you can fit it in Even 90. It also is the only retarded light tank in the game, that has less HP than peer armoured cars by tier, no others do. It needs HP increased. And there has to be something said about that absolutely abysmal DPM, thats less than AMX12Ts 2 tiers down, also an autoloader light tank. Unacceptable. 00000000000000000000 -H
  11. Skoda T27 needs a DPM increase. When looking at tanks like T69, AMX-50 100, Somua, both Emils (even pre-buff Emil) it is clearly seen Skoda has unusually low DPM. Lorraine I can understand, because of the powerful gun, But Skoda doesn't have a powerful gun. Skoda and Even 90 need rate of fire increases
  12. Don't get me wrong, south coast beach flank was bad. But still served some purpose - the team mates who went there did something rather than nothing. Sort of like Serene coast too, the beach may work, and definitely can scratch out some merit. But holy fuck overlord. Why do people still flock to the beaches. People STILL do beach, on overlord, where you can basically do nothing
  13. There are things we still do not see or know. HP/T is nice, but turret traverse and track traverse are quite low. Surprisingly low. We do not know terrain resists either. For all we know, it could have CDC 1.44/1.63/2.88 terrain resistance, and frankly then all that horsepower means nothing. For an autoloader, it has great accuracy and aim-time numbers, but again we do not know disp. stats. For all we know, WG may balance it out by giving it gun handling like T57 We do not know if the entire front section of the turret will be that listed armour, or will it be like T95E6 and the strong armour is only in one spot. In addition, the gun dep isn't really good, so do not expect gun dep angles to increase turret armour much either. Expect gun elevation problems too, typical with these French tanks when rotating the gun around. Keep in mind these vehicles have their engine hitbox and wheel sprockets in the front, so expect alot of engine damage sustained in frontal hits. While I do think this thing looks stronger than the current Bat Chat 25 AP, I don't really see it being better than current Skoda T50, or Standard B 0000000 -H
  14. Large? It would be among the smallest tier 8 mediums with its size. Look at it. only obj 416 and Alt 5 hope to have as small size as it does
  15. .......... How was I trying to poison anything? I posted an idea, and he came over and took an unwarranted, needless brown shit on it.
  16. Let me get this straight, why are you here? What constructive purpose, are you here for. You aren't here, for a single one. Just leave. I don't even downvote you anymore because I do not like you, or because you are cossack, whatever. I down vote you because your posts are complete shit. You are here primarily, and without a single secondary, to antagonize people. And you have been told not to. For once, explain why is that a bad idea. Just explain it. How is Bat Chat 25T AP at all problematic tier 8 with a gun reduction. Progetto and Pantera have the exact same 212/259 pen 9Omm gun. It isn't like the Bat Chat 25 AP has some broken chassis either, as explained, Alt 5 is superior in most respects
  17. Remove the lorraine gun it has. Give it FCM and CDC gun, with 6 shot mag. Really wouldn't be different firepower compared to pantera and progetto, which have the same italian variant of the 9Omm - 212/259 as CDC and FCM have. Don't see it being any real problem as a tier 8 at all - as Bat Chat tier X has armour for bounces, Bat Chat 25 AP at tier 9 has none. Alt 5 is smaller, more camo, more HP/T, better gun dep, more amour, and would have more DPM. All Bat Chat would have is clip, and let us get real wouldn't be remotely as good as progetto.
  18. What we really need, is bat chat 25 AP to move down a tier, to 8. Remove the top gun, replace it with CDC and FCM standard 212 AP pen gun. Then have this tank fill in current Bat Chat 25 AP tier 9 spot. The purpose of this is to expand the tech tree, making the french have a tech tree tier 8 med, instead of having to invest six-hundred K exp on a light tank.....bat chat 12T
  19. Diriz0n


    QB, sirfoch, skill4, circon will put binocs on many midtier vehicles, especially the more passive ones. SU130PM is a bit of an oddball vehicle, without much direct competitors to compare and contrast against. It is obviously not like Hellcat, Skorp G, or Charioteer. While the camo is there, its size and clunky nature seem to limit its ability to be as mobile or aggressive. It is more like Grille 15, or M56 scorpion, or ikea 90. I figure how I play obj 416, you can play SU the same way - there are alot of similarity. I try to stay away from food. My first 3MoE attempts years ago, were Renault G1 and SU100Y, I was very different then. I suffered alot of fires, and abandoned the marks, I have left them at 2. I figured food was just not worth it. I would rather play 2 games straight, dealing 1.2K dmg, than play 2 games and deal 2K one time and 450 the next.....because of getting crippled by fire. Consistency is important. Although yes, I understand the game has changed and directives were introduced, where you can include firefighting with food, and new crew training books means crews can be made powerful and capable with the touch of a button. or WG decided frontal engine damage no longer starts fires anymore - these things really change food, for sure. But I was scarred for life from those experiences, so pretty much whatever I play the auto fire ext sticks. 00000000 -H
  20. Diriz0n


    Just so everyone knows, Lemmingrush has a video out covering the Hellcat, and he has curiously forgone optics/GLD for binocs and camo net. He also has movies out there, where he equips Skorp G with camo net, same with WZ120G. But l have also seen him with other videos, where his Skorp is instead without a camo net. What is the point of this all? Well obviously because there must be some merit in camo net and binocs? And, are we folks, the type of people to call lemmingrush a scrub? I see no problem with equipping SU130PM with camo net and binocs, especially since it basically has a free vert stab advantage over things like charioteer and skorp G - it doesn't need the GLD. 0000000 -H
  21. Well, six-hundred isn't too bad. Plenty of soviet tanks are stuck with radios like four-to-five hundred(m) The tier 8 is the highlight of the line. Not good by any stretch, but the best of them
  22. I am going to guess you do not count tier 3, 4, 5. So if you start at 6, I would say tier 6 has good medium tanks, certainly better than light tanks. Cromwell of course. (we won't include prems) Skoda T-25, VK30(P), A43 using APCR on 57, P43 bis. There are those diehards who like T20 gun depression, early vert stab, view range but it is still very mediocre because of terrible DPM. Panther pen may seem useful, but hitting things for 135 gets real old, and the chassis sucks. T7 meds are underwhelming, ineffective, and dubious. T8 meds outside of prems used to be complete shitters, but now with buffs to T-44, STA1, Indien Pz, creating Pantera and Alt 5 - they are good tanks. If you like the whole sniper shnitzel sort of thing, obj 416 is great. If Cent/l was given disp stats and engine, would be absolutely no different than RAAC, it would be a fine tank. No one seems to care though, because progetto, lorraine, TLPC, T-44-Hundo, T-54-1, Lansen are way better. I understand Cromwell is really good, no real different than Bromwell, but it is an outlier. Take away cromwell, and the rest of the meds are shit compared to Bromwell / T3485M. Tier lX-X meds are too good, too large a jump up. I used tier 8 because it has the most vehicles, is the most played tier. But your argument is moot, because it excludes half the tiers anyway. Tier 6-8 LT are all very bad, except prems. T71 DA for instance isn't good, yet is miles ahead of 1375, where does that leave 1375? CMCD isn't good either, but at least has view range, accuracy, and notably tier 8 LT-level DPM that none other have. 8s are terrible too, WZ132 I would say is the best of the bunch, and again it stinks, like really reeks compared to LT432. I'd say that even senlac and HK30 are better than any tech tree LT. T54LT is probably the best, but again tier 9 meds are too strong for any real comparison. I am not a 51% player. And I have never bragged, unlike you. Who ever said that? I am certain, 99% of this forums user base is not better than me. But we aren't here to measure dicks. Stop saying stupid shit. Listen, comrade, would you read the fucking post. Do you want it in cyrillic, to help? A light tank, in late game, without 14 people shooting at it, can take an arty splash or blind fire or whatever, go dark - and not have to burn a repair kit for fixing its tracks. A light tank, at the game start, can go off a small hill and break its tracks in the jump, and not be in danger and not have to burn a repair kit. Read the fucking post. Is repairs a definite must, like camo? No, it is not. But it certainly helps to have. I should not have to explain this to you, Zangief, but turn off ensk and himmels if you want half your armour meta and corridors removed. So many keys on your keyboard to type up walls of text, and yet you don't use your 0 key. -H
  23. Like Truck said, it is pretty unreliable. Great when it works, but otherwise a derp when it doesn't I like that it has good HP/T for a heavy, and the top speed beats KV85 or M6, it just has terrible terrain resists. It all comes down to the gun, and the nice gun dep. The aim-time, accuracy, disp stats really make it frustrating. But 330 alpha makes you smile when you connect, though expensive to use. Despite the APCR dmg boost, KV85 still has more DPM It only has armour on the hull, the turret nerf hurt it badly. The turret flanks used to be 50mm, near impossible to overmatch now they are 30mm basically paper. The tank can be damaged through its tracks too, frontally or through the sides even at silly acute angles. Really limits the ability to side scrape. T3485M bait. I'd rather mount the special 10.5 on the inconspicuous ARLV tank destroyer, sit in the back and snipe with better gun stats. Fixed your 0's. -H
  24. Good luck in your search. That is a great attitude to have.
  25. alot of tier ten tanks have much better gun disp values than they did in tier 8. That is why l used tier 8, because tier X (tier 9 too) are outliers. Tiers 5-8 sees light tanks have vastly better gun handling than medium and heavy tanks. They may have less accuracy on their weapons, but their disp values and aim-time are worlds ahead. light tank have far more responsive hand brake, or brake horsepower, whichever you call it by. This has to do with their far higher HP/T, better track traverse. Go full speed with medium tank like M46 Patton or panther 88, and perform a split 180' brake turn. Now do the same with T49, you will see it. Light tanks have the synergy to 'slide' into place, while many mediums don't. No one here is 51%. But regardless, 51 is a whole lot of good compared to 49. This is what plagues people who invest in a social science education and career. They seem to not know the importance and weight of numbers. Repairs on light tanks while not important, is more important late gear when repair kits may still be on cooldown, and you get splashed by artillery and break a track. Without too many people firing at you in these instances, especially if you go dark right after. Another useful thing, is driving off smaller hill sides or bumps, and breaking a track link while not in any imminent danger. No one wants to burn a kit for that. While sheridan can't because it is too fat, WZ132 is speed capped - Panzer wagon and 13105 surely can. It depends the map of course. Agility and terrain resists don't mean speed either. Perhaps the science behind each is difficult to explain to someone with a very social background, but I will try to make it easy for you. Play IS7. When did l say TV tank was good? I was using it for a comparison. And for that comparison, all I mentioned was gun disp stats, which AKA is something other than camo. Your are spewing out all this nonsensical jargon in return that wasn't even mentioned, described, or asked for. While I would not disagree with a remark such as mid-tiers are generally unremarkable, mediocre little things - I would be more keen to say that tiers lX - X are too powerful. There is a big power gap from 8-to-9 with meds and LT. But regardless, these mid-tiers (5-8) make up a large portion of the vehicles in tech trees. Nothing will change either of our minds, who cares. You can think and determine that I am a stupid, worthless, shit - just don't say it here. And likewise for me. What we are allowed to do, is assess that either of our posts are crap, share that, and that is about it. You need to calm down, Mr Keating. Fixed your 0's. -H
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