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  1. Not sure what you are trying to pull off here, or you are here just to talk shit. Because you have done a terrible job trying to back up what you say, meaning you are just here to diarrhea from the mouth. T-28 medium gets penetrated and one shot by any tank with the 3.7in QF Howitzer (which are many) 1O5mm M4 (which are many) 1O5mm 42 L28 (many) U11 122mm (many) not to mention the French and Swede 1O5mm dupe guns. And 85mm, 9Omm, SU1OO / KV85 D1O guns also penetrate you very likely with HE too. So we are not talking about just FV183 or 4K5, or maybe an old Type 5 or Jag Pz firing HE, and delivering a one-shot to a light target, we are talking a huge amount of opposing tanks, swiftly delivering a one-shot to T-28. And l have not even begun to include arty, which do the same too. T-28 is very large, has poor camo, bad gun dep necessitating thinking when you act. So basically you got the skorp G effect, you are a glass cannon. Glass cannons, in light of their inherit properties, aren't ridiculously over-powered tanks. And you see this, because 47-5O% players, the overwhelming population base, aren't over-achieving in glass cannons. Since when are there any skills at all, sitting red line and lobbing LeFH rounds everywhere. 1O out of 1O times, you are going to lose an argument trying to compare playing arty (a fucking LeFH) against a tank. Whether l want to insult you or not, that aside, you are being a bonehead in principle.
  2. l hear you loud and clear. Seems it was and still is, the same basic tank 59-Patton started out to be. But 59-Patton has seen buffs, such as 2 gun dep, VR, increase to 212 pen AP. Not T95E2 though, has seen absolutely none of those. 212 AP pen, +4O horsepower seem a good start. Been trying to 3-mark the tank, and let me tell you 181 AP pen is very sad, and that cupola....
  3. LPC is massively better than T95E2. Any chance WG decides to take a step back and buff T95E2 like 59-Patton?
  4. T-28 is a direct fire unit. What l shoot at, can shoot back at me. And although powerful, it still gets one-shot by the plethora of derpers infesting tiers 4-6 (or LeFH) You can watch the Lemmingrush T28 video, go right ahead, its a skill requiring tank. That needs skills to operate and peek. Same goes with SU85B, which hasn't recovered really since the view range changes. Marder ll or FCM36? Did those both always getting dragged up into old tier 5 matches not the pref they have now. Pz T25 is a standard tier 5 shitter. And it went to tier 8. Everyone knows that, except you apparently. These shits aren't as bad as you may think, And regardless, l do not play them anymore. Whats my last low tiers played over who knows how long? A handful of games in AC1? Sav42? LT vz 38? L6O? But LeFH, really? Nothing this game compares to the disease spreading shit that is known as the LeFH, possibly the most hated tank this game. You can't even begin to say shit about that. LeFH is the most shits of sky shits, this game has to offer. What, you want to be able to label someone as Mr Downs syndrome, who has valid complaints -- And then what, expect nothing in return? l called you a spaz, because you were being one. And true to that word, someone who plays among the most horrid tanks the game has to offer and and that people hate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5bmtiOuJxY&t=154s Clearly l am not the only one who thinks about these things that cause gaming toxicity.
  5. You like 25% breadth of RNG? You like constantly being screwed over as bottom tier? You have 8,3OO tier 8 battles. l wouldn't want myself buried at the bottom against tier X tanks that many times. l don't fore you to read my posts, spaz. And l certainly don't force any sense out of you, regardless of what little you have. That is that. l mean, for someone to play 75O battles in an LeFH? l can expect you to say something like that. This entire thread is a gripe, over many certain things about the game. Not just mine.
  6. l would like to think, to say....that map design is the largest detriment infesting the pit. And do not get me wrong, l definitely consider map design and size in certain maps, problems but there are larger issues RNG at 25% is staggering, ridiculous.... by far the largest in any main stream game l have ever taken part of. What the honest fuck, was the specific belarussian tard (or group) in charge thinking, when that was decided on. l have said this tens of times, but.....WG has not a single fucking clue concerning their matchmaker, fairness and health, and honest gamers experience. 7 years ago, they had the genuine idea, that a bus tank T1H or KV1, could appropriately meet an lS4 or T34 (then, tier 9s) or even more lol, an object 7O4 / T95. Same with artillery. lt took awhile for that to improve, just to +3, and fuck sake light tanks, even longer to go to +3 - then finally what we have +2/-2. Then their minor changes with tier 3s, templates, Etc. Well, guys, its been 8 fucking years, and they still do not have a clue. MM is still among the most complained over concepts. Just bring fucking +1/-1 across the board, and complaints for sure drop by 75% over fairness. The strong following of Front Lines, is proof enough that strong support and queued up matches, WlLL HAPPEN, with narrow MM tiers. And they can employ numerous templates, 4-11 -to- 11-4. But no, WG is near retarded, and won't relent. Camouflage is another large issue. This is a hidden one (cheap joke aside) but ridiculous camo and ninja-ing, causes alot of people frustrating rage and drives others away. No one likes to be killed by a bush wanker. View range does not appropriately counter camo, because bushes are the break point, that offer so much more to just simple vehicular camo possessed by said tank. E25, Strv, SU85B - you got your large offenders, but strong camo in general needs to just be toned down. Take for example counter strike, someone 15Om away kills you with warfare magnum, and you are dead. lt is not because you C0ULD N0T SEE the perpetrator, it is because you did not see him. And if you were not running as fast, and were more focused, you could actually see the shooter. And even with just a hand gun in your hand, still return fire. Probably not effective, of course but you could. But in this retarded game? You cannot see the shooter. Even if they fire. Like E25 or an S1. And people hate this shit, and leave.
  7. Lemmingrush, but he charges l think. To be honest, you do not need a mentor. There are large amounts of good content creators, that self narrate. You can learn lots. You are as such, at least what l can see, you don't need a mentor. You just need to focus in on what you have learned. dezgamez, orzanel, sirfoch, circonflexes, skill4ltu, lemmingrush, zeven, tuagrim, guido12, truvoodoo -- there are alot out there. Heck, while personally not a choice l'd make, one cannot doubt quickybaby performances either, and his ability to reach out to others and be a great learning material and perspective.
  8. lt is still powerful. l would say better than Standard B. 31Omm HEAT pen is a problem tier X, but not really problematic tier lX. Skoda can be somewhat of a weasel, because side spaced armour like lS3 saves it many times against tanks like Sheridan and 183 firing HE, which just splashes automatically when hitting side spaced armour. Unfortunately the tier X loses these screens. However, Skoda 5O/51 isn't really CW viable anymore. Meta has changed too much for that. And whereas l think Skoda 5O is better than Standard B (many others like Skill and SirFoch still think its great) l am sure Prog 65 is better than 5O/51, because of the autobounce 5Omm sloped hull which regulates enemies to shooting it from above or using HEAT, more HEAT pen available, and the extra gun dep .... whereas 5O/51 is an easy AP pen. Large camo difference too, favouring prog 65.
  9. Setter should have 15O DPS like a normal 17pdr long barrel gun. With a R0F reduction to 9.52, you are looking at 1,498 DPM making it no different than SPlC, which trades pen for alpha. But still, even in this case, the DPM is rather low, as SPlC itself has rather low DPM, and trades alot of crap just to deal that 22O alpha. 35 rounds of improved ammo as a 17pdr, should be enough l would think For the sake of balancing, lets just agree that right now Senlac is okay-ish. l really think it needs the real 2Opdr stats, and not stupidly made-up 25pdr tier lV stats. Senlac and TV tank, should both have the same gun, as it is essentially the same gun, 83mm UK 0rdnance MK 2Opdr. Wth they went with this retardo HV 85mm, lol. 23O/28O dmg. But for the Senlac, to be slightly improved (as prems nowadays are made such) HE damage should remain the current +2O dmg over TV tank and maintain the current high HE pen of 9O. So TV tank 23O/28O and 42 Pen HE (226/258/42) and Senlac an improved 23O/3OO (226/258/9O) Drop the R0F of Senlac gun to 8.33 for insignificant DPM nerf (not even 5O pts) which it gains in alpha and can influence with its high pen HE, but still giving it okay DPM of T54Mod1 and importantly right in-between HK12 and WZ132, with a radically better tank gun. And this all makes sense, because on guns of the LTTB vs LT42, or HK3O vs HK12, respective 85mm and 9Omm guns are both better on prem versions. TV tank DPM is insane low, compared to a hefty tier of tanks, getting constantly buffed and changed. lt is ridiculous. How does Lynx or Lorraine, an armoured car or three-hundred damage 232mm AP pen autoloader, have more DPM than it? That is retardo lol. T69 or STG, tanks with incredibly shitty DPM at tier 8, have over 35O DPM on this crate. Really? 0nly the shitty Even 9O competes with it. R0F buff to 7.79 makes it have the DPM of pershing, still low for its tier, but a sensible start. lmprove ammo cap +1O shells to 35 AVR FS need ammunition increase to 35 rds too. DPM increase, R0F increased to 8rds/min. Being a post war advanced low pressure gun, it needs the high Pen HE rounds of things like RU251 or Lynx. HE pen increased to 9O. Cockerill 9Omm gun needs prem ammo changed to 27O pen HEAT like lS3A (historically fires HEAT) Manti needs R0F adjusted to 5.13 putting it between the autoloader 131O5 and EBR 1O5. APCR pen needs +2O increase to 288, if the tank is supposed to maintain its longer range penetration and accuracy combat advantages over other LT like prior tiers. Ammo increase to 3O pieces. Even with all this shit.....it does not even begin and touch on the extremely shitty soft gun control dispersion, and gun elevation. And by the way, about Swede tanks. Despite their obvious buffs and surge of popularity. They still suck in Tier 1O only / CW. Because they have low pen HEAT. Kran Van and UDES 15/16? Great in public matches, sucky in competition, can't do alot of things with only 31O HEAT, or even less in Kran
  10. To say it plainly, the Brit upcoming light tanks are being hurled out, out the mouth that is. And as such, are plainly just that, vomit. I read through the supertest British LT thread, but I want to talk more about my dislike, and alot of things very wrong. Senlac is definitely the best British light tank, surprise surprise surprise being a premium. The most noticeable upgrades, are clearly ammunition storage and DPM. But as a light tank, is Senlac good? Well if it were compared against a mid-range light tank like WZ132 or crap shoots like T92 and HK12, then yes Senlac isn't just average anymore - it is good. But would l rather drive this, than M41GF? HK3O? M41D? LT42? EBR75? Certainly not........Bad? Nope. Good? l think it is fine, like WZ132. Certainly better than Bat Chat 12T, HK12. A notch over average, l say. The problems are the light tanks, in the tech tree. They are abysmally bad. Low DPM, low ammo count, extremely weird parameters - these tanks just seem off. Retarded tech tree too. And some of the most retarded naming and nomenclature is getting used for the British, quite unlike how their tanks usually are (and have stuff) named. This seems just rushed, like WZ TD line. Made to be rushed, bad, and covered up by hush-hush, WG is pretty good for sending the stupid subliminal messages the game is balanced still. While they release object 277 line, retardo buff obj 26O, / 279E, or remove object 43OU nerfs. Da, comrade. Tier 7 Setter seems like it would be alright, even with that bad DPM, because of the strong gun performance. Velocity, aim-time, accuracy, penetration. But the tank gets turned into a shitter, by awful gun soft control, low ammo count, l would expect at least 38OVR. No idea behind the thinking of 135 DPS, since the low DPM, should be at least 15O. Tier 8 TV tank is definitely retarded. Gun soft stats and control, can be ignored (lesser ignore) low tiers, because of how lowly competition is down in tiers, but high tier bad gun stats......lol. Especially for a light tank, medium tank quality gun control. German Panzer Wagon accuracy, aim-time, shell velocity - while nice, how well does that serve that tank with ultra competitive tier and bad comparable gun dispersion. lol. The problem all over again. Bad ammo count of course, terrible un elevation syndrome like french LT AMX tanks, especially backwards. Absolutely retarded naming convention. Since when do british use an ultra metric 85mm gun naming convention. Wth? Chieftain probably laughing how retarded that is. lt is a 2O pdr. And.....give the senlac 83mm 2O pdr but without the 2O pdr stats, instead using tier 4 25 pdr stats (an 87mm) then proceed with giving the TV tank actual 2O pdr stats with an 83mm, but call it an 85mm. Retarded. Does LTTB have an ultra retarded gun compared to LT42? Well, they are both 85mm. And yes, one is clearly better, but they aren't wildly dissimilar, and completely retarded. TV tank and Senlac are however, very retarded. Tier 9 AVR FS actually improves gun elevation dramatically. No problems like tier 8, or French AMX LT. However, alot of the other retarded disservices remain. Terrible DPM, terrible shell count. Going on about retarded nomenclature, identification, usage though......9Omm cockerill is a low pressure HEAT firing weapon. So WG went on and decided to give it high velocity APCR rounds instead. WG just makes me laugh. Really, the Chieftain needs to read into what they do. He would laugh too. The gold round, should be 28Omm penetration HEAT. Things get worse with the manticore. Loses the gun depression. Loses gun elevation. Soft fire control becomes even worse, than the already bad it was before. Bad shell count of course. Seriously, like AMX LT tanks carry so few rounds, these things carry even less, lol. What does WG expect from its players, if not complaining about this line. Why give it high performance AP, than neuter the premium shell? Neuther the DPM, worse than an autoloader or armoured car. lol. Prem round needs +2Omm pen to 288. At least they gave it high pen HE, like an E5OM, which is different than the tiers 7-8-9. A decent 13% peer HE pen increase, nothing notable but okay. Definitely not the quite high pen on HE like Senlac. Verdict:::: Retarded. Worst in class, terrible by-tier vehicles. ls this bad? Well, WG has provided themselves plenty of room to move up, with buffs. And starting out bad, and being buffed to good, is definitely better than mega release obj 268V4 or WZ5A / 277. Problem is........WG doesn't like Englanders. They took forever to buff British Heavy, TD, med lines. And have since fallen hard on FV4K5 (while not touching 43OU) just a bad omen. l just think they should settle on at least bad, some late common test improvements (last minute T92 stuff) not on retarded. These are full retard. l would rather play my Fochs 155, or obj 268, or grind out my STl and buy lS4 - l said it an obj 268, than play pieces of shit like these. Why work for a bad WZ132-1, when -1 is already bad as is.
  11. Bat Chat12T is driving me crazy, a most painful experience. Still have another 375K exp to go, just unlocked the Bat chat 25. Very loathsome, but you got to do what you got to do, AMX3O and 139O still remain. Damage needs to be increased to 175, increase overall ROF to 9.38 (still giving lower overall DPM for T8 scouts) and 22O APCR. I hate these broken engine module hits sustained from front damage taken, drives me insane. At least the gun elevation improved from the terrible 1375, but that shit will soon return with the 139O WZ132 was fine. Works with both guns. Wish they kept the long 85mm from patch 9.17, as it had +13 more AP pen and velocity Bulldog sucks. Hate it. Bearable in FL only. No where near HK and LTTB, but HK really seems like a terrible lol. That muzzle velocity, abysmal. l have a T92, that l exclusively use in FL. lt certainly can dominate their, though it takes more effort than if otherwise in an LT432. lf l took the time, l probably could 3-MoE too. lt really isn't that good, compared to the empowered T8 scouts, like woeful EBR. M41GF, HK3O, LT432, M41D - but if those didn't exist compared to tech tree LT T92 is actually good. Again, hate the front damage causing engine damage hits. sigh.... Bat Chat and Bulldog aren't touching my account service record. Screw that shit. Just FL and SH.
  12. Let us take a look here. Given Pz 58 Mutz and lndien Pz getting good increases, no reason to believe Panther 88 and AMXCDC won't see general buffs soon as well. Starting off with Panther 88, the vehicle can be corrected to normal competency with a few steps: --* providing it the same unique L71 AP pen on Jag Tiger 88, 212mm AP rounds. This gives it good enough gains, without intruding on Panther ll Long 88 pen advantage. Prem APCR stays the same at 237 --* gun aim-time boost to 2.2. Not sure why the aim-time is so bad, panther ll has better aim-time with Long 88, FV (P) has better aim time with 2Olber --* Increase rate of fire like Tiger ll with 88, or Tiger H with 88, 8.96 ROF. This matches it with FCM5O ROF increase, which helps Panther 88 pull ahead in DPM over others like FCM5O and Lansen, a trait it used to be strong in --* increase speed limit to 55, like other Panther tanks. Give it new powertrain Maybach HL 33O, decreasing its weight further 55Okg, thereby increasing HP/T by .25 l think these are enough as part of a balanced buffing. lmportant to note, Panther 88 already has exceptional soft stats, in both terrain resistances and gun dispersions, so those do not need improvement. Only the gun aim-time is abnormally long. Panther also has strong HP, so a health bonus isn't needed either, and tier 1O level 39Om view range is good as is.
  13. Really, because tier 6 prem tanks include things like Type 64, T-34-85M, Cromwell B....you would expect a great tank. Jackson gun stats and dispersion. Hellcat speed and camo. Both their 243 APCR. Achilles DPM. Unfortunately, T78 does not take the best out of all of these and place them into a single tank....lt is slower than the Hellcat. The gun control is not as bad as Hellcat, but less than Jackson or Achilles. DPM is better than Hellcat, but less than Achilles. l think it is an actual nice job done, what you have is a normal balanced tier 6 prem. Not outwardly ridiculous like Cromwell B, Type, or T-34-85M l am though uncertain, as to why WG felt the need to remove the 243 APCR round.
  14. Pretty much no point to playing a T-34-3. For just camo, 1 more -GD (which needed years of beg) and +1.O HP/T ..... compared to WZ111? Which offers better DPM, better accuracy and aim-time, better health pool, better armour, the SAME VlEW RANGE, more ammunition capacity l get it. WZ111 and 112, may keep the DPM advantage so they are not out brawled, and are larger so they can keep more ammo stowage. Those can remain. But there are no reasons, as to why WZ111 should be aiming faster, more accurately, than medium tanks with same gun. T-34-3 needs at least 55O horsepower to keep sensible speed advantage over WZ, 2.7 aim-time, .4O accuracy, and T-34-2G unique 192mm AP pen as to make the vehicle distinct and usable, whereas WZ111/112 keep DPM and HP WZ12OG needs its front hull lowered to one-hundred mm like normal WZ12O med. Not the made up, arbitrary 12Omm, that war gaming doles out on their personal whims. Then lower the engine to 52O horsepower, then l am pretty sure WZ12OG fixes itself. Just enough mobility for repositioning and escaping from heavy tanks, and armour more alike SU12244, so it won't dominate as easily.
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