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  1. The differences between tier 9 Skoda and tier 8 prem T27 though, is obviously the DPM discrepancy. Skoda at tier 9, has no worse DPM than tanks like WZ, T54E1, T54 using pen gun, Cent7/1. Meaning it has worthwhile DPM. However, skoda T27 is on the quite low side, having worse DPM than tanks like T69 and AMX, which also them having not too good DPM either to begin with. How on earth does it even have less DPM than progetto or lorraine? With lorraine having greatly superior gun. Skoda needs fire rate brought up to 7.5~ range/minute
  2. Everyone knows it. ..Why was AMX65T the tech tree vehicle, when AMX 49 resembles more the line? AMX65T with any gun config could have been a new prem, with better terrain resistance and gun disp. Does WG know itself, how many people would applaud this change? ..Skoda T27 resembles the line, so much more than VTU. I mean they made that choice tier 6, with Skoda T25 being the tech tree tank. Wth is with the choice tier 8? Tier 7 T34 can remain because of its strong presence as an export. ..MT25 and LTTB should have been the prem tanks. LT432 and the anniversary T Fifty should be in the tech tree. They fit the line way more, with LT432 being a typical pancake RU LT like STG, T54 LT, T-Hundo LT. Though make the T54 LT the tier 8 like how it was before, and LT432 the tier 9. ..Type 62 could have been given old WZ132 172mm competitive 85mm gun, and moved to Tier 8 prem tank with balancing, while M41D is given performance like non autoloader bulldog and moved to tier 7 prem. Being closer to a Type 64. Type 62 is a prem that plays more like line, and needs to be the high tier prem. ..Like Dickermax, Sturer should be a tier 7 prem. Steyr should have been made the new tier 7 turret tech tree TD. I am willing to skip progetto and HK12, just because of the the split tech trees. The similarity to SPIC, compared to new HWK prem. But because of HWK prem being so similar to RU251 and panzer wagon, decision could be made both ways. Again, progetto resembles Standard B and Progetto, yet Pantera resembles both P43s so either way the decision works. A medium tank variant of the AMX13 should have been included tier 8, that gets unlocked from 1375, such as the AMX13/FL15 that goes into Bat Chat 25. Instead of the overwhelming pressure on Bat Chat 12T, needing a whopping 585K exp to unlock all the tier 9s (not including researching modules, just the vehicles) on a pretty bad tier 8 itself. This is a huge sink in the game. ..
  3. Now STA1, that tank? You can bet on that one. Large gain in DPM and mobility. Awesome buffs.
  4. He doesn't know the concept of speech. Someone from Calgary, speaks different than someone from London. You, l guess you would talk like uberdice? I have had clan mates before from that area, absd or puredynamic, they talk like how l imagine you would. Which is different than how I do it. But its still all english. I don't wear out welcomes. Milk_Noot enjoyed having me around, and to this day still offers me a spot back on Pingu roster. Cepita has always thought of me as inconsiderate and rash, but didn't doubt the message, what it takes to do well. SirVex enjoyed my conversations, and wanted me back in thugz a week after I dropped pingu tags. nano cyborg extended the offer. So whatever nonsense this guy has picked up from wonka or an extremely incompetent clan figure like player-thirty (and I mean it in many different ways) is most certainly wrong. If I had money to put down on people, like lozarus or midas, VS clowns like Toguild or magikarp, and player-thirty, what direction would you go? Ask that very question to people like Eural, or Yankee, or bananacannon, or bring back callmesarge from the dead and ask him. Does someone play his account? Well, reputable people in a long lasting 8 years gaming community, seem to suggest it. A community, such user used to be part of. His account also displays extremely odd numbers which suggest raising an eyebrow. But I do not deal in absolutes, and asked. And to him it struck a chord and he got enraged. Whatever. And the natural think to do, was to accuse me in return, sure naturally. Well, have l got an recent 279E with hundreds of battles and 3 mark and 4K+ DPG? Whereas l average half that in lS7? No, something is clearly amiss. Me, on the otherhand, have had recent exploits such as patton-59 and T95E2? PzlV schmulturm, AC4, amx12T, 1375, and T71.... - the kind of shit that logically people don't pay any stat padder with a brain in their head, whos paid to perform at a certain level, is going to do. Logic points my way. But nothing is true, no matter the lean or merit, unless seen with your own eyes (like that cheater from 11AD for ex)
  5. Who I don't talk to, and haven't spoken with in years..... Well, which is it? Have or had you had the chance to speak with them? Regardless if its been a long time, doesn't mean you should say something which denotes the opposite, as in you do not speak with these people. obviously, you don't know what you are saying, how to say it, and have poor vernacular grasp. Again, I said a conversation. A conversation, not all conversations. This doesn't happen all the time. Your name less than occasionally pops. Contrary to what your loathsome selfish self may believe, the world does not revolve around you. You are part of old Rel sub clans, so you had your history then, to which others know of, in this case a family member. Hey man, you'd be in Rel right now if your numbers were true. But no, not the case. Why? Because they believe different? Accent can mean so much. It can mean the difference between Texan or Albertan. A hipster from Seattle, portland, vancouver or Victoria - to a down to earth nova scotian. A bostonian, or someone from LA. You think accent only means if someone is Russian, and learned to speak english and does so differently? Again, you need some work with language. So, how you speak is described as a New English accent, say Boston or Albany. Whether or not that is true, that is from someone (some people, not just 1 recount) that you sound different in a TS. Your name was mentioned, I did not mention it. With this particular conversation. Where did you see I said that? I don't get chucked out of Wonka SH, because Toguild isn't a factor anymore. That just leaves shit like TIER6, oharu, BRU2L, and W--W to which I am not missing any shit anyway. Because I don't play vilin SH? Why would someone subject themselves to the insantiy and incompetence of player3. If I wanted to listen to a fruitcake, I would cut open a kiwi and listen to the bubbling noise it makes. Tastrypastry, ringzero left for a reason, vilins best SH corps. brown bomber doesn't host many as I'd like. and I that is fucking that. You are full of crap. I don't Adv, because it is stressful and takes money not makes it. I SH as much as l can, just yesterday I sat in Bananacannons mahou SH for 3.5 straight hours. Again, full of crap. You are even stupider than I tell people you are. Didn't even touch on your account. Wonder why. Perhaps because you pay people to do it, to win you your 279E then play it. How much was the deal? When you going back to dealing 1.9K dmg in a ten?
  6. It is a pet peeve of mine, but I am sure it irritates loads of people. Tankers complain SPG ammo or vehicles like Type 4/5, Sheridan/T49 deal too much damage with HE splash effects. with the other side, SPG complain that their ammo strikes super heavy tanks and deal zero dmg crits, only stunning the target. We have this show cased in 2 pictures, both sides of the coin. What we need is a balance in-between, making HE perform more predictably, less lethally, but still felt rather than blocked. I also included a portrait of WG current HE mechanic formula in use. Nothing is done here at all. Much to the gripe of the SPG. Too much dmg in my opinion is done here, for IS6 casually and lazily lobbing HE at close range, when it instead can easily aim at the HTC boob and deal nearly four hundred damage with AP at such brawling range. Alas, it uses a crutch in that it doesn't aim and snaps a shot, for half damage at two hundred. Here is the forumula. Reduce the immediate *halving* of the HE shell damage, from .5 to a new lower number, like .35 Then with the other segment of the argument, introduce HE minimum damage on direct hits, to ten percent. So that SU-14-1 isn't dealing zero damage, with an entire seven hundred dmg HE shell totally getting blocked directly hitting the enemy. Make it do seventy, I see no problem with the compromise. Something like this can be used, a normal explosion epicenter, to deal with non impacting splash damage hits. Hitting the target itself min ten percent value, near center mass reduces it to 5%, outlying areas reduce it to 2% rounding up always. With this all in mind, we have A) HE doing less damage which infuriates people and is a crutch. B) HE not doing zero dmg, which promotes super heavy or +2 tier bullying, or failing to exploit purposeful mechanics like killing a low health tank or resetting cap.
  7. So do I get to call oicraftian a 3rd useless tit here and not have to worry about cops? or that breathing blood clot that joined vilin when everyone instead mass left it?
  8. That hurts. I read your giant wall of text. Every word. But I am all for back on topic. --Make RNG 6-8%, basically 1/4 to 1/3 of what it is now. More skill is shown, less randomness. --MM spread to +1/-1 tier. People will love the game alot more especially new players. It is fairer for everyone. --Since WG has placed options and settings, to opt out of maps of your choosing and to remove encounter/assault, they really should add the option to opt out of SPGs in matches. People can play their SPGs by not checking this so called select box, SPGs certainly remain and no one loses their work. Make SPG limits per team to 1 vehicle only. --2 light tank limit per side. I was watching a skill4ltu battle on empires border, and he was mentioning how poisonous a flood of light tanks can be for teams and games. Light tanks have very broken properties of being insanely small so they can use very small bushes and still hide, having insane camo and keeping while moving, and they have very comfortable soft statistics such as terrain resists and dispersion. This results in their out-of-world acceleration and them being responsible for alot of the snap shots. Limit tank destroyers to 2 as well, although I don't think they are as problematic as LT or SPG. Just to be fair, limiting all the support classes so they don't stagnate games. --Reduce max crew skills available in tiers 1-2-3-4 to 3 crew skills only these low tiers. Quickybaby touched on this, this effectively removes alot of low tier bullying and preying on new players. Re-vamp and add learning materials to WG tanks tutorials. Someone with 15K battles in PzB2 or T127 or Pz1C with 7 crew skills should not be allowed to be predatory in these low tiers where new gamers probably have an eighty percent crew only. --Tone down camo. Camo is an important part of the game, I understand. But tanks like E25, or Strv, certain LT have too much and make games stale. --Better map design to promote fluidity and battling for forward positions, not sitting back in op perches near spawn and camping. For example sand river, El Halleuf, Ghost town, Studzianka, Fishermans Bay, Glacier. --make weak spots a thing again. Tanks like Badger, Maus, Types, obj 268 V 4, TE3 have too much frontal protection, some even have too much side protection. Super Conq commanders cupola was made auto bounce angle, instead of how conqueror or FV21B cupola are actual weak spots. IS6 and T3485M have drivers hatches, with more armour than hull. This just frustrates people, as they take the time to aim at what should be a weakness. It exists even low tier, tanks like oi, oho, AT8, 252, Liberte, TS5 just have too much armour. --Tank balancing. Who was the one who thought making T3485M the way it is now, would be a good idea? It has the armour of T43, but more DPM, a tier lower. or making Defender go-to *weak* front plate, the strength of T54 or Tiger ll upper hull? Tanks like Type 64, Type 62, AMX 1357, LT432, M41GF, 252, Caern AX throw balance out of whack. CW obj med, mission reward obj hvy, CW Chieftain are too powerful too fast, replacing WZ5A-277-IS7. There are tonnes of these vehicles. What about the old tanks waiting for love, like T25/2 or T-34-2? lS4 or E-Hundo? --WG being so disorganized since P1.- They brought back tournaments, which is nice, but someone like Scorpiany would tell you how disorganized they are run. How many errors there are, people losing out. HD model that still don't render tanks more realistic, like leaving out super pershing cupola, or obj 263 cupola, Etc. Get your shit together? --team design. Putting an EBR and T- LT on one team and the other team gets Manti and panzer wagon? Nice. one team gets IS4, E-Hundo, Type 5 on Malin or Prokh, the other team gets IS7, 113, Kran van. Nice. RU meds VS AMX and Cent AX.....I guess this is difficult to balance, but jesus it is frustrating to see. --toning down high explosives as to remove it from being a crutch. But buffing min dmg HE, as to make it still relevant for clutch applications. For instance the damage taken from splashes and nonpen HE hits needs to be reduced, HE formula currently uses .5 dmg penalty immediately then other modifiers come into play. This number needs to be changed to .33 or .4 in the formula. Likewise, min dmg rolls on direct hits need to be put into place, like say five to ten percent. Bat Chat SPG hitting Maus or Type for zero dmg? Happens very often. Would it really be that bad, if a two tier lower 59-16 dealt 16 dmg to oho or 252 with an HE shell, and importantly reset cap or killed it when the super heavy had 8HP left..... instead of having it blocked for zero? Back on track concerning my gripes with the game. Discuss.
  9. Well, considering I have been with friends with reignman for 5 years now, something like that? It wasn't even me who said it. A family member has been part of Rel main for a long time. I was discussing scoobysnacks joining vilin with him, while my app was rejected. And I joined Pingu soon after, never looked back, loved the place. Your name came up, and I said congrats, his (your) recents are awesome, he is really improving. And then right after, its ''' yeah....there is word that someone is playing his account''' And we are talking about conversations with people like quantum, eraser, midas. Not with me, but I hear of it, you have always turned up in conversation, your unique accent, why you couldn't cut it for Rel main, how you would rage there and leave TS, why Loz didn't drag you in. Whatever. Half of wonka picked up the terrible habit, I'd say you are no different. People joke about these things, in pingu it was all the time, '''oh such and such, someone is playing their account''' You are an actual case where its serious, where people otherwise believe it. Take it how you want. And you are welcome to look at my tier X, I don't see anything wrong with them. Seems sort of odd, that you insult my account by saying I play tier 5s and suck, and then insult me in that I pay someone to play my account? That doesn't even make sense. That is a living oxymoron of an argument a stupid one at that, do you even think of what you type? You are welcome to post a theory. My account is inert except for stronks and FL, its been dead since my rotating 14/7 personal business. Had to step down from Pingus roster, couldn't even compete in FireTrail. My last 8 months consist of....AMX1375 and T71, the only progress I have actually done. I can't have someone play my account, if no one plays the account in the first place. You make no sense. Lets go back a year, where I have played SU-Y, dickermax, AC4, Pz lV Schm - on top of shitty LT like AMX12T, T71, 1375....who the fuck would even want to play the account in the first place. You are so full of it.
  10. When did I say that? or are you just making shit up. Did I say a WZ113G is better than TE3? Well did I? WZ TD is new tech. Did I say a manticore is better than AMX or T- LT? Manticore is also new tech. Which foot are you putting in your mouth, left or the right. If you are talking about nonsense IRL , no one cares about that shit, this is a video game. Which besides, all the 'new tech' that is destroying Russian old tech tends to be old too, like M47-48, Cents. You have no clue what you are talking about. Instead of always avoiding the issue again and again, just explain: oh good another WGNA "Russian bias" conspiracy theory. Add in some shitty Greek show quote, the argument that "current year" is the justification for your moral contention on the fabricated issue. Followed by WG's 'balancing history' on a few tanks, some of which were actually mediocre. Please, do you think WG could get away with releasing the T- LT to be as shitty as Manticore or panzer wagon? obj 75A, seems kind of dull, but no where near as shitty as PzK Vll. You have lS4 or obj 268, which I agree are pretty shitty, but any more shittier than jag pz or E-Hundo? IS4 and 268 can at least move. I am not pro west. The argument, and many more agree, that WG is pro Russian. And they are. Don't argue with me. Go argue with the people that think the same including Skill4ltu, Circon, orzanel, sirfoch, anfield. are you going to call them retarded too? Just own, and admit that you are wrong. How come western med tanks in the game can't be as popular and versatile as CW obj meds and T62A? Why isn't or hasn't 121 been made like obj U- ? How come sheridan, AMX, panzer wagon, WZ weren't made good like T- LT? Why do Soviets have so much fast, versatile heavy tanks like mission reward obj, 277, post-buffed IS7? Was buffing Kran van supposed to change that? of course not because they left it with puny three-hundred HEAT only. The easiest, most forgiving, most versatile tanks in this game, are Russian. This is world of tanks, and the basis of the forum is Wot. Not the events (and messed up wrecks) from Gulf or Yom Kippur or Vietnam.
  11. PS Who do you pay, to play your account? Its information I got, from Relic, from not one but many people. Couldn't hack it to get into Rel main after they banded together again, went to Wonka. Saw that half the people their pay people to play their account, and decided to do it as well. And still do. I forgot, we were just talking about posting. -Says Type 5 was nerfed to oblivion, and it still performs very well in random pubs, perhaps even better. Is that post short enough for you?
  12. oi, Type 4 and 5, were recently nerfed, but no where near into uselessness. The type 5 nerf put it on the sidelines for CW for sure, that is probably why a tonne of orange, yellow, and green clan-base are complaining so much, because their dominant tank comp is gone. Figures. In ranked battles, it sucks too because all tier X environment where it does laughable splash dmg to peer superheavy tanks. But on the other hand, with +2/-2 MM still a thing, Type 4 and 5 completely shits on lower tiers now with 192 pen HESH. So it does not need to splash tanks like panther ll or Pershing for six hundred dmg anymore, it outright penetrates them for nine hundred. Adding to that, it got notable gun control stats tacked on to it, and it is now slightly quicker. oi nerfs of twenty HE damage was laughable, the tank is still a menace, it still one-shots many tier 6 & 7, and still annoys most tier 8. FV4K5 was hit fairly hard in the same patch of nerfs, but unlike Type 5, didn't gain any compromises. Which is incredibly retarded, as FV4K5 is tremendously more difficult to play than Type 5. The problem were the one-shots and high dupe shot HE dmg. By looking how they nerfed Type, Wth was with the nerfs for 4K5? Makes no damn sense, they removed the HE menace on Type, but then.....decided to leave it on 4K5 but rape the actual characteristics of the tank itself? WG is fucking lol sometimes. So you have a DPM of 2,398 (AP) and fire rate of 2, with dmg of 1.15/1.75K. All they needed to do, was lower alpha to 1.1/1.45K and increase fire rate to 2.1, and the AP DPM stays the same. Remove the retarded HESH shell and give it high pen APCR like TDs such as jag tiger and TE3/4. So you have same AP, 395 pen APCR, and perhaps 152 pen high pen HE shell like Badger or Chieftain. AP / APCR become the normal ammo type people end up using, as 152 won't be able to penetrate too much of tier X, and shitters that still don't know how to aim (or don't want to) can still splash things randomly, although with weaker HE rounds. in all honesty, they can also fully restore Grille to its former self too. With all the fast heavy tanks, buffed lS7, buffed obj missions tank, EBRs - grille isn't really all too hot in the metagame.
  13. Thing is, it has very low DPM. It does not matter if the thing has a clip, because still it is very low DPM. Lorraine has very low DPM, but hits for over twelve-hundred continuous damage, as well as having nearly tier 9 gun performance. And good alpha parameter for tier 8 med, so we can excuse the DPM. But Czech T-27 has 25% less alpha, and nearly half the burst volume, on a gun most assuredly not tier 9 performance, maybe not even tier 8 performance. Progetto has very long climbing inter-shot timer because of the auto-reloading nature, but still can retain the flexibility of not being helpless in clipouts. In addition, progetto can also mount a gun rammer, which lowers those times dramatically, vs T-27 which cannot. The flip side? Well Skoda has some front armour that can bounce some tier 6, and it has enough to block most HE attacks. Lorraine and progetto have less. Mobility I would say is fine, its better HP/T is offset by others having more top speed and better terrain crossing stats. I just think they made it fire too slowly. It has the DPM of a Bat Chat 12T, it is very low. No outstanding characteristics, of say something like lorraine, which also has low DPM but can otherwise standout with striking parameters for its class by tier. Compared to auto loading tanks like T69 (which is bad) and AMX-Hundo.....you can clearly see T-27 just has bad DPM and even less burst potential. I think Skoda can use a fire rate buff, to at least 7shots/min. Is this thing better than VTU? By miles. That isn't even something to think over. I also think T-27 should have been the tech tree vehicle, and VTU the prem like tier 6 Skoda. 53TP should have been the prem, and prototyp the tech tree vehicle. M4 49 should have the tech tree spot, AMX65T should be the prem. Steyr should have been made the new tech tree vehicle tier Vll, and Sturer been made a prem tank like dickermax. LT432 should be the tech tree tank, and LTTB the prem. The only exception I would have to disagree with is progetto, yes the progetto certainly mimics the standard B and progetto a whole deal more than pantera, but......pantera does in fact resemble the P43 and P43 ter a whole lot more than progetto
  14. The problem is....chinese TD line although lackluster and pointless, aren't useless as squat. They don't have severe ammo shortages. They aren't gimped as TD unfairly. They were not promised high damage, then given the same generic damages instead. For all instensive comparable purposes, Chiinese TD are a mix between obj 268 and TE3. Slower but more armour than 268, faster but less armour than TE3. An annoying mix in-between, but horribly put off by no gun depression and weird shell velocity (like old 268, lol) But other than that, alpha are normal, DPM normal, HP normal, ammo capacity normal, Etc. They are just lackluster, especially consider prem WZ tier 8 TD The problem with the Brit LT, are they are horrible. They just plainly excruciatingly suck. They aren't lackluster, they are woefully inadequate and completely poor performers. Worse yet, WG false advertised them into very capable high camo scouts with great alpha. When their camo ins't anything special considering their modest view range, and their alpha is actually the same. All they have are penetration, and the penetration for some reason drops off with premium ammo with the tiers nine/ten.
  15. Refute what? How footage of troops in Baghdad always feature themselves moving past burnt out remains of T55, T72, BRDM? https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/t-54-assess.htm Go on supporting that junk you call tanks, the same junk that becomes charred carbon in every major conflict since WWll No different in the air too. Western technology billed greater air-win/loss ratios. Funny thing, in Korea there were even Soviet pilots. Still got shot down.
  16. How come when I say something like this, and yes I say the same stuff as this all the time, everyone erupts into argument. Really have no clue as to why. The message is the same. Tanks like T3485M, obj 252, 268 V 4 are clearly bad tanks for the game. The entire Japanese heavy line too. Even Type 4/5 splashing stuff for two-hundred nowadays, I still hate the vehicle because of the simplicity. I am willing to set aside powerful tanks like SU13PM, Skorp G, progetto and lorraine, Crom B, Type 64 because of their significant flaws they otherwise have despite their potential -- forcing the users to thoroughly understand the game or be punished for it. Same thing goes with tanks like 'oi' AKA the differences between dominating in a forgiving light tank like LT432, vs doing it in M41GF. Why was the 'oi' nerfed, but KV2 remain untouched? But in all seriousness, the nerfs weren't much at all and the japanese juggernaut is still a big problem tier 6. M44 & SU8 with their ridiculous DPM for SPGs left alone too, but they nerf GW Pan? Take for example T62A, a modest tank out of meta. The only reason T62A is out of meta, is because object med tanks exist better than it. Remove them, and all of a sudden T62A becomes the new med meta, which is still way better and more versatile than other nations meds. Same goes for 113, another modest tank out of meta. Remove WZ5A / 277 / missions reward object or CW FV421....and all of a sudden 113 is legitimate again.
  17. You are full of myths and Russian Bias. T54/55 had simple one-hundred mm glacis armour, effectively one-eighty vs kinetic energy projectiles. Good enough for most ninety mm ammunition, but inadequate against larger post-war bore. The turret increased that to two hundred-ten. It was not until eighties, where T55AM upgrades increased protection levels, with glacis to up to four hundred mm and turret to four-fifty vs HEAT, with resilience vs kinetic pen slightly less. So, by the French already had FL F2 ninety mm ammunition that could penetrate three-hundred+ and by 1961 Britain was already manufacturing APDS ammunition that could reach two-seventy. Meaning they could hard-kill T54 nearly 2km ranges. By '73, L7 in Kippur skirmish, already showing it can knock out fielded armour at the time, using German ammunition (L52) that could do three-hundred. US copied the round as M728. By eighties though? French projectiles used by AMX RC, could deal four hundred+ and did so, destroying vehicles in action first Gulf. So called T55AM was in first Gulf, as part of Iraq modern fleet (thats funny) didn't seem to be much of a problem. Today? B1 Centauro and Stryker FSV, and Stingray LT, can fire projectiles up to six-fifty using APFSDS, or six-ten using HEAT, enough to challenge older T-72 and Type 69. This performance, dramatically exceeds any known D series one-hundred or T62 115mm ammunition developments. So much for your immunity. Keep making tanks there brother, that go to the middle east and become smoldering scrap. How is that immunity working out for you. Use these machines, like M84A4, M84D, M91 to commit atrocities in Balkans, but then as soon as USA and allies show up hide them in underground garages. Why? Because they would turn them into burning scrap too. Whether or not you are russian is irrelevant. lol You must be a comedian. Keep on producing those T72mB3, see how that goes. For every T series eighty or ninety or Armata, 18 T72mB3 get made too. Awesome fourty year old tank fleet, with 1 modern tank being the platoon commander. But don't worry, we will change the standard gearbox and suspension, to automatic and electric now, and put overtop ERA and claim the tank is new.
  18. TR 85 MBT, uses an one-hundred mm weapon with modernized performance. And that outside of Russia. Claimed performance is around four-fifty mm penetration with modern APDS rounds. Well superior to anything D54 musters. So obviously, you haven't a clue. Actual lS3 tanks, not cheap exports, were used in warfare, and the only problem encoutnered were that they were difficult tp penetrate with ninety mm weapons. Not that they had terrifying fire control, or 122mm gun was really scary, or they were overly mobile. Nadda. Just the armour was troublesome. How about this, when western technology start getting obliterated by one-hundred, 115, 125 weapons, not ATGM fired by infantry, across the planet, then start sharing your very objective opinions. Your very objective opinions, that see china, ukraine, poland, czech repbl, lndia Etc all venture forward to changes for Western tank armament, not Russian. Because it is second rate. Russian weapon mean error in accuracy, has always been suspect. Always. Even to this day, Sprut 125mm tanks guns are only expected to hit 1x1m square at 1.8km distance. Sure their ATGM solves this, but ATGM require a very competent battle management system and fire control, which again they lack in most tanks. (T72mB3) lf every tank they fielded were like T eight / ninety or T14, with commander having access to 3rd gen panoramic sights and a sensible fire control, where the commander didn't need information from a smart phone, okay sensible. But not the case. Allied one-twenty, push the envelope of accurate ranged fire hitting 1x1m square at 2.5km easy. They were striking targets in gulf wars even beyond that. Soviet tank gun technology just relies on ATGM, which probably why they push that development. How much M series tanks does USA operate in active service? Like M 48 or sixty in late A3 config? None? Maybe some engineering demo vehicles with HEP howitzers. National guard, maybe. Why? Because a tank should be modern, where 1 can do the work of 4, think efficiency. Gone are the days of mass assault. American tank fleet are undergoing mass conversions, where even old M1A1 can go through extensive SEP and TUSK improvement, and be converted to M1A2 Sep 2 or 3. But with Russia? They still believe in the nonsense, lets develop Armata, build one-fifty of them, and augment them with thousands of T72mB3 from the seventies and eighties. And cover them with modern ERA so they at least appear modern. Right. l have no problem with an increase in Soviet tank damage for their guns. Two-thirty used to be the D series gun damage, which was low and buffed to two-fifty. l still think it is low, and can see a damage buff to two-eighty like 32pdr or three-hundred, like KV5 ZiS or Lorraines one-hundred. No problem at all. l would have no problem if they increased 416, T54, and T62A / obj damage to three-thirty like oho gun. Even three-sixty like Udes, progetto, or STB1 seems sensible. But all of them needed accuracy nerfs, and moving gun disp. nerfs. They need to have accuracy like A44, or obj 4 U- series med. That is typical Soviet accuracy. Like obj 268 V 4, lS7, obj 75A And leopard, AMX, Cent, STB1 need current obj gun disp stats. Like .8/.8 on top of their in-game listed accuracy. So their accuracy actually means something. Like the grille, what kind of accuracy can it hope to achieve, with dupe-gun SPG level .25/.29 dis stats. Wth is that. How about they give SU13PM that kind of crap. You are obviously pro Russian, and you seem to mistake that l am not pro West. I am not. l want a balanced game. Where l can play Japan, Sweden, England, French, Russian, China and feel balanced and content. This is the year '19, I am not a bigot of a person. And neither should WGs dev team be that way either. I know what you are doing, but this has almost no relevance to what you were talking about due to the variables involved. This is very funny. l laughed when you said this. Just brush the topic aside. Sure thing. The elephant in the room? Just ignore it, and it isn't there. Why is why the obj 268 V 4 stayed the same way, for 8 months? Why is why obj 4 U- series med tank nerfs were called back. You people all think the same. You do not need to confirm or deny anything. l know. People like you, are why WG thinks 252 is fine. or some retarded staffer in an live event, can say Skoda VTU can out play an object 252 How about this, lets make an extremely mobile high HP/T vehicle like FCM and AMX CDC. Then slaughter this supposed mobility, with imbecilic terrible terrain resistances which make you seem like you are driving through mud all the time. How about this, lets give RU meds, RU LT tanks, those terrain resists too. How about that. or is that still too '''''' I know what you are doing, but this has almost no relevance to what you were talking about due to the variables involved. Soviet tanks are the most flexible, are the easiest and most forgiving to play, outside of SPG class. usually never get shafted by having terrible soft stats, Etc. Make Soviet super heavy tanks, like obj 268 V 4 or obj 75A, that combine the modest speed and mobility of tanks like TE5, AMX54, Etc. How is that fair? A super heavy is supposed to be like Type 5, or Maus, or Jag Pz. Not have fourty km/hr and 15/HPT (or more) The list goes on. outside of FV421 CW reward, Super Conq, Conq GC, Bat Chat or Chinese WZ1115A (which mimics soviet tanks and has their adv) what actual competitive tanks are there? Strv and TE3, which are situational as fuck. And may l remind you, Brits had to deal with FV215B before getting their beloved super conq. lnstead of deflecting the remark, can you actually give replies about why the game isn't pro-Rusky?
  19. I have been told before though not here, but I do not remember the response. What exactly is happening between the information tanks gg receives, and the models they display? Is there some squabbling, disconnect? I wish to see armour layouts of tanks like Swede meds. Would hate to have to find and DL a tank inspector, and C_Menz does not publish as much nowadays Thanks,
  20. You know, its funny. M1A2 has a 79 degree front arc, but its only 52mm. Literally, the front hull of the tank, is 52mm thick. lRL overmatch or autobounce do not happen, modern munitions will literally wreck an M1A2 tank. The sides outside of frontal quarter, and at that using thirty degree arc, don't fare well at all either being able to be penetrated by autocannon like 35 & 57mm. A BMP-1 with a 73mm HEAT projectile from sixities, can penetrate the M1A2 even with TUSK, and likely kill driver and disable the tank, if not outright eliminating it. Future SEP4 plans, don't plan on improving it. But Russian T series, specifically a late gen ninety ms or T14, or Ukraine T84U? These tanks have front turret protection and front glacis hulls, with probably one-thousand mm effective rolled steel equivalent vs HEAT, and over eight hundred vs kinetic perpetrators, meaning ammunition like M829A1 & 2 won't work at standoff ranges. And the states are slow to improving that, or even thinking of accepting the newer L51 gun. There jsut isn't any need, any scare. This isn't about calling into question Western armour armoured protection. Because tank warfare isn't balanced by armour. lt is firepower and mobility. Sure armour helps, but firepower and mobility is what leads to lethality. And crew training. A MlG 31 pilot gets twenty to fourty air service hours every 6 months, F-22? two-hundred + This is laughable. And sure, a nationalistic russian can cry foul, in that both gulf wars the T-55 and T-72 tanks were dumbed down cheap exports, without russian exported ammunition and only local stuff, bla bla bla bla. ln 1996, why was Serbia afraid to release their M-84ABN tanks? At the time, they would have been upgraded and similar to M84A4, M84D, or M-95 Deg, which at the least make them direct counterparts and comparable to standard T72mB3. They hid them, instead. Because if not, they would have A) been bombed B) destroyed by loiterers with ATGW C) America takes notice and lands with ground forces and obliterates them with M1A1 tanks. Wouldn't change a thing.
  21. This isn't a tank simulator. That has been repeated since '11. lf you want one, then we are all going to be complaining about getting destroyed by apaches and warthogs, Hinds and frogfoots rather than tank barrels. f you want one, you need to look elsewhere. one-hundred mm tank gun, used to do twenty damage less even. And they buffed it up from that. Do l think it needs more damage, yes l do, they should make it like 32/pdr w/ two-eighty. But this isn't a tank simulator, and WG world of tanks balance has always been arbitrary. Allied tank design for a good thirty-five years totally forgo armour protection. Protection of M 47 and continued development was a joke, being vulnerable to even standard anti armour ammunition from post-war 85mm guns. Leo, AMX, Cent, lKv-91, Melara model fourty, Type 61 & 74 - the story doesn't get any better. These vehicles could be penetrated by a Soviet model 42 45mm anti-tank gun. and from the sides arc even vulnerable to 23mm autocannon. This is a joke. All western tank design were poorly protected tanks that featured mobility as a means of protection, or hiding the vehicle through defilade using gun depression, not physical armour. M 47- onwards, had some but only enough for late world war ll with the thinking 75mm guns are adequate and the norm. Conqueror and T-43, eventually being produced as an M series heavy tank, were very limited and dead ends. lS4 falling out of favour for T54/55, and then T62, it is quite clear only Soviets valued armoured protection until late seventies where sixty tonne MBT designs come to fruition. Because tank combat, like boxing, doesn't pay to get punched in the face, to depend on that. You need to be the one delivering the punches. So the whole argument of gun required to penetrate, means virtually nothing, when even half of the enemies they could expect could be penetrated by a 57mm anti-tank gun frontally, and the other half an 85mm could do it. There were so few Conq and T43 built, and were enver used aggressively, that they would never be encountered. one-hundred, 115, 122 were totally unnecessary. Mean error accuracy, ballistic computers, armed force cooperation and relaying - were all vastly superior in western philosophy. They went digital quicker too, by margin. l mean, T72MB3, the most common tank you would expect to encounter now in Russia, still does not have the commander have a proper smart battle system (like commanders have to use a smart phone instead) or 3rd generation C-TV tank panoramic sights. This is incredibly silly, especially considering the tank reached new contracts for continued manufacture in '16. The commander has to wrestle control of proper battle management sights from gunner, which is a terrible idea, or make use of simple forward lR from the seventies. ls the armour suspect? Well a little long in the tooth, but still T72MB3 is considerably well protected, having better protection than Challenger 1, Leclercs, early Leo 2. But what does protection matter, when your tank is continually hit until destroyed because it can't function properly. This is incredibly apart from WWll king tiger, with its firepower and accuracy, it did plenty of destroying itself, not just relying on armour. And here lies the problem, l don't doubt the physical performance of the D series one-hundred, it was quite high. D54 is still used worldwide to this day, with Romanians making modern APDS ammunition to penetrate nearly five-hundred rolled steel armour equivalent. l just doubt the means which it gets directed, aimed, and fired with the hopes of actually hitting something worthwhile. And Border Kanone, L7, M68 haven't had that problem Then there is air superiority. This doesn't speak good omens, with USAF having better air-to-air victory ratios in both Korea and Vietnam, which also featured Russia secretly sending russian airmen and aircraft to participate. And USAF still came out on top, by margin. And air superiority is crushingly demoralizing in echelon tank combat. Why do you think western countries haven't built fifty thousand tanks? There isn't a need. You seem Russian. or Ukrainian, or Belorussian. l do not hold that against you, but try not to let that skew how you see things. Before you call foul, my father was from Bulgaria, l know how the people think. But this is a video game, not Da Comrade. This game is unimaginatively pro-Russian, and it is not me who just believes that. Whether or not l decide to fill my mornings with watching the latest highlights from streamers across EU and NA, say from someone who takes the time to 3-mark tens...hundreds of different tanks, the common accepted notion is that the game unfairly caters to Soviet tech tree. And that yes, its subjective, but argumentatively sound. May l ask, why are you being a homo phobe? l mean, this was brought up before and not by me. l personally have no comment or slight, each and every person should allow to choose and act as they wish, so long as lawfully. Someones sex life, is up to them and them alone to decide. And for the record, thousands of people die due to aids. That isn't too fresh either, saying stuff like that. Do you have aids? Do you know what it feels like to suffer from immune deficiency, and slowly trot towards a shorter finish line? lf you do, then you know my point, if you don't stop saying that trash. give every tech tree, every nation, a vehicle like lS3A and defender. Buff every nation med tanks, like T54mod1 and T44, which includes no nerfs in the process. Make sure these med tanks match RU ones in armour values. They should ahve eighty mm side armour, not 35. and their camo levels, not camo like E-Fifty or M48 or Cent A X. Then give every nation a fast heavy tank like lS7 or missions rewards obj, then give every nation an equivalent to CW reward obj. Give every nation an obj 268 V 4 pre-nerf capable TD, fast with high camo, and great directional protection. Then take 8 months before nerfing them. Make the obj U series meds, like WZ and 121 meds, then see how popular they would be. By the way, l never said SU-13PM was better than skorp G, l said it had better traits Skorp G and other turret TDs don't seem to get. Why should the SU get them then? lt is a turreted TD too. Which means WG is purposely holding back on skorp G, charioteer, Grille, Hellcat, M78, Etc because they are suppsoed to get excellent gun handling stats like SU. or in skorp G and grille case, excellent camo
  22. As Assassin stated, lets looks at this with a level head. No insults or trashing. First, we are just going to ignore that bit about lRL, because world of tanks doesn't really fit that bill, and it never has. By the way, soviet D Series one-hundred may have had large case volume for propellant, yes. lt may have had a longer gun barrel for true rifling and velocity, sure. But it does not change the fact that they still used AP projectiles designed for BS3 during the war, the prototype and initial gun for early SU tank destroyers batches, basically outclassed AP and APC ammunition thoroughly dated. D-54 increased shell pressure maximums, so better ammunition development continued, but still at a slowed pace compared to England and Germany (still with APC projectiles until T-62 115mm project took priority) Where the British and German designs race ahead, is their superior propellants themselves. Sure Russian ammunition carried larger quantity of volume for propellant, but have you thought that maybe Western idea was to use more powerful and efficient propellant as to get away with using less. And that was the case, superior materials. Next, was superior designed ammunition. They hurdled ahead in APDS ammunition, quickly. And HEP or HESH ammunition was just as promising as HEAT ammunition throughout early Cold War years, even serving extremely effectively in general purpose use, as opposed to HEAT. Next, the radically better designed spacious turrets allowed for more effective fighting compartment using Western tanks, even if T54 and T62 turrets were much better protected, with their sloped armour, thick cast plates using harder and more tensile Soviet steel, and early cold war fused silica inserts, excellent early composite armour which would go un-matched for decades. But as far as tank combat goes, much like boxing, its better to deliver and score punches, than to keep taking them in the face. Again, western tanks raced ahead in fire control and ballistic computer research, achieving better ME shots continually at distance. But we really don't care about this stuff, do we. On 6/26/2019 at 5:59 AM, Assassin7 said: Yup, this stems from WG overbuffing armor 24/7. I would just like to mention that you also decided armor aids is the way to 'fix' STB-1 To recap, STB1 got a frontal turret armour increase. Nice, it helps. ln doing so, it also got a side turret armour decrease, drivers hatch armour decrease, lower front hull armour decrease. Tell me, are those nice, too? Like l am not trying to berate you, in your honest opinion, is it nice to lose armour? No, it isn't, those are called nerfs. When they buffed object / T54 / T44, did they decrease armour? No, they increased it. Tanks with already even prior substantially more armour than vehicles like STB1, AMX, and Leo. Again, with the first iteration planned nerfs towards obj U- the 9 & X, they were fiddling with nerfing the mobility, the dispersion.....but no armour nerfs. Which is what makes those tanks so problematic to begin with. Those obj are considered better 113, because of the armour basically match them or even being better. And where did this go? WG called the planned nerfs back almost immediately. On 6/28/2019 at 1:25 PM, Dirizon said: Can say that again. l don't play much anymore. The game just continues down a pro-russian sentiment, and by the Gods, l just cannot understand as to why. This is the 21st century, we are better than that. Take for example the lS7. And the overhaul buffs to Russian medium tank lines, where the T-44 & Hundo, T54Mod1 where buffed. Taking a closer look at the buffs, and you see detractions at all, no negative. Russian meds all gained turret armour (why exactly did they need buffs to begin with) and prem tanks T-44 Hundo and T54Mod1 gained huge buffs to view range, engine horsepower, gun soft stats. lS7 gained some health pool, got a gigantic engine upgrade, and lowered aim-time. oh good another WGNA "Russian bias" conspiracy theory. Add in some shitty Greek show quote, the argument that "current year" is the justification for your moral contention on the fabricated issue. Followed by WG's 'balancing history' on a few tanks, some of which were actually mediocre. As above, how long did it take WG to turn back and dial back obj 268 V 4? A long time, that is how long it took. Buffs to lS7, obj and T series meds, included no nerfs just flat out buffs. obj U- series med nerfs, re-called. Take a seeming bad tank destroyer like obj 268, even it was substantially buffed. But they are afraid to restore Fochs B or 155, or even Grille, to initial release parameters....why? Why do the Soviets get to have a fast, high camo, turret TD with great gun handling stats in the SU-PM missions reward, but other nations have to follow the trends of bad gun handling and less held camo in vehicles like charioteer, skorp G, Grille, FVs - standard turret TD? Don't you see the nonsense here? l do, and many others do too. But it makes sense, and this has been talked about many times by Sirfoch, QB, Skill - world of tanks has a played weight of 74% within RU. That number may have changed, l heard it from QB 7 mo. ago, but that is a huge number. 3/4 of the weighted souls playing this game, are RU server. So it makes sense from the game to cater to soviet vehicles....or you make an overwhelming pop majority unhappy, and possibly leave?
  23. l agree. But it seems to be more like Badger, than more like tortoise or AT15. lf that is the case, we need to see the exact armour layout before we see how it may or may not be. For instance Badger, prem ammunition does not really help against penetrating its superstructure, and more than likely you will still fail to pen hitting it with standard tier X tank HEAT shells or APCR from AMX & Super Conq. Again, the same what they did with TS5, hitting the tank body, is more or less proofed vs 265mm APCR, a standard hard hitting APCR round for tier 8s (AMX/lS3/252) The tank loses gun sweep characteristics from AT15 (\-25 | 25-/) but at twenty, it is still very good, and can allow the vehicle to play like a heavy tank in city maps where it can funnel enemies. For this, it is also substantially quicker than AT15, having a decent heavy tank power-to-weight of 13. But the top speed, again is horridly let down. Penetration is extremely loathsome. l agree. They did the same with polish heavy tanks. But those have turrets, they can afford peeking and aiming. l personally don't see the point of this, especially since WG just took the time to buff British 32pdr guns penetration
  24. TS5 has the redeeming quality of ammunition that will actually penetrate enemies.
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