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  1. I didn't even know you played. I just thought you were here to argue with me. And to say Russian tanks are good. Da
  2. Installed dreadful Wargaming Center, because I am forced to. Updated and logged on, and I see SU26 in my garage?  Wtf? 

    Anyone else get a free SU26 today? Just logged on all last weekend to smash FL, and am 99.95% sure it wasn't there. 

    1. Draco912


      im dreading having to use the WG crap center yet another thing taking hdd space for no reason and using cpu in the background


  3. So cruiser ll in Tier 3, has 3.7in howitzer, that it can promptly one shot even T127 even without HEAT. Not aiming, and it strips half health. That is why they removed T82 as a TD, did the same with an even more dangerous 1O5.....still in tier 3. T4O and Hetzer, do the exact same tier 4 - and I guess they are left alone because Tier 4 MM is terrible. KV 122 HE and HEAT pen weren't rebalanced really like 1O5 were, and still are ridiculously dangerous low tiers. And by tier 6, which is not balanced like tiers 4-5 and can actually seem -2 tier opponents, is ruthlessly devastating with tanks like oi and KV2. SU152 takes that up a notch, because it still sees -2 opponents, and has incredibly better accuracy / aim-time / dispersion.....while having more utilizable HEAT ammo too. I think a mjaor reason they removed T49 from tier 8 was a part of this reason. Which is a reason they probably also refuse to give KV4 the 152 dupe shot KV2 has, and oi - oni - oho specific nerfs recently. Not to mention Type 4-5. They didn't give Grille / 6OTP 1.1K HE shell damage either like TDs or old Types, keeping them instead like E-Hundo. And obj 268 V 4 and obj 7O5A were given even lower HE dmg, lower than KV2. WG sees this problem. HE is a menace. It takes absolutely no skill to employ, and counters tanks in perfect defensive emplacement for wholly unpredictable dmg. Not only that, it is very rewarding one time around, and not at all rewarding the next, throwing a wrench in consistency. This is terrible for game health. I agree with no-pen HE rounds. Arty should be the same way. HE should always be a splash. I liked at War Thunder to look at AMX Fochs briefly years ago, and say that 12Omm SA French gun does 3mm HE pen. --3mm--. World of tanks should exactly be like that, HE should be a desperation round to incur minimal dmg, but ALWAYS attributing that dmg. A terrible choice for DPM and primary usage, but a good round for penalizing stagnant play and bullying. And just remove the nonsense lower caliber HE like 37-57mm that realistically, wouldn't see use or have any use against armour plate anyway, as these are anti-fortification or personnel ammo. 57mm 6 pounder or ZiS-2 had two-hundred grams of HE content in HE ammunition, that is like a grenade. In comparison, an M3 Lee ubiquitous 75mm shell also used in Sherman had more than 3x that. Keep current HE damage parameters. Make penetration 2mm for up to 99mm bore, 4mm for up to 135mm, 6mm for up to 155mm, 8mm for up to 255mm. Change the mechanics behind HE, that non pen splashes (which all realistically will be) slash damage immediately by .3 factor not .5 Then have a zero dmg clause that steps in, allotting min dmg roll of 12.5-15% shell dmg, I looked at the numbers and these seem reasonable. Remove the inner module dmg tendencies HE has, because that is ridiculous. WG works well with their random clauses, why not add another. They have armour normalization in effect, 2x normalization effect, angle of ricochet incidence, angle of HEAT ricochet, 3x+ caliber overmatch, aim-time numeric background....Etc. You name it, so why not just add another? By the way, look at rate of fire nerf oho got, tier 8. They made it more in line with KV2s and T49 and Sheridan. Why? Because it was a problem. No different than coming down hard on Type 4 and 5. This shit is a problem, WG just secretly kept it in the closet all this time. And now they are coming out with it.
  4. Granted. I agree. But '''fun''' is a particularly subjective word. The problem exists, they are just shining too bright of a light on it. KV2 is fun. So is oi or SU152, delivering swift one-shots tiers 4-5 tanks respectively, even many tier 6-7. EBR are fun to play. FV4K5 one shots something, is particularly fun, most streamers I see burst aloud and smirk when they do it. Type 5 not aiming, dealing six hundred damage to a perfect side scrape VK45PB is funny, but the VK45PB having to aim back at it with APCR isn't fun. We need to keep in mind the subject issuing, and subject receiving. What is fun, getting what definitely isn't fun, judging what is fair and healthy. I believe they are trying to make things more competitive. By removing the walking sticks people lean on, in order for them to try to remain competitive. Arty, Type 5, FV, obj 268 V 4, Etc. Still don't know why no changes to MM or armoured cars
  5. I am not saying its reserved to Werk and excludes Normady, because the original FL map is bad too. But Werk, takes a whole lot of bad to the next level. This map was tested for months? Who the fuck tested it, the map is terrible. Front lines would be a whole lot more acceptable, if it weren't for these terrible maps. Half the problems with light tanks (armoured cars) are because the maps are terrible swathes of open country and ridges, then you have the strikes, bombardment, and scumbag artillery, who wish to get major or general, but only deal 4K damage in the process because suck at everything else. Then there are the disease-carrier bunkers, which line the backfield and all the tunnel networks......holy fuck bananas, the map is awful. Does seem easier to rank though. You need lower consistent effort than Normandy, to get Major. Thats my experience, and what I see on scoreboards. Just don't play a heavy tank except maybe Emil 51, Patriot, FCM5O - something with speed. FL maps need to be composed in the images of Ruinberg, Ghost Town, Paris. Minsk. Large versions of them. Are these maps good? Well I don't know about that, but what I do know they offer every class freedom to contribute. They offer a fair playing field. Heavy tanks can do heavy things and brawl. Lights / meds / arty / TD can cover field. Just saying, tanks like Lorraine, LT432, Progetto, EBR75.....they would be a lot less overpowered, when they aren't placed into over powered maps to begin with.
  6. What is wrong with HE, pretty much is the same reason what was wrong with it ages ago prior to 7.2 changes, or whatever patch 7.--xx it was. War gaming is notorious for not fixing problems, delaying fixing problems, or wholly adding whole new ones altogether. When the game was released in '11-12, a tier 6 KV1S could deal two-hundred+ HP of damage to an IS7 or Maus, simply using 465 dmg HE that costs mere six-hundred credits. Didn't have to aim, could even shoot at tracks for it. While this same dmg could potentially be done to IS7 today, from an HE hit with 12O-122 guns, it is highly highly highly unlikely. Actually, less than fifty is very likely. So with all the high tiers getting annoyed by dumb trades easily accomplished VS lower tiers, all the players screaming foul, '''HE is a crutch''' and all - WG took actual with their new armour models and HE effects. So what happened, was HE dmg was reduced. Don't get me wrong, many actual listed damages on shell types were increased, such as 122 guns going from 465 to 53O. Patton and E5O going from 465 to 48O/51O respectively, Etc But their caused effect and damage reduction was clear, hitting heavy armour with HE in the face is/was typically no bueno. But the problem arises with consistency, WG hit the head of the nail right their with that word, they are just using wrong implementation to tackle it. Consistency. KV2 or oi or SU152 or Sheridan, can smack a tank like Brecher or oho for 35O dmg one shot, the next deal 25.....with the same 91O dmg ammo. I have seen Jag Pz shoot IS7 with 1.4K HE for over hundred, yet the next can even deal zero, yes I have seen zero enough. This isn't consistent, predictable, or healthy. It is ridiculous, a rolling slot machine with any number in the bank. FV4K5 can shoot front of T95 for 9 dmg, then Type 5 shoots side scrape E-Hundo for six hundred. It is as stupid as it sounds, as it is in play. Low calibers? Whats the problem there. Well, same thing. Hetzer can hit oi for zero, with a failed dmg roll HE hit, or then 15O the next time. The 7.--xx whatever patch killed any HE gun lower than 1O5mm I would say with non penetrations, unless you are shooting tier <4 tanks without any HP anyway. I have loads of T6 skirm battles, and tanks like oi and T15O will easily stop and deflect 85/9Omm HE attacks for completely zero. It is common. And when you do squeak through and deal dmg, its like 15 points. HE vs light skinned tanks won't be needed, as AP dmg increases replace them. Sandbox AP increases mimic HE advantage over former AP and HEAT/APCR, it does more damage, and way more reliably. Ever have RNG throw your HE round into enemy tracks despite you aiming N0T at the track? Won't matter for AP, whereas HE turns 48O dmg HESH into 175 dmg splash. We don't need high dmg rounds anymore, as AP will soon be them, what we need is a desperation round to prevent bullying. And that is what WG plans, althoguh their planned steps seem too severe. About what I said, lets change that to 15% minimum. A jag pz firing HE to deal minimum of 21O~ I think is fair, VS rather doing 1K with AP/HEAT, or if the dmg roll is higher which it may very likely be, it still isn't 1.4K x .5 modifier, its x .3 for new standards sake. Take a shitty light tank like T92, is T92 broken all of a sudden if it starts hitting hulldown IS7 for 28 dmg? Don't think so. And as I said, keep 7cm guns the min caliber, so we don't see this shit lower tiers. But what we are seeing now is way too severe on Sandbox, SU152 hitting targets for 6O-95 with 152mm cal? That means FV won't do much better, it will be doing less than two hundred. WG also wants to take the large step in removing one-shots, a great percent of them. Hitting tanks like KV2, oi, Hetzer, T4O - its a step. Although they can still use HEAT ammo and do it......they just have to pay 6x the cost for it. lol
  7. A few problems. So the first testing, while not technically doing zero damage, shooting HE from 1O5mm howitzer, and dealing 3, 8, 11 dmg to a super heavy, is no real improvement at all. Yes, you will reset cap, sure. But if the super heavy tank, like 0NI pictured here, has at least 2% HP, which is 35 health points, that is low health.....and there is a good chance you W0N'T be killing it. Which goes against what they want. Remember, this is only an 0NI.....replace that with Maus or Type 5 or T95. Judging how the next test, shows SU152, which has a whopping 152mm calibre HE projectile, dealing only 69 dmg to an IS? While this is a step in the right direction, I think it is excrutiangly severe. HE spam is getting stopped in its tracks, and thats good, but it literally will only accomplish one of the things WG has planned for it to do. 2% of Maus HP, is 64 health, and there is a good chance that 15cm HE projectile is not dealing 64 dmg to a Maus type target, then whats its purpose if it goes against what WG wants initially......? Tinkering with the HE formula is the best way to solve this. And removing HE penetration, thats good. Right now the HE slashed dmg factor on non pen is .5 --> this needs to be changed to a reduced number, like .25 or .33 or something. Add an arbitrary clause that minimum dmg applied on successful hits (not burst area splashes) sort of like min stun times, equals 5% damage dealt. Remove all lower caliber than 7cm HE, to remove these from lower caliber ineffectual guns which lets face it, wouldn't probably work against tanks anyway AKA 37, 45, 47, 57 calliber. So take the least damaging HE round in the game in this situation, that deals 156 dmg. It can either A) deal 156 x .5 (point of impact - point of weakness - radius - spall liner equipped or not) then deal its damage, and if less than 5% of shell base dmg, deal 5% regardless. 5% is only a guess-timate. They can tinker with numbers like 1O%, 15%, 2O%, 25% etc until they find something consistent and realistic.
  8. Quickybaby publicly tested Sandbox in a youtube video, and I have to say, the results are too severe. HE is really getting crapped on. Is this a good thing, probably. But it will make alot of people angry, generally the lazy people that like tanks like oi and KV2 or SU152, that don't require much aiming, or don't mind being low tier -2 either. For example, quickybaby tested M4 dupeshot Sherman, with howitzer firing HE. PZlV and British Sherman, Renault, Hetzer, T4O will do the exact same. He was doing expected dmg like 95-145 to peer tier 4-5 tanks. Didn't matter if it were a PZlV or an ELC. on the otherhand, he was dealing damaging shots like 3HP, 8, 11, 33, 52 VS 0NI heavy tank in the very next test. He then tries out the SU152 with 152mm howitzer, which fires out shells with the same damage of others like Sheridan and KV2 - astonishingly low dmg hits like 86, 91.....VS other tier 7 tanks. So things stand out here: 1) WG is clear they want HE to singularly do very certain things, such as reset cap, or finish off low health enemies 2) You are at distinct advantage if you spam HE, your DPM will be awful. 3) low caliber HE shells won't be doing zero dmg splashes and blocked dmg hits. Laughably, shooting a target for 3, 8, 11 dmg....TECHNICALLY isn't zero, and will still reset cap. And still WILL kill 2HP tank. 4) things like IS7 or Kran or Chieftain, showing only their turrets in complete hulldown, can still bounce 334mm HEAT from EHundo or Grille, but can be annoying for 1O~ odd damage from a T92 light tank or M41D, firing HE at it. lol Makes some sense, it removes bullying to a degree. Removing annoying inner module damage from HE splashes are good too. I just think they have to increase the current sandbox testing parameter to double efficiency. I think the HE penalties are a tad too severe.
  9. SU152 is the next best thing after KV2 When available, picking your target and shell-type could make all the difference. In a target rich environment, if you had tanks like RU251, AMX3O Proto, Leopard Proto -- sure all are easy pens. But RU251 you can pen with HE, even with comparatively small caliber size. But the amount of crits really isn't that major, to try kinky strategies. Playing the game normally, having 15 pens, for example on an STA1 isn't even 4K damage, and I am sure doing that enough times you will get those crits with just AP. I would recommend tanks like Caern (either one) STA1, Tiger H, LT432, FCM, E25, WZ111-1, TS5 why not try obj 263 with all HE? obj 263 can't really fire all that accurately, but HE doesn't need to be accurate just needs to hit. obj 263 has weirdly powerful HE damage and pen too. Too bad can't use Conway.
  10. I am not sure why. SU1OOY and T-1O3 have much higher HP/T and track traverse. KV3 should get those too. Not sure why the middle gun options don't have DPM advantages over the 122 either
  11. Which reminds me, I need to pay my rent. And utility bill.
  12. Diriz0n


    what are their correct in-game names? Though I cannot TK them, I'd sure like to push them out into enemy fire. Their wrecks then, more or less would be welcome hull down shields.
  13. Its been going on for awhile. More and more chinese and soviet machines, getting freebie gun depression upgrades. SahmLochart just posted wotNAforums the IS3-II and STI-II supertest. I guess I did not mention them directly, but the post is not solely about them, but this stupid new trend By Diriz0n, 19 hours ago ::with the twin barrel tanks coming out with very strong turret armour, and good gun depression, where does that leave old tanks like T11OE5:: ...This sort of hints to them, doesn't it? For 1) they can release normal, or even piss poor shit. Japanese heavy tanks first released weren't good, except tiers 5-6. Light tanks were balanced in annoying ways. Chinas WZ TD line is rather poor, FV4K5 was released real bad and took ages to get its buffs.....now its a barrel fire again. AMX54 is a tier 9 tank, lol. K91 line is mediocre. Kran was mediocre too, and what 1.5yrs to fix, and some say it sill isn't. Polish line is mediocre. ....so obviously WG is capable of making mediocre or shitty new content. In between 3-4, is typical 6monnths<-->2yr waiting time, as wargaming incompetently stews in whatever retarded group therapy they call balancing. Then generally that leads to really retarded decisions, that really don't make things balanced either, more of give people other things to complain about.
  14. Russian and Chinese tanks have always benefited from being well armoured and fast heavy tanks, and WG decisions recently giving them gun depression sucks. This initially started out as a thing unique to western tanks, not really well armoured, but with good turrets and the gun depression to use them. situational enough that they could seek higher ground and hold that ground against these Eastern tank designs. But that is all changing piece by piece, patch by patch, with the twin barrel tanks coming out with very strong turret armour, and good gun depression, where does that leave old tanks like T11OE5 113, WZ5A, K-91, obj 268 V 4, obj 263, Etc. Quite ridiculous, really. Late tier Chinese and Soviet tanks should be capped at -5 and -6 GD, because they have other benefits which western tanks don't get, that they basically -trade- for their gun depression advantage. Supposed advantage. IS4, ST-I, KV4, that shitty line can keep its gun depression because it actually needs all the help possible. A solution to this, would be to start 'easternizing' western tanks, as they have 'westernized' eastern tanks. Sort of like Super conqueror and FV421 Chieftain. Super conqueror side armour was greatly increased compared to FV215B and T11OE5, and Chieftain has decent side armour as well as being a fast heavy, quite a bit faster than something like AMX54 or T11OE5 - able to keep up with tanks like IS7, 113, WZ5A. - increase western tank side armours to chinese and RU levels. Leo, STB1, AMX3O, Cent A X, FV215B, T57, AMX54, T11OE3/4/5, Kran - western tanks should also be provided with side running gear plate like on Centurions, thickened to levels like IS6, as they historically used them the most Moved to Metagame. -Hassie
  15. Do not focus on penetrations for arty, they are too few. Lighter targets you -can- pen, are usually small and fast they evade your shells anyway. Focus on high base dmg for extra splash effect. Buy the prem HE rounds for increased radius. 261 sucks since 9.18. Low damage, low ammo count. Like seriously, there is no reason to use it. It runs out of ammo during games, and hits shit like Maus or Type, for zero dmg - like literally no dmg blocked HE hits. Using M53/M55 with stock gun sucks. M53/M55 stock gun option is awful, M12 2 tiers below has the same gun as its top gun, with better DPM. If you want to try something kinky like that, actually worth your while, use tier 7 Lorraine with stock gun, or use SU-14-1 with middle gun (its better than S-51) or GW Tiger with stock gun. But again, with those low base dmg, you are going to trash your keyboard and monitor and mouse, when you start hitting super heavy tanks for zero. Bat Chat 58 has high DPM for arty, and although low splash dmg, has the unique ability to salvo and focus targets. So instead of firing at random slow super heavy tanks and scratching their paint for pathetic dmg, you can wait and pick out a lighter target and focus them for 3-straight shots. M53/M55, back to it, is an excellent arty with top gun. M4O/M43 has ammo issues like 261, but because of its slow rate of fire isn't as problematic.....another great choice. GW Pan sucks after the nerf. Conq GC still works. Also, on a side note, use prem account and turn off Himmels + Ensk
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    Don't get me wrong, I think George preddy / play4fun is as useless as they come, and a dimwitted ass. Tsavo isn't any fun either, the guy irritates me. Didn't see a thread over Garbad, never caught his interest? I'm a mad Garbad fan. Garbad, forever. I watch Uberdice content, he seems genuine. Don't know what on earth this clown sees bad about him. But this shitter, who obviously hasn't a fucking clue about world of tanks itself, spends his time attempting to start some trashy cult following about other users. This is the mere definition of defeatism, a retarded loser, who has no life to begin with, and is insulting others whom he apparently thinks has no life. Wth? All the while, ignoring the main focus of course, world of tanks. Which he sucks shit at. A big case of, --these guys are better than me, I hate them for it and want other shitty people (players) to hate them too--
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    I am reading Exposing Wot now. Comical.
  18. Diriz0n


    This is certainly worthwhile comedy. Who can write up a script? Where did it all start and/or come from?
  19. Diriz0n

    TL-1 LPC

    It is the best American tier 8 prem tank. T95E2, M46KR, T25 Pilot are terrible compared to it. Super P is more of a different tank altogether TL1C is a super T95E2 or 59-patton. Though it doesn't quite get 59 patton AP pen, it has worlds better HEAT pen. And it has worlds better mobility than either 59-patton or T95E2, stapling on an extra 3 HP/T. All things considered, with a decent bonus to alpha damage, the same strong view range, shrinking the grotesque large tumour 59-patton and T95E2 have, with a smaller cupola like M48A, and the powerful tier 8 penetration available with its HEAT, the tank is definitely above avg. I'd say solid 7 Problems are still there though. Low DPM, compared to medium tanks like T-44, Indien Pz, Lansen, STA1, Panther 88. The added alpha is nice, but realistically won't matter in trades in a tier that has many tanks doing a tonne more anyway. Lower top speed compared to alot of meds doing 55~ tier 8, even if it has good HP/T. Side armour sucks, and lazy WG developers did a great job in not modeling the side skirt to act as added spaced armour plate. Should have given it 219 pen like M56 Scorpion. I don't buy full price tanks. I am waiting for STG, T-1O3, T-34-3, Hawk, CDA, Somua, M46KR. No doubt there will be sales, Black Friday and Christmas, only stone throw away. Looking at twenty-thirty% discounts, I did the same thing last year. Purchased CDC, STA2, M4 Rev, FCM, Panther 88 all for thirty percent discounts, I think STA2 was even 34% off
  20. unless you are doing a LT or med, I would not say view range is that important. Aiming and tracking (learn to do both at same time) are the single most beneficial pair. A whole bunch of pref tanks armed with 122mm beanbag guns, gain so much with tracking the target and dealing four hundred with it. Because assisted isn't tallied as combined, rather which of the two assisted was greater - don't get so over-hyped over spotting. Unless you are playing a light tank or situational meds / E25 Time required. You don't need to be like orzanel or Skill4ltu, and 3-mark vehicles in 85 games. Relax, play above avg, play consistent, over a span of three, four hundred and you will three mark it. I have seen the hellcats of many players in random skirm, they brag about a 3-mark Hellcat or cromwell, and their DPG is like eight hundred. Yet they have played 3K games for it. Likewise on the other end, one hundred games but dealing 1.2 or 1.3K won't 3-mark them, yet you are performing vastly better. Relax, play it out, and you will get it. And it won't take thousands of games it took others Consistency. Tactics. If you are doing something like S1, you maybe forced to turn off Ensk/Himmels. Shooting twice and dealing eight hundred is terrible, but shooting 15 times and dealing 3K+ is awesome. Remove the Himmels and Ensk, likewise increases the chances of prokh, Redshire, and Malin. It is all about consistency, don't play enraged it only ends up badly. Also, if you are playing vehicles like Skorp G, SU-PM, charioteer - don't be afraid to be aggressive late game / clean up. Spending HP can make all the difference Don't cap. Fight and die a warrior. Even if it means losing. Adding on 1K of assists and dmg end game, means infinitely more than even an invader medal and win from cap - ignore team chat. A win matters for WN8, not for Moe Tank choices. I know this one really does matter, but it matters enough for me to decide on tanks. IS7, WZ5A, T57 are a crap tonne whole hell of a lot harder to mark.....than an IS4, Type, Maus. Maus and Type may seem inflexible, predictable, and slow.....but just turn off prokh and malin....half your troubles are gone. Even campy, bushy maps like westfield, redshire, murovanka offer dedicated heavy flanks and some arty cover. 121, T62A, K91 are a tonne easier, than tanks like Patton, progetto, STB1 Ammunition. Doing somua, lorraine, or progetto? Why not all APCR. These tanks have the added bonus of being prem, even if you are going out and spending 65K on ammunition afterwards, you likely dealt lots and perhaps broke even, or lost only a little. Why not. Keep in mind, tanks like T57, Kran, Bat Chat may still need AP/APCR, because HEAT gets fucked over by tracks when shooting sides
  21. I have been saying it for years now. Tying into Deus' post over upcoming changes, an important one to pick out is the tweak to HE performance. Making it more predictable, consistent. What I hope they have in mind, is toning down the amount of splash damage from ludicrous rolls, and boosting the very low or removing splash damage hits getting swallowed up. For instance, bat chat 55/58 or Bert are common offenders as SPGs, shooting half damage one time then no dmg the next. Happens often on tanks too, most often on mid-tier howitzer tanks like M4 and PZIV running the howitzer, shooting the same target (like an AT15A) for absolutely nil damage one time....then the next time dealing 195? Really? Finding a middle ground here is important for game health, as in a case like HE shell landing 25ft away from a tank like STB1 or Leo dealing 525 isn't fun at all - and in the other extreme the British Bert aiming in all the way and hitting a target, to deal zero dmg and waste a shot isn't fun either. or having an HE shell prepared to hit an 11HP tank, or someone sitting on cap and dealing no damage, really preposterous While some retarded IS6 who avgs 44% W/R in it thinking HE is the better ammo type because it costs less and lists more dmg, loads all HE and spams it hitting you for half damage each time
  22. I disagree. But you are welcome to disprove what I know as fact.
  23. I don't mind. It seems agreed on, I will accept a petition. I will occasionally read posts stopping by, but will stop posting.
  24. mountain pass, fjords, sand river, ghost town, fishermans bay ..... some maps really have shitty camping spots to dig out. You get some asshat who stays there all game in a TD to do 1 or 2 seven-hundred+ alpha shots, and do fucking nothing the rest of the game, and he/she thinks they did well.
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