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  1. MAGA!



  2. Apple attracts special kind of people. If Samsung would remove headphone jack from their phones, you wouldn't see people defending it. Also they would never do it, because they know their products must be most and foremost practical to use. Apple doesn't need to think about practicality, they sell brand and meme image. They are not a tech company anymore, but image company. This satire video points out perfectly what I mean:
  3. Asking for logic from Apple fans... nice meme.
  4. Ok, I've decided to step up the game and ordered this: http://www.acer.com/ac/en/CA/content/model/UM.HX1AA.001 No compromise screen. As for GPU, went with EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming acx 3.0, was the best from the ones I had on offer without having to wait too long. Should arrive next week.
  5. If the military uses satellite internet, then you are looking at 600ms of latency on a very good day. With that, you can probably play chess at tops.
  6. I would never attempt to do it. Why willingly indulging in misery?
  7. I play a broad range of games, but I'm not trying to be competitive CS:GO player, it's just 4fun. The reason why I would like the 100++Hz screen is to benefit from the GPU, not to be great at CS. I mean, why upgrade to GTX1080 if I can see only 60fps from it? That right there would be a bad investment from my point of view. Also I don't care about the money, it's not that much considering I will use it every day. Yea, strategy games tend to kill CPU. Based on the information from @Folterknecht about the upcoming AMD CPUs, I will wait for next year and then just change to new Intel. N
  8. Fine advises. I will wait with the CPU upgrade for next year, keep my i5-4460 and buy the GTX1080. Just for the record, I know it's overpriced for the moment and it would be smarter to wait, but fuck it. Is there any preferred version I should go for? Only thing I know for sure is I'm not getting the "Founder's edition". Also I would prefer to get something that doesn't sound like MiG-29 during a takeoff. As for the monitor, I will end up probably buying one of these, depending on how much can my supplier get them for. Acer Predator XB270HUbprz ASUS 68,6cm (27") PG278Q ROG
  9. Hello Boys, I'm currently running this rig and need advice on how to proceed with an upgrade: - i5 4460 3.2GHz - DDR3 16GB -GTX 960 4GB - ASRock motherboard - couple SSDs and some 2TB drives (not important now) - 750W bequiet PSU - massive case -DELL LED 24" 1080p 60Hz monitor So the above was fine for some 1080p gaming but I have about 1500 euro to splash on upgrade. What I'm mainly deciding on is if I should move to a new architecture with I5-6600 processor which would mean changing motherboard, and RAM. and then squeeze in GTX 10
  10. gdgrim

    Grille 15

    This so much. I don't understand how this gun can suck so much, but it does. I bounce impossible shots all the time. Had a game yesterday bouncing e100's ass three times in a row. Mind blown. Why is this? Can anyone explain the paranormal gun behavior?
  11. Back to the game after few months, good to see the community is as good as I remember it.



  12. I stopped reading at "Israel's brutal anti-Palestinian policies"
  13. No respectable clan let's people in just based on WNx. I can inflate my WN8 by playing E50 for 2 weeks straight. Suddenly I will become purple recent. Does it mean I have become a better player? I don't think so. Every top clan has some minimal damage requirements for certain tanks, but what mostly counts is how they like your play style. Anyhow, you missed the whole point of this discussion.
  14. Of course it's not rational! But WNx rationalizes it for them, because coming back for reset is a long drive which might give them 0 damage. Here they have at least a guarantee of something. Also that's why they proceed to attack the t57 rather than go back. Some damage is better than none! And WNx will make them feel good after the game, since more damage = more WNx. Who the fuck cares about win/loss? And you see this shit every game, somebody doing irrational decisions just to damage farm a bit more.
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