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    What is the first thing you analyze when you're entering a game?

    First thing you always look at is obviously the team comps and most importantly, arty... The more arty there is the more passively you are forced to play. Some people play exactly the same with three arty on the enemy team as they would with no arty, this results in them getting shit on and then complaining. If you see three arty on the enemy team try to avoid going to a place on the map where you know they'll be able to shoot you, or if you do don't make yourself the easy target.

    Second is the rest of the team. As TheMarine mentioned, "Pubbies will pub, and play to their class deployment no matter the situation.", so most of the time you already know where most of the enemy team is going. Try to take advantage of that knowledge. If you're a medium but there are only two heavies, maybe pushing the heavy side is a good idea, and vice versa. If there are no/few TDs more of the map opens up, you can be more confident pushing certain areas where TDs would otherwise shoot you. It's important to avoid the "I'm a heavy so I have to go here" type of mindset. If you see an opening to make a novel play take it.



    Based on what do you take split-second decisions during gameplay?

    Any change of circumstance. That tank died that was pinning me down, now I can move. That enemy is now low enough health for me to one-shot him, I'm going to push in. The enemy LT died, now the mid will be open without me getting spotted. My teammates are low on health, if they pushed in now I wouldn't have enough time to run, so I need to gtfo. Etc, etc. Almost every battle there are times when the situation changes but pubbies don't react to take advantage of it. "I'm a heavy sitting at the heavy corner, I'm doing what I'm 'supposed' to be doing", instead of noticing that most of the enemy on the other side and that he should push. It sounds kinda weird but the goal is to always be as aggressive as possible so that you can have shots on enemies, but without overextending. It can be a fine line, but pubbies often don't realise when the line has moved up or is way behind them. They tend to stay in the same spot until someone else pushes up and shows them that it's safe or they get overrun by enemies.

  2. I mean, that's a tough question, with no simple answer. The answer is very dependent on the tank lineups, where the teams go and the map. Top tier in a 3-5-7 match with no arty, you'll generally always be allowed to play more aggressively. The more arty there is, the more passive you have to play (arty 'prevents' camping amirite?) but, this is map dependent of course, on Himmelsdorf for example who cares how much arty there is. There's so many different factors that determine the correct play, it can't really be generalised. If you want to do some toons just send me a message in game, we can play some tier 10 mediums together and I can help you out there while we're actually playing.

    Other than that, what I can say is that in a game where your team is just crushing the enemy team, you need to try your hardest to be at the front of the side that is pushing. If you're stuck on the flank where you can't push and the other side just mops up, you won't get any damage. My general rule with fast tanks is: if there's a lemming train you want to push aggressively with the lemming train. As a fast tank you're able to not fall behind, so as long as the lemming train is pushing, you're leading the push and getting as mush damage as you can before the slower tanks catch up.

  3. Obviously once you reach green you know the basics. You have general map knowledge of where each 'type' of tank should go and you know basic tactics such as sidescraping and going hull down. So from green up to unicum it's *mostly* just micro improvements, specifically in the positioning of your tank. If there's one main difference I can pick out between a green, blue and purple player, it's the transition from playing predominantly well armoured, hard hitting TDs & HTs, to fast, reliable MTs.

    Purple players (generally) love flexibility, and good gun handling. This is because it allows them to go TO the damage rather than waiting for it to come to them, and once they're in position to do the damage, to do it reliably. Less experienced players tend to underestimate value of flexibility and relocating, instead preferring just raw armour and firepower. To me at least, it seems that less experienced players don't like fast tanks with no armour for the same reason kids don't like coffee, they just haven't developed the correct taste for it yet. So I would recommend that if you want to improve, develop the taste for flexibility. Try to always be REPOSITIONING for better shots, not waiting for them.


    One of the best ways to improve in my opinion is to simply watch what good players do. Most of the good positions I've learned have come from seeing someone else use it in game, then next time I try it out for myself. So if you don't have xvm installed, I'd recommend installing it just so that you can see who the good players are and where they go. Another way is to simply watch good players play on twitch. I personally have learned a lot from watching skill4ltu's stream, he is arguably one of the best players in the whole game, is entertaining to watch, and actively responds to questions in the chat. But whoever you choose to watch, as they're playing be constantly asking yourself "what would I do here?" and compare it to what they did, so you can understand in real time exactly what they're doing better than you.


    Other than that all I can say is just try to stay alive at all costs. You might sometimes feel obligated to stick with allies on a collapsing flank, but just remember you're more valuable to your team alive with a chance rather than dead with the people who weren't smart enough to run with you.

  4. On 8/19/2018 at 12:06 PM, Kolni said:

    pretty sure you need to verify your account, there is a thread on this but it's probably been buried as it's been a while

    i had the same issue and verifying my account fixed it but not sure if you should need to actually, anyway you can just create a new wot account if you don't want your real account displayed


    another possibility is that the registered user usergroup has been broken

    Yeah I've seen threads telling me I have to verify my account, but the means of performing this action seems an allusive mystery. When I go to "Account Settings" from the drop down box at the top right the only thing I get in the overview is this: [[Template core/front/system/settingsOverview is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

    I assume that's where this option to verify my account should pop up instead of this error?


    On 8/19/2018 at 10:01 PM, Ham_ said:

    Link WG ID in forum settings

    I'd love to, but have no idea how. See above ^^^

  5. Can someone please tell me how to actually post and reply to topics? For some reason this "Ground Forces" section is literally the only place it allows me to post. I just want to reply to topics throughout the WoT section but there's no reply button, no message box down the bottom, there's nothing. No instructions on how to do it, why is such a simple thing so hard to achieve?

    Thanks in advance.

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