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  1. Maybe I could visit the only place you've ever been, your Mums basement...
  2. Mosel, where the locals attacked us in an International hotel with broken bottles and chairs.. including our women. No thanks. Dubai much better.
  3. Perhaps I should follow your lead if I seek attention and twitch. Or try holiday snaps? What works best for you buddy? Or go all out and start wearing singlets?
  4. Call BS on that. Prove it. Actually you may be right, the one improvement in CW (in 10 seasons..) occurred during this period I think, more land.
  5. You realise you are just as much a pubbie as myself and the rest of the server. What will YOU complain about soon when everyone except you guys quits. Got to say you are kind of pathetic. Puts a picture up in first post, says CW dead and admits to being the issue but go all defensive when called out. Different seasons and different issues and solutions. All dealt with effectively except maybe Pyro at the time. Server was fuller, there was actual opposition for them.
  6. Sorry, I have no pictures of Flying Elite. Would a standard picture of a short fat fuck be ok?
  7. So you explain something that I didn't ask to explain, feel good? Post more pictures, at least others wont have to read your tripe.
  8. Well Herman, what will you do next year when CW closed?
  9. More like a place of idiots... like you. I mean, what sort of pretentious twat would say the IQ level here was obviously higher than the main forums or belittle players as crap when they are better than themselves.. Oh, that would be YOU.
  10. I'm blaming the dominant clan, whatever it's name is. Fact is while it's sat there "proving a point" (that no one cares about) clans are leaving the game. Guess we'll keep playing by WG's ideas then and just watch the game die completely. Yeah I don't know the answer, but WG aint doing shit so something needs to happen.
  11. Look in tier 8, still fairly active as most clans are around the same level. Few there are close to going tier 10, some have jumped up, been whooped by Myth and come back (too much effort, zero rewards). Smaller clans have zero interest in tier 10 ATM. There is zero growth towards tier 10.
  12. So as the top clan you sit on all the land so other teams stop playing a good idea? WG aint fixing this, they have zero cares about our server. Myth want battles, it's time for them to change.
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