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  1. Fair enough I took a break from the game for a while as it was annoying me for a while but just started playing again I'm having better results in the Conq GC seems to be able to pump out the damage more reliably and that splash radius along with gun arc is amazing I think its more about the right map and the right RNG given that i done 4.2k dmg the other night in what wasn't a spectacular game but wasn't able to do the stun/track
  2. Yeah definitely some good advice here, what I have found the most frustrating is instant heals of stuns and tracks at time so Its really like fire and hope RNG backs you then there's the 4k dmg needed which isn't easy to do now in arty since the nerfs, but I have faith I'll get there in the end, going to grind up to the T92 in the process then turn of game modes except standards and grand battles, I did try the stock gun for a while and although it could stun regularly its splash radius is shocking so if you get hit by RNG and your shot goes over the target you either fail to stun or its for 8 secs average
  3. Yeah one problem I've had is people healing the stunned crew and my team not shooting or missing stunned targets I think you're right about having the stars aligned lol
  4. Brilliant thanks for the advice so just stick to what I'm currently doing M53/55 8in gun and hope for a good map/team. I did try T7 and 8 but there was never enough DMG to be had 2.5k was my average 3-4 combined, the only T10 I had was the 261 its was good for the stun missions because of its ROF and I used the M43/44 for some of the missions I found it hit harder than the 261 it's why I decided to jump ship from the 261 to the US arty line. I did think about Prem rounds but I it was hard to justify for an extra 1m splash but I'll give it a shot and see how it performs.
  5. Just after a view I've been trying to do this mission for a while and I wanted to check if i had been attempting this mission correctly I tried the 261 but I could only really max out 3k dmg due to its low pen and shallow trajectory, I love its ROF and its velocity but it just wasn't working well for me to complete the mission at least with honours where 4k dmg on top of 3.2k stun tracking assistance is needed. I've jumped into the 53/55 with the 8inch gun as the stock gun wasn't pumping out the damage at times the alpha seems the better option given the 4k mark that's needed. Would it be right to continue with this arty with the 8inch gun or revert back to stock gun, I have a 33sec reload on the 8inch gun so it's not too much of a difference in terms of reload, or is there another arty that's more suited ? I realise this question has been asked to a degree before however I can't find many up to date articles on it and given how the game has changed over the past 2 years I thought I'd ask for pointers as I haven't played arty seriously since its nerf. Thank you in advance.
  6. It's quite interesting you mention the change affecting it's capability to go up against other superheavies, I had a game in the Type 5 the other day and was met by another Type using the 14cm, couldn't pen me I felt dirty about it lol They were stating they would rebalancing every vehicle in the game in a case by case basis, the E100 is amongst the first to get rebalanced/destroyed how many Types will we be seeing then, at least for a little while until they get round to balancing the Types, it would be interesting to see what happens if AP becomes standard in the 15cm.
  7. Any thoughts on how they would rework the Gold ammo on the Japanese heavies? Seeing as a reduction of damage would be roughly equal to the standard Ammo damage, maybe we would see a new type of Ammo introduced or another gun to use with the 15cm only having the standard HE round.
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