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  1. Thanks. Really amazed and impressed with all the work you do. Really helping me lift my game from Tomato to Less Ripe Tomato.
  2. Likewise, even selecting "desktop view" on my HTC phone I still don't get it. Love it on the PC.
  3. Hi I'm Bert, from South Australia. Been playing on the SEA server for the last few months. Finally got my head around vision mechanics and positioning so am slowly turning my stats a little less embarrassing shade of crimson. Ditching the "temperamental" PC for a stable laptop has also helped bigly. Due to horrendous queue times for Tier 5 and below on the Australian server I did way too many of my early battles in my Hellcat. Has me very convinced the Tier 6 tank as reward for finishing beginner missions is one of the dumbest things in the game. Now I'm spending a lot of time in my KVs (just moved crew into KV-1Speedmachine from standard KV-1) trying to get my head around sidescraping and armour angling. Enjoying how as long as I don't do anything stupid just occupying the right spot on the map can make such a big difference to the outcome. Also love my T4 OP Swedish TD (now with full female crew to help me grind the entire line) and my M4 (even if I can't seem to use it to its full potential). Not sure what else I'm meant to add here so I'll shut up. Thanks.
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