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  1. That sounds like my cup of tea, i might grind one for LT campaigns tbh.
  2. If anything it makes me happy cause i definitely see more clickers dead way faster when these hit live, and that's never a bad thing. The bad side is that those will potentially turn every game into a yolofest and that's not fun
  3. Actually going by the numbers of T8 and T10 the opposite is true, there are far too many T8s and they get slotted most often in the 7 portion of a 357 template. Sad life for T8s, and even T6s which get the same kind of stick. That said, "slowly"? I think since i left this game took a frigging nose dive into P2W lol.
  4. It's not russian tho, so it will miss the side of a Maus with its gun stuck into the collision model more often than not
  5. Howdy folks, I'm back from a 4 years hiatus and a hilarious sequence of bad decisions and unfortunate events that led to a "reroll" cause i had lost all access data to my original account (lucky me i never bought a T8 prem before). Not the least the fact purple overall would have shamed me to no end since I'm not able to play nearly as well at the moment. I'm looking for somewhere i can just chit chat and platoon, something a la old KITTY klenu to be specific. International would be best but the main point is english communication. I don't mind the occasional SH (not CW cause i hav
  6. M6 always was a great favourite of mine before i said fuck it all and stopped playing for 4 years straight, the armour is not good but you can pull off some wtf bpunces if you wiggle like a maniac and the gun is incredible, not even counting the APCR pen which burns through the upper plate of many T8 HTs fronts. The new Swedish heavy line has the Strv 74 at T6 and the Leo at T7 that are positively incredible, the Strv 74 is a monster with that gun depression and a 150/150 gun with 4s reload and laser gun accuracy (.31) with the dispersion stats of a T9/10 med. The bullshit gun depression
  7. I'm not much into gambling tbh, I'd rather straight up buy something. Lowe is a nice gun platform but i hated the thing with a passion back in the day, i was more into blitz style gameplay (is series, E50m, russian mediums, and to a lesser degree T110E5)
  8. On a side note any advice for a good t8 premium to skip a bit of the low tier madness? I was making puppy eyes at both LT423 and STG, they any good?
  9. Awww that's sad, is this community populated so little now? Back before i quit the channel was literally always up I'll try my luck then, if anyone's interested in joining name will be wotlabs as it used to be
  10. Title basically. I know years ago there was one up constantly for wotlabs people to chill together, but yesterday i couldn't find it (or maybe the name just changed an i didn't know being absent 4 years). Can anybody help? EDIT: so apparently the channel died and thus I'll be keeping it up again if anyone wants to chill and be a nostalgia freak with me please come, I'm already going crazy cause i lost all access data and have to regrind from scratch.
  11. Ye it's a sad day I thought I was free of this nightmare, instead... Only consolation is i see many if the people from the olden days are still here, like sr360, WW etc
  12. Hi all I'm not exactly new here, i was very active both in game and here a couple of years back as swg112. A friend of mine manage to nag me back into the game after a four years hiatus, hopefully i will stay for a bit
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