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  1. 5 hours ago, Casas5591 said:

    I would say the SP 1 C is a solid and fun hidden gem. I don't think there are a lot of rear turreted light tanks with -10 gun depression and 90mm alpha damage. It's a whole different experience when you mostly reverse into position to ridge snipe someone for 220 damage and "reverse forward"  0 - 60  in a split second. It's very good at playing ridges without being punished because of that. Playing this tank is really fun also because I always have a valid reason to do easy 180's with the handbrake mechanic. Those weighty drifts never stop being satisfying. It's one of my favorite tanks right now and it's easy to play, shell velocity aside.

    That sounds like my cup of tea, i might grind one for LT campaigns tbh. 

  2. 13 hours ago, Haswell said:

    Yes it will, but also remember with 3/5/7 MM you are more likely to shit on other T7s and T8s than you will get fucked by 10s. I almost think WG planned the MM changes to pave the road for unbalanced 8s.

    Also this. We're slowly going back to pay2win bois. :serb:

    Actually going by the numbers of T8 and T10 the opposite is true, there are far too many T8s and they get slotted most often in the 7 portion of a 357 template. Sad life for T8s, and even T6s which get the same kind of stick. 

    That said, "slowly"? I think since i left this game took a frigging nose dive into P2W lol. 

  3. Howdy folks, I'm back from a 4 years hiatus and a hilarious sequence of bad decisions and unfortunate events that led to a "reroll" cause i had lost all access data to my original account (lucky me i never bought a T8 prem before). 

    Not the least the fact purple overall would have shamed me to no end since I'm not able to play nearly as well at the moment. 

    I'm looking for somewhere i can just chit chat and platoon, something a la old KITTY klenu to be specific. International would be best but the main point is english communication. I don't mind the occasional SH (not CW cause i have no T10 and won't have one for a long time) but not if there is compulsory attendance, my work schedule doesn't allow me to be present at set times. 

    Discord presence would be appreciated so i can bug you even when I'm not at the keyboard <3 

    If you want a greenie scrub working his way back up to unitato status that can crack a shitton of dubious taste jokes and bad puns I'm all for you <3 

  4. On 12/30/2018 at 10:07 AM, Rexxie said:

    Does WoT actually have many "hidden gems" anymore? The slow push of the three tank styles into their own areas of the map make me feel like you're either the hammer or the nail, and rarely in between, making playing anything out of the meta a chore at best. I don't want to turn this into another corridor meta complaint thread, but I'm honestly curious if the current state of things really allows for much in the way of hidden gems. I can see some lights being notable just because they are the only class that is different enough to ignore WG's agenda, but that's about all.

    The M6 is kinda cool I guess?

    M6 always was a great favourite of mine before i said fuck it all and stopped playing for 4 years straight, the armour is not good but you can pull off some wtf bpunces if you wiggle like a maniac and the gun is incredible, not even counting the APCR pen which burns through the upper plate of many T8 HTs fronts. 

    The new Swedish heavy line has the Strv 74 at T6 and the Leo at T7 that are positively incredible, the Strv 74 is a monster with that gun depression and a 150/150 gun with 4s reload and laser gun accuracy (.31) with the dispersion stats of a T9/10 med. The bullshit gun depression leaves you with flanking avenues even in the middle of a slugfest since the tank can shoot from places you wouldn't even think of going in other tanks. It also has workable camo and viewrange and a very decent 200 pen APCR. 

    The Leo is, imo, the good version of the T20. It's incredibly fast, gets -10° depression and a 300 alpha gun which performs admirably. It's sort of a better tier by tier version of the Leopard Prototype. 

    The Strv is 100% a keeper imo, and I'm seriously considering keeping the Leo as well. They are just so good. Not counting the fact I'm playing like crap and i plummeted down to a greenie/bluish since my hiatus. 


    On a broader note playing against the meta is still very much possible, only harder. Basically there are some matchups that screw you over really hard, but most of the time of you aren't a potato like me you have several ways to work your magic and facilitate a win. I've noticed (in EU at least) a higher tendency of following rushes and exploting turned turrets for instance. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, nemlengyel said:

    You could try your luck with the boxes which can net you Defender or Skorp G, both are quite strong. Alternatively Lowe is strong too, if you like the playstyle

    I'm not much into gambling tbh, I'd rather straight up buy something. 

    Lowe is a nice gun platform but i hated the thing with a passion back in the day, i was more into blitz style gameplay (is series, E50m, russian mediums, and to a lesser degree T110E5)

  6. 4 minutes ago, Haswell said:

    Chat channels disappear if nobody goes online to keep it alive. Make one yourself if you don't see one, maybe you'll get lucky and see people coming back. :doge:

    Awww that's sad, is this community populated so little now? Back before i quit the channel was literally always up :S

    I'll try my luck then, if anyone's interested in joining name will be wotlabs as it used to be

  7. Title basically. I know years ago there was one up constantly for wotlabs people to chill together, but yesterday i couldn't find it (or maybe the name just changed an i didn't know being absent 4 years).

    Can anybody help? 

    EDIT: so apparently the channel died and thus I'll be keeping it up again if anyone wants to chill and be a nostalgia freak with me please come, I'm already going crazy cause i lost all access data and have to regrind from scratch. 

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