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    Autongnosis got a reaction from cavman276 in Wheeled Tank Mechanics   
    If anything it makes me happy cause i definitely see more clickers dead way faster when these hit live, and that's never a bad thing. 
    The bad side is that those will potentially turn every game into a yolofest and that's not fun
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    Autongnosis reacted to sohojacques in Wheeled Tank Mechanics   
    Sadly these will be the yolo scouts that pubbies have always dreamed of. Actual scouting is far too difficult for the bulk of the player base.
    WG’s willingness to completely break their own game needs to be commended. What little structure that exists in random battles is gone as long as one of these borderline untrackable things can yolo run through at 105kph. 
    But the TD and arty players tears...
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    Autongnosis got a reaction from cavman276 in New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5   
    It's not russian tho, so it will miss the side of a Maus with its gun stuck into the collision model more often than not
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    Autongnosis reacted to Fabunil in Armored cars in Supertest, top speed up to 100km/h   
    I don't see the problem, I haven't seen any IS-3s at all in the last couple of months.
    Part of that may or may not have to do with me not playing this game during that time though.
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    Autongnosis reacted to _Steel_Casket_ in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    Damn why on't you guys just bend over an take it like a man. You'll let anyone FU over,........
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    Autongnosis reacted to UrQuan in Trying to revive the wotlabs chat channel on EU server pls keep me company   
    Likely this is also because of the Forumites channel on the EU server, a relax channel for finding fun platoonbuddies (password: play4fun ) Houses a wide variety of skill, but they're generally nice folks to toon with. Just let them know what tiers you enjoy.
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