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  1. Streaming now for a few hours! Link in sig.
  2. Hi! I'm Avalon304. Im a casual tanker who enjoys comfortable tanks and is always looking to improve (which is why Ive come here). Im just teetering on the edge of purple stats, and one of my goals this year is to finally get my overalls to unicum status. Ive learned much from platooning with players like uberdice, Taugrim, and _Tsavo_ and still have much to learn yet. Im also a tank remodeler. I like making tanks look cool. You can see some of what Ive done by clicking my signature, which will take you to my Workshop or you can click here and go directly to my WGMods profile. My signature also has a link to my twitch stream, where Im attempting to become an affiliate (and maybe a partner in the future). You can come hang out, and be comfortable in chat as I plod my way through WoT (or maybe other games).
  3. This is neat... I like seeing this kind of data for myself and my improvement...
  4. I am very much not Gasai... lol Ijust had this image on my hard drive so I used it haha.
  5. Sreaming now on twitch.tv/avalon304. Im not a purple player by any means, but Im laid back and just enjoy tanking. So scome on by and hang out.
  6. Is it also possible to pull current MoE percentage and have that as a separate column? (Id also second the tracking requirements per tank, though I dont know how difficult and resource intensive that would be).
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