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  1. Results of testing I did on how to ammo rack enemy tanks
  2. I am sure their dicks get hard when they kill tier 4 tanks.
  3. you said: "Things you'd not grasp, being you're a tomato and all. " yeah here is one of my tomato 14,950 damage games with unskilled crew on Ghost Town, and a 14,700 DMG game on Himmelsdorf. I know it is steel hunt, the game where everyone said if you get 15,000 damage you are a cheater. I suck so bad my best spotting game in tier 5 is only 7,800 dmg. what's yours? http://wotreplays.eu/site/4844164#stats more replays of me sucking, I don't have the knowledge that you guys have: more video of me sucking, 4 enemy
  4. Tavos, you have 56 Battle Buddy awards. I have 400. Do you have a problem where you like to shoot at your own team? The green ones are the friendly team. You are a skilled player, stop shooting at your own team. Maybe you hit them because they are in front of you often... because you are hiding behind your allies... because the good players like you play behind the tomato allies. Must be good for your winrate to have meatshields.
  5. You play 25% of the time in tier 6. hmm... That means you are a seal clubber. the vast majority of your games in one of the best tanks in the game... hmmm does that improve your overall winrate? "the Cromwell takes first place with a 54.52% average win rate" https://allgamers.com/article/5677/highest-win-rate-tanks-from-july I am curious why don't you play more games in that Tier 10 Leopard? Is it something to do with the fact that it is a shit tank? Are you averse to playing tanks that you are not going to win a lot of games in? Would it bring your winrate to the 45% or so
  6. You guys are running XVM. When you see a tomato, you confront him. When you see a skilled player, you run away. You are cheating.
  7. I don't use XVM. I am looking at samples on google images. The vast majority of players average around 10,000 battles, even in high tiers. You guys have 30,000 or far more battles, including your rerolls. You are just a bunch of seal clubbers and you should be ashamed of yourselves going around telling other people that you are a highly skilled player. Its like you are bragging about beating elementary school kids or special needs kids. You guys are pathetic. Go play World of Warplanes or maybe Candy Land.
  8. you said: "Most high win rate players are just GOOD at the game." is this guy good? I am just a noob player I really don't understand statistics like you super unicums! BeceJIoE_DNO (ru server) T54E1 Tier 9 Medium Tank. 98.24% winrate. 398 battles. 535 avg WN8 player. looks legit to me. maybe some day I will also have a 98.24 winrate in a tier 9 tank with 398 battles. Please teach me since you guys know everything and I know nothing. that's all sweet 98.24% player skill. everything checks out ok. no monkey business here. https://www.noobmeter.com/player/ru/BeceJIoE
  9. ok, now I have a clear understanding. thankyou all for the criticism. what happens is that we all start out as unskilled players, and over time, we improve, and our winrate goes up. and some of you have very high winrates, much higher than mine, because you are better skilled. and then after hard work, together, we will become more skilled and we will ALL have 100% winrates. but that doesn't happen, does it? and the people with the low winrates are the unskilled players with few battles, and the skilled players with the high winrates have many battles. and they are playing
  10. you said: "it is so sad to see that some people can be this delusional and still be allowed to take part and influence the world" choose the red pill
  11. go to this page to see the RANKED BATTLES top 10 players: https://worldoftanks.com/en/ratings/ranked/#wot&w_p=1&w_l=first view their stats pages. switch it to say 'random battles' instead of 'ranked battles'. and you will see their random battle winrates.
  12. I just looked at approximately the top 7 winners of WOT Ranked Battles. The best WOT players in the world. Most of them have 52% or 53% winrates for *RANDOM BATTLES*. So I guess either the 52% random battle players beat all the 65% super unicums, or all the above-53% random battle winrate players just decided not to play. Why don't you guys send them messages telling them how you are better players than they are?
  13. You have a higher winrate because you are a better skilled player than the players on the other team. Therefor, you are getting preferential matchmaking. WOT is only matching you with other players who have less skill than you, and the matchmaking is rigged. That is the only way to explain your higher skill-based win rate.
  14. If a WN8 600 player beats a WN8 500 player, is that player better than a WN8 3000 player who loses to a WN8 3100 player? by your defintion, the WN8 600 player is better than a WN8 3000 player because he has the higher winrate. you are wrong.
  15. I see what you are saying. You are saying that the matchmaker determines a player's win rate, and that WOT players with high winrates are seal clubbers. Hey looks like we agree!
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