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  1. zaha

    Toldi III

    Toldi is meh, LTP is better now with brand new HD model.
  2. Just ace mine for the first time yesterday. http://wotreplays.com/site/2337454#ruinberg-zaha-e_50
  3. Saw the same kind of bot past 2 weeks. Driving an E-75, turret forward, auto-aim. He killed 2 tanks, WOW.
  4. Thank you, good sir. Will do. My SU-152 almost reach 100% crew.
  5. I played my Panther as long-range sniper at the first half of the battle. Then, be a support, flanker-sniper tank in the other half. You have the mobility and DPM for that.
  6. zaha

    T-34-2 Help

    Wow. GG~
  7. Ain't the existing KV-1 has great 85mm? And yet another KV emerged with 85mm also? Oh, my... Tier 5 will be more fun...
  8. zaha

    T-34-2 Help

    Okay. Thanks for the info.
  9. Pew, pew, pew on .50 cal Meh... I'll keep it rusty at my garage.
  10. zaha

    T-34-2 Help

    Which one is more preferable, the 122 or 100? Still confused, sorry.
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