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  1. Hi, I am in similar position as you are. Family and work killing my game time and honestly, only think worked for me is getting some rest. When I play rested I enjoy game more, my decitions are better, reaction time is better and as that my results are better. When I am tired I burn out quickly and I am not even in mood for playing and game become a chore. Get good rest, consider this as a investment for having more fun and become more productive in game. ;-)
  2. ok thx, yeah hints are nice, but I know how long was china type in game before whole nation xD yes I know i am little bit too much on paranoid side
  3. I love LTs but what is point, if there is no british LT line?
  4. I love it and want to add more: - reduce dmg of splash on fast moving targets (faster you go, less dmg you take) - give them a bonus dmg on completely stationary or tracked targets - minimum depression +1° or more, so they can defend them self just in really CQC situation In short prevent camping WG motto will stay, and artas have more fear of LTs due to dead zone. btw I want them to stay, but to effectively fulfil some meaningful role (prevent camping)
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