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  1. We are a fresh fun clan looking for new positive players to join us in Clan Wars, Advances, Skirmishes and Platoons. Team games in tiers 10 and 8 are run most nights, and we are always here for platooning or to socialise. We would prefer you to have 3 tier 10 and 3 tier 8 tank, usually in the heavy and medium class's. REQUIREMENTS TIR VIII: Minimum 3 tier 8 tanks useful in clan wars. TIR X: Minimum 3 tier 10 tanks useful in clan wars. Personal Rating: 3500 Discord: https://discord.gg/CBKFXTH Clan Page: https://eu.wargaming...s/wot/500164330 Sound good? Message our officers in game, or contact us directly on Discord using our address.
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