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  1. Hello dear Tankers, i am frequently reading your forum since 2015. Alll my questions could be answered by searching your lovely forum and googling. However i am stuck on this one: Whats the best skill for the 7th perk? Commander: Firefighting vs Jack of All Trades: ## Note ## I took Eagle Eye before, however i am not sure i am using it well, since the information need to be processed very quick. I would take Jack of All Trades because i never use big med kits. Driver: Firefighting vs Preventative Maintenance vs Controlled Impact: ## Note ## I like ramming people just for the lulz (especially ramming wheeled vehicles with a passion) , however i also drive without AFE a lot and burn down like retard sometimes (mostly after doing bad moves). I prefer Controlled Impact since i am ramming more often than burning down. Radio Operator: Signal Boosting vs Relaying: ## Note ## This one is ofc useless but a bit tricky, beeing low tier it sometimes happens, that flanks get seperated by signal range. Relaying would be interesting if i could trust my fellow allies to stay alive, however i fear in a late game situation it will be my signal range that makes the difference, e.g. two arties and me left. Furthermore Relaying benefits from my signal range, which would make it better as 8th skill.
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