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  1. So the apathy is growing Adrian? Any you mad buggers live in/near perth?
  2. I miss the unpredictablilty of the old MM. Never knowing if I was going to be the only tier 8 in a tier 10 fight, or feast on T6/7s. Matches feel stale now. You either have to chase the damage before your 3/5 eat it all or you die to a power crept tier 10 in 30 secs. T8 used to be one of my most fun tiers to play, now you basically have to play T9 or gtfo. Prem rounds used to be an option to use, now its a necessity. Bring back frontlines.
  3. most of the buffs are shit really. Basically if you dont have 200+ base pen as a tier 8 heavy facing other T8's you a screwed (looking mainly at the defender etc) Not even going into the T9s Placating the masses is bascially what ive gleaned from the article. Other then that, 6 months for the MM fix is basically a death sentence to T8s/player retention. Can't see myself sticking around or wanting to wait that long for a fix to the 3/5/7(bet they will change it to 3/6/6 or some bullshit)
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