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  1. SPGs require more Luck then skill. The ratio is hard to figure out. "Will RNGesus allow this shot to shit on this player?" Stayed tuned for more of Wont give a Fwarking Fwark if Arty fell off a cliff.
  2. From what ive seen and played against, the wheezy is the only half decent one. 13 105 = shittier batchat Rhm = shittier leo1 Sheridan = shittier m48
  3. Thanks for ending my pain quickly last night on mountain pass in your 13 90 herman. All my pubbies stopped to snipe across the bowl because mini maps are a lie
  4. Well to be fair they are a business first, gameplay last kinda company. I dont think the play4fun crowd (90% of the playerbase) cares as long as they can pew pew HE and have fun.
  5. All part of operation nerf Ezz. Tanitha has escalated it I believe to the balance (lol) department.
  6. Tbh i think bots hover more around 42-45% nowdays. They have come a long way compared to "Magaret"
  7. Yeah we use forks/high lift buckets/jibs and tarp rollers. Tends to cop a hammering because moving 2000 ton of grain a day with a 4t bucket requires a lot of start/stop, one guy at work calls himself the loader whisperer. (Can drive one though)
  8. Mongos driving it and not letting thr turbo cooldown. Joc seems good for a loan. (Spends enough eating out) You will even get first dibs on the guaranteed dead hooker thats bound to show up.
  9. Ill be right. Blew the turbo on our volvo L70e loader the other week. 80k worth of damage. #winning
  10. Yep 2017 hilux. Would have rathered bulk beers and hookers but couldnt fool the bank
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