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  1. Hey guys... Yeah I need a clan.
  2. Oh god I remember when I posted that second comment on the kiwi account. Time flies!
  3. I miss the old wotlabs. When there used to be lots of activity and posts. Too dead here these days. Who here is a veteran that I know?

  4. The real Hello_Bang_Bye is back (no more shitposting). Ask me anything.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      About as good as one can hope for. Life without tanks is 10x better

    3. Assassin7



    4. Hello_Bang_Bye


      @SchnitzelTruckI've been back recently since having been off for over a year from playing. Enjoy the break . @Assassin7hi!!

  5. If I told you guys I am the real HBB would you guys still believe me? (you better know me lol)
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