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  1. Defender is the hero World of Tanks deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
  2. They're just paving the way for a well-deserved IS-3 buff. Patch 1.6.1: patch notes Cyka blyat mobile: hardbass update ''In order to keep the regular Russian tanks competitive, in comparison to their premium counterparts, we've optimalized their armor profile. *Historical* spaced armor was added - basically everywhere. Furthermore, an increase of combat characteristics was implemented for the Type 59. Not for the T-34-2, obviously." ...
  3. Could a non-fanboi argument be made for SirFoch, given his achievements without consumables/premium ammo? Surely he'd be quite far up with a maximum effort toolkit. I'm not pro enough to rate him tho.
  4. They may remain a pointless line, think China TD. Sad, because they're cute. Standard HESH would be meme.
  5. Why are you here? Why are we here? Why am I here? NOTHING IS REAL
  6. On a side note. It concerns me that spending reduces your in-game content. Removing maps, skipping tanks, ... World of Warcraft (Blizzard) has used a similar strategy, namely level 110 character boost. I would prioritize map development. It's the main culprit of World of Tanks. Awful balancing, artillery and horrendous grinds can be somewhat mitigated by smart plays on open maps.
  7. How to make WoT great: - Implement magic forest everywhere - Invite Serb to balance tanks (every tank gets murdered, T62a & IS7 meta) - Nerf Chinese mediums
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