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  1. Hello Wotlabs, I played 2013/2014 and my results there were ok for me at least. 54/55% W/R and 2000+ WN8. Lately my friends conviced me to come back to WoT to play together and I just cannot find myself in WoT anymore. I played approx 3k games and my WN8 is 1400-1500 and W/R is 50ish. Would greatly appriciate some tips what have changed so much that I am struggling. I noticed that a lot of games are finished very soon and tanks with no armour are punished severly due to small size of the maps and firepower powercreep. I lvl up Czech mediums and wtf with games 3:15 all the time. People rush like crazy and all die. If any team camps more it usually wins. Any tips how to get better and more consistent ? Thanks K.
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