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  1. I noticed it happening on multiple occasions that's why i created this thread, but it only happens to last 24h
  2. Sometimes i really dont know how wotlabs calculates wn8 and was wondering if someone could give me an answer, example: for the last week i have 23 battles in su101 at 3647 wn8 and 1 battle in sta 2 at 1566 wn8 - according to the website it gives me 3041 wn8 for this period (thats every battle in this period) but last 24h i have 11 battles on su101 at 3408 wn8 and somehow it gives me only 2248 wn8 for this period? (every battle in this period) how does it make sense edit: https://imgur.com/a/enR6DML - link to screenshots edit 2: now wot-life updated statistics and there i have 3411 for the last 24h (more or less wn8 wotlabs is showing i had on su101 in the last 24h - 3408 wotlabs 3411 wot-life) but it makes it even more baffling why wotlabs shows that i have only 2248 wn8 for the last 24h
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