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  1. yeah, I did a quick check and about 6 or so years back it starts to change from WoT content to weird shit. I will give him points for persistence, He's been churning out videos that get a dozen views or less every week for years and yet despite the obvious failure of his content he continues to try.
  2. That moment you're so desprate for human contact you climb to the top of a hill and hold your phone above your head to get a signal.

  3. You se comrade, it is balanced by poor radio range because it is unable to tell other tanks about what horrors it has unleashed upon the other team.
  4. Jesus, I get away from the internet for a week and they pop these monsters out. What a week to miss.
  5. @Rexxie I can get you some replays in about 2ish weeks, I don't have my computer with me for the next week, but I can run a couple dozen games with the anonimizer on then turn it off and run a dozen more or so next week. I was thinking of usining the AMX ELC for 20ish games, the Charioteer for another 20, and maybe the Leo PTA for the last 20 or so games. In my experience it it only works if there are more than 5 or so players on the team using it. If only one player is using it the the clicker scum just assumes that the one player anonimized is a unicum and nails them over and over. It also doesnt help much if you are platooned with good players who dont run the anonimizer and it doesn't do a thing if you are in a reward tank. I should also say that I am by no means a unicum player, so I have no idea how that may effect things.
  6. Running Brawl Platoons on NA. I hope WG does something good with this mode. I really like it now.

    1. sundanceHelix


      You mean with the 279e + Chieftain triple platoons running around shitting on everything else?

    2. echo9835


      I didn't see any of those in about a dozen games.

  7. The game has some serious issues, but over all Wargaming has done a lot of quality of life improvements. It's tanks, download it, if it pisses you off, uninstall it. If you have fun, stick around. Balance is more of a myth than Bigfoot, but most of the broken stuff you can get a hold of yourself. The playerbase is a little better than it was in 2016, but it isn't like it was in 2014. expect between 10k and 20k players at prime time. Chai, got up, staggered around for two campaigns, and became a social clan.
  8. The Object 277 and WZ-111-5a are both competitive in pubs and are viable CW tanks. I have both, and the 277 is probably better because it is faster and has no real turret weakspots. The STB 1 is the poster child of "balance by gimmick". It has impressive paper DPM, good on paper turret armor, and is somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as speed goes. It also has a patented super annoying suspension gimmick , its gun functions like a slingshot, and the turret armor isn't great once people start shooting gold at it. It is one of the strongest tech tree medium tanks, its just also powered by gimmicks and frustration these days. The Shitbarn is a bad joke, but the punch line is killing tier 9 medium tanks in 1 hit. As for the tanks to avoid the foch B is the inferior foch. Both Swedish tanks on the list have derpy guns with bad premium pen, so in today's meta they just are not that good.
  9. Welcome to World of BT-7 Artilleries. 

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Did they give them out again?
      I got mine years ago

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Every one of the "premium" tanks involved in this event is unsalvageable shit. The T-116 might be passable, that's it.

  10. Diriz0n and his G0d Damn Zer0 Key. What went thr0ugh his head as he replaced every single 0 in everything he 0rated. Will we every kn0w?
  11. That sums up so many of the problems with this game.
  12. B.U.G.I OP

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. NightmareMk9


      Tier 6 is Good, the tier 7 SUCKS

    3. sr360


      The line ends at tier 6

    4. NightmareMk9


      Also for anyone that cares.  WG decided to change the tier 8 Radio Operator to the Loader.  Luckily all the rest are on the Commander, so I don't need to retrain 2 crew members...

  13. These are some of the ideas that pass through the generally very empty halls of my mind. Most of the time they echo around without meeting another thought. Sometimes I have 2 ideas in the same day. Instead of removing team damage they should have made it reflective. Suicide should result in the person paying everyone's repair bill for that game. Instead of buffing bad tanks they should nerf good tanks. It would prevent power creep. If they sold Phil Swift as a commander for 20 bucks I would buy him. i just want my TC to scream "NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! HOW 'BOUT A LITTLE MORE?" every time I shoot someone with a big gun. The 1.0 graphics update fucked the physics engine. Why the hell are all rocks covered in soap now? And why the hell isn't WG trying to fix it? Where the hell is the AFK Panther? I really miss that little bastard. All the things that made tier 6 light tanks unique and fun were removed in 9.18. Also rest in peace M41 Walker Bulldog. High explosive shells should not be able to damage internal modules and crew members without penetrating or at least directly impacting armor plates. Pagan online was even worse than World of Warplanes.
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