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  1. Kolni's wall oh text brings up a fair point. If you have a tank with a high RoF then you can try and get the mission done through sheer damage. Run the Deadeye perk if you want to optimize as it raises the base module damage for AP and APCR shells. (not HEAT) Please note that it is a perk and needs to be at 100% to get anything out of it.
  2. SU 152 with the derp gun is a good bet. It also comes with 250 pen HEAT shells and buyers remorse.
  3. Now the ground can eat two of my shots at once. Truly we live in the greatest of timelines.
  4. Pz II J for sale.I had discount coupon. Now i have no soul.

    1. Haswell


      It's not even that good anymore, considering the amount of sprem flying around even at low tiers.

    2. echo9835
    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      compared to what it used to be, no its not as good anymore.

      still OP yes, but nowadays theres more shit capable of killing you/HE'ing you

      back in like 2014/15 it was basically invincible to like 90% of the tanks it saw

  5. Plus to 1.6.1: E50M on sale

    Downside: Where the hell is muh CW tenks for bonds? :/

  6. Thanks for the advice. Attitude is probably the most important part. The other stuff is smart advice, but being triggered just leads to bad plays. I I might ad that I never have enough credits for gold spam. I haven't found many premium tanks I can stand playing, so a million credits is a lot for me.
  7. Hello all, I'm looking for a little bit of general advice when it comes to three marking. I know how it works, do more damage (and spotting/tracking) than than 95% of the players in a specific tank within the last 14 days, but I really don't know how to go about doing it while keeping some semblance of sanity. I did it once with the Charioteer and it was between 2-3k damage to stay at a % and about 3.5k+ to get the number to go up. Now I am trying to 3 mark the E50 and I am finding that I struggle to play constantly. Some games are 4-5K damage no problem, some games I go full potato and die first, and sometimes I just end up ramming the first tank I find. Are there general strategies for 3 marking? Is it just deal damage and stop being a potato? Any suggestions?
  8. My own thoughts as far as the bad and the good from this news. There's quite a bit of both in this, to start with what I see as bad (also disappointing and confusing) it seems that WG is largely ignoring balance to work on HE/Gold ammo reworks. In a twisted sort of way this makes sense I guess. Why balance the game now if the ammo re-works will break everything again? I do hope they take player feed back into account with the gold ammo and HE ammo re-works, as a change that big has the possibility to turn into a shitstorm very quickly. Tier 9 premium tanks worry me quite a bit, WG has demonstrated that they are entirely willing to throw game health and balance out the window for money, and tier 9 tanks being sold for money will probably result in tanks that are effectively tier 10 tanks. For my reasoning why, see new age premium tanks, most of them are approaching tier 9 tanks in terms of soft stats, armor, alpha, etc. As for the anonymous feature, its ok I guess, it will help people with certain clan tags and streamers/CCs avoid arty focusing and YOLO rushes. It doesn't let players just hide their XVM stats tho. Rather disappointed by this as I was hoping to hide my stats while retaining my username. As far as good things coming this way, new nations and tech tree tanks sound awesome. New toys, even potentially game breaking new toys, are exiting and entertaining. While the double barreled Russian shotgun tanks sound like they will probably be OP, who doesn't love a new, hilariously broken, Soviet tech tree? I can already see the shit posts and memes flowing forth in a rush of quality internet garbage. A service reward like the T-50-2 sounds pretty good, this sort of thing is always welcome and gives WG some good PR with the community. PvE modes, if handled better than Home-front, offer two things, new content, and a place for new players to learn how to play without getting slaughtered by low tier seal clubbers. That is not to say PvE is all good, it does come with down sides, but well executed PvE offers players new content and a safer, less toxic, learning environment for new players. With all the news that WG released, they're keeping it vague (at least in the articles I've read) but they are communicating with the community. I hope they do stuff like this more often and keep the community at large up to date on new developments.
  9. Dancing Kaiser Wilhelm compels you to purchase over-sized robot vacuum cleaner.


    1. Wanderjar


      lol wth. thats funny

  10. Just 3 marked my first ever tank, the Charioteer. Can we get a moment of silence to mourn all the tier 6 and 7 tanks that ate premium HESH rounds and allowed me to accomplish this?


    1. sohojacques


      Nice work. I rage-sold mine after spraying too many shots. Such a frustrating tank for me. Much prefer the tier 7.

  11. We should play a drinking game. Every time Wargaming says something about British LTs that is not true, have a drink. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/1-6-british-lt/
  12. Woke up today and checked the WoT portal. Good news! Wargaming has heard our criticism of the British light tanks and buffed them. The Manticore, already the *powerhouse of the line, has been granted an aimtime buff, all the way down to 1.9 seconds. Its movement and hull rotation dispersion values are now *far better. a whopping 0.16. still over twice as great as the LT-100. Finally the tank got a much needed power to weight buff as the engine has 30 more horse power! Oh and the rest of the line got new engines of some sort. Truly the British LTs are more powerful than ever before! In all seriousness the rest of the line is untouched, I'd still call the whole line a dumpster fire if it wasn't so darn insulting to flaming dumpsters across the world. 4 more shells is totally inadequate. 32 shells would be a decent amount while keeping with the small shell count theme. WG didn't even touch the Setter down at tier 7 and they only improved power to weight on the 8 and 9, what kind of stuff is the balance team smoking? *Wargaming definitions
  13. Hello all, I've been playing this game for years and have largely been self taught, recently I've noticed that I've hit a plateau when it comes to improvement. I'm looking to learn how improve my skills in high tier tanks (mostly 10s). I'm honestly curious to see how very talented players approach things like vision control, map control, and hit point management. I have plenty of tier 10s (even some good ones) and I am pretty flexible on time right now. Any sort of help would be appreciated greatly. -echo
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