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  1. I can platoon if ya want. Fair warning I suck and love bad tanks.
  2. @sohojacques Because God hates the Curchill GC. It is truly a God forsaken tank.
  3. I would like all the gold I spent on radio operators back and them to leave the KV-2 the fuck alone. I assume neither will happen however.
  4. @Diriz0n IF you have any of the top tier tanks (by your own ranking) you can probably get into most clans. If you cant participate the whole time your chances of getting a tank are much lower. I'd suggest you just try and get into the bond auction. 15-20K bonds will get you a lot of good stuff.
  5. @Enroh Game carrier stomping all over those plebs in non Churchill Game Carrier tanks. Well done!
  6. @Joyrider216 you could win by going AFK and having someone crash into you. any replay that meets the minimum would win right now.
  7. World of Tanks has a cap of 6 arty per match, 3 on each side. Artillery also cannot platoon with other arty before a battle. None of that prevents a 3 arty game from doing a really good imitation of a fountain of diarrhea of course, but the days of 12 arty per side are long gone.
  8. Just hit 69.69% MoE on the Churchill Game Carrier. I'm wondering if I should stop here? Is this even better than 3 marking it?


    1. sr360


      Better still is not playing it.

  9. @EnrohIts like people won't play shitty tanks.
  10. Game carrying time. bonus to the ugliest paint-job.
  11. nevermind, spamming HE, getting better results.

    1. j_galt


      Occasional HE spam can be oddly stress reducing on bad nights.

  12. The IS-3 stock is one of the most un-fun tanks I have ever had the misfortune of playing. I hope the top gun can actually penetrate the few targets it can hit.

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    2. hazzgar


      It's not as bad as some other tanks. You just need to use the 122 to overmatch shit. 


      Compare it to charioteer that needs like 100k exp to get the top gun otherwise you shoot 280 dmg slow as shit shells with meh pen and low caliber (so freak bounces)

    3. hazzgar


      Also the bigger problem for the stock is3 is the stock turret is strong but there is a shot trap that allows similar height tanks to autoaim and pen you.

    4. Oicraftian


      Sometimes RNG says no right up until it says yes. 

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