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  1. Is it wrong that I unironically want teamkilling back so I can kill arty players? 

    1. Tarski


      Seems a bit extreme when you could just destroy their vehicle in the game? 

    2. churchill50


      Whether it's wrong or not, I'm right there with you.

      Teamkilling arty every once in a while was quite cathartic. Especially when it was the arty who had been on your ass for the entirety of the previous game, and then drowned himself before you could kill him.

  2. @Private_Miros and @lavawing are right in terms of well rounded heavies. The VK 36.01 (H) has good stats in a lot of places, and its' worst stats are still pretty good. The VK has the best view range, solid, middle of the pack alpha, good dpm, usable pen, a great gold round, usable armor, and the best mobility of any tier 6 tech tree heavy if you use a Turbo-charger. (I think the object 244 might be faster). Every other tier 6 heavy tank makes some serious trade offs to match or beat a single aspect of the VK. Very few of them are bad but all of them are worse than the VK in some way. If you are looking for something more niche, the ARL 44 with the 105 and full gold is a blast, insane pen and 330 alpha is powerful, but the tank is slow, the gun handling is terrible, and the view range is worse. Plus the DPM isn't any better and the tank eats credits. It makes a great second line support tank, but sacrifices the flexibility of the VK for what it does. (common theme here) The T-150 is a brick of a tank that excels at crushing other heavies. The 300 alpha and great pen synergizes well with the solid all round armor. It's is also slow, blind, and derpy, trading off the flexibility of the VK (again) for better performance when brawling. The M6 looks the most similar to the VK, but it is a slower, much larger, and softer target. it trades all that for 20 more alpha damage. It does have much better PW, but the low top speed plagues it. The KV-2 and O-I are derp gun tanks and fun to play, but they are not really reliable in any match up. The KV-2 has the hand of Stalin reach up from hell and guide shells, but sometimes it just refuses to connect shells, The O-I has the worst mobility of any tier 6, but armor that works well against lower tier tanks and a disgusting Gold HEAT shell. The KV-1s and KV-85 have good guns and decent mobility, but lack any sort of reliable armor. I loved the KV-85 with the 122 D-2-5T but I am weird. Stick with the smaller guns and they play like obese mediums. Stay away from the Churchill and VK 3001 P. Just stay away.
  3. Question: Can you start fires without damaging the engine or breaking fuel tanks? I see it a lot and I am wondering how it happens. I think I might be damaging the engine, but not enough to turn it yellow, but I am not sure.

    1. LoverJoy
    2. CandyVanMan


      Yes, by damaging engine, does not necessarily have to be enough to turn engine yellow though.

  4. Oh just you wait, Wargaming can do anything they put their minds to.
  5. Wargaming has had an obsession with gimmick balancing for years. Remember when they reworked the French TD and British heavy tech trees so they "made sense"? Remember the British LTs with their "battleship guns" and limited shell count? Every tech tree they've released or reworked in the last 4 years has had a gimmick. Over the years Wargaming has just gotten better about cramming paper designs into the gimmick of the month box. As far as gimmicks go, the Italian heavies are really mediocre. I guess I am fine with that. They'll be like the Manticore line, right down to the crew layout change at tier 10. Wargaming will come back in a year and give them a little pity buff, then say they don't know how to balance the line before squeezing out another half baked line in another nation. It's better for the game and meta than the sort of madness that was the 268 v4 or Type 5 rework. Dull, but at least it isn't some sort of bobject fiasco. With autoloaders.
  6. It is all about the HESH memes with this thing.
  7. From my single game dataset I can only conclude that improved hardening = Ace tankers. Ignore the 2 previous games that day. They didn't happen.

  8. I hate the SU-101. It sucks. The combination of catapult shell velocity and horrible accuracy makes long range combat a chore. The stationary camo, its only good stat, is completly irrelevent because the gun is duct taped to the hull. You have to turn the whole abomination and lose your camo whenever you are shooting at someone smart enough to move. The armor is a fucking joke. For a WG new age "assault TD" it has horrible armor. This thing doesn't have the armor to assault a retirement home, let alone most tier 7s. The HP pool is pathetic. Glass cannon TDs with paper armor have better hit points than this PoS. The speed helps only to get to death faster. The only thing that the SU-101 is good at is bullying stock tier 6s too stupid to blow its tracks off.  It is a downgrade from the 100M1 in every way.

    1. punishersal


      Yeah, its shit when I played it last time. Back when it didnt have 122mm, it was totally different tank. Turretless medium more like.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      It was kinda fun back when it had 3.6k DPM, still absolute ass, but fun.

  9. I tried the year before last year to get the tree completed and earned about 90% of the total small boxes. I made it to level X on the tree but only got about 2/3 of the total decorations. I don't think it is practical to do it without buying all 4 types of big boxes.
  10. I had to give my cat a bath today. She keeps coming into my room and hissing at me. I fear for my life.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. echo9835
    3. Hellsfog


      If you leave now, you may get away with your life but I'd wash my tracks with bleach just to be sure. 

    4. punishersal


      Offer her some catnip

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