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  1. Wargaming once again throwing the word "dynamics" around like a damn football.
  2. Ok, so I played a few rounds on the sandbox server. HE penning spaced armor is hilariously dumb. Side of an IS-7? BOOM! Sheridan spaced BS armor? POW! Spaced bullshit on the front of a Sconq? SPLAT! On the other hand if you don't pen, get ready for 183mm of disappointment.

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen remember IS-2 with 300 pen on Tier 7? Or was it 275? I remember the value was moronic. T57 Heavy was also quite broken.

    3. GehakteMolen


      It had 300, same as T69 xD (hence my (and other peoples) old T69 stats are close to unbeatable, 2623 dpg for me, others have 2800 or even 3k i think)

    4. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen well yeah. 300 pen that goes through spaced armor, doesn't lose pen at long distance in an autoloader when there were very few autoloaders and many tanks had less armor and the game was less hull down. I was a total scrub who was playing t5-t6 then but the few times I went up (for some reason I chose Cent and T28 prot... I was a moron) I avoided t69's (phrasing) like a plague

  3. I have had "Grand Battles" on for the past few months trying to do missions. I have seen 4 Grand Battles in that time frame. It's ridiculous. Why would WG sink so much time and money into a game mode that isn't even used? I can't even learn the damn maps because I never see them. Is it like this on the EU server, or is the game mode actually played? 

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    2. echo9835
    3. Snoregasm2


      Yeah literally platooned about 15 tier 10 games with @Private_Miros and seen Grand Battles twice (I have them turned off).

    4. Bobi_Kreeg


      What missions are you trying to do in Grand battles? 

  4. So far I have been pushed out in front of enemy fire and witnessed 7 artillery suicides. I am on game #4. The Russians are a friendly people.
  5. They're going to uncheck a few boxes and move some slider bars then pat themselves on the back for a job well done.
  6. So I have a 5 perk, 80ish percent crew in my Charioteer on the live server. They translated into a 63 point commander on the sandbox thanks to the 0 skill BIA from being female crew members. I then dumped 11 training manuals into them. They still are not maxed out. This system is trash, it is designed to punish people with a lot of crews and incentivize them to dump resources and money into a few crews. On top of that many of the new "perks" are really situational and pretty much not worth taking right out of the gate. Considering that every single skill and perk in the game right now is a pas
  7. The only thing that will change is that 6th sense is free. The seal clubber with 6 skills snd 30,000 games in his T67 will still outclass your brand new crew in every way.
  8. The best part is that the sandbox server is a laggy PoS. I think am averaging 25% packet loss with it. This. Right here. Sums up the whole shitshow.
  9. Welcome to Gimmick 2.0! Now not only are new tank lines built around arbitrary gimmicks, but your crew is too.
  10. FV3805+intentionally damaging myself to activate adrenalin rush. 16 second reload. average stun time 14-16 seconds.

    Cancer incarnate. 

    1. simba90


      oooh, I had never thought of that....

    2. PityFool


      big brain moment

    3. echo9835


      just use the stock gun. Stunning missions are a joke

  11. Spall liners do work. sort of. They only work against non penetrating direct hits. and even then the effect is less than advertised.
  12. If the inconsistency bothers you, why are you here? The entire game is built around a +/- 25% RNG roll.
  13. @Hoenn HE spam is a symptom of far larger issues.
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