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  1. That moment you're so desprate for human contact you climb to the top of a hill and hold your phone above your head to get a signal.

  2. Running Brawl Platoons on NA. I hope WG does something good with this mode. I really like it now.

    1. sundanceHelix


      You mean with the 279e + Chieftain triple platoons running around shitting on everything else?

    2. echo9835


      I didn't see any of those in about a dozen games.

  3. Welcome to World of BT-7 Artilleries. 

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Did they give them out again?
      I got mine years ago

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Every one of the "premium" tanks involved in this event is unsalvageable shit. The T-116 might be passable, that's it.

  4. B.U.G.I OP

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Tier 6 is Good, the tier 7 SUCKS

    3. sr360


      The line ends at tier 6

    4. NightmareMk9


      Also for anyone that cares.  WG decided to change the tier 8 Radio Operator to the Loader.  Luckily all the rest are on the Commander, so I don't need to retrain 2 crew members...

  5. I've been trying to 3 mark the KV-2 R. Every. Fucking. Game. There are 3 M44s per team. If Wargaming is willing to nerf the progetto because there are 3 of them or more every game then why the hell won't they nerf that fucking abomination? There are people running around with fucking bounty equipment M44s that have a 15 second reload. I've seen poor bastards get perma tracked by one of them if they don't have a repair crew. Its beyond broken. Low tier arty is like high tier arty on crack.

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    2. Kymrel


      It is completely stupid and has ruined tiers 6 and 7, which used to be at least somewhat playable.

    3. Rexxie


      Another thing that has really started bugging me is that the arty changes have made them so accurate up close. Like half of the time I see a pubby LT manage to make it up to the arty, they get popped anyway.

    4. Panzergraf


      On 7/30/2020 at 6:48 PM, GehakteMolen said:

      half the arty players prob plays for some stupid mission...

      I'm guilty.

  6. I just bought the Shitbarn and I am really not sure who was screwed over more: me or all of the tier 8 HESH victims.

    1. echo9835


      I just had a Leo 1 try and side-scrape against me. :/ 

  7. I picked up the Leo PTA a few days ago and holy shit, this thing is an animal. 420 alpha, 400 base view range, excellent gun handling, speed, extreme penetration, what more could you ask from a medium tank? Quite possibly my new favorite tank at my favorite tier. I now understand all the rage about this thing. The biggest problem is going to be training up a new crew for the Leo 1 because I don't think I will ever sell the PTA.

    1. kolni


      yeah if you're a medium player you need 3 german med crews, 1 for E50/E50M(back to E 50 after done with E50M) and one each for the Leo's

      Grind them out next FL season is my advice

    2. echo9835


      Cries in mutz.

  8. 7 kills in a skirmish. Something something seal clubbing.


  9. How bad is the stock grind on the Leo PTA? I spent all of my blueprints and free XP to skip the indienpanzer. Should I just safe another 60K free XP or suffer through a stock grind?

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    2. echo9835


      Ok, Yolo and die once you get the 105. Thanks. :p

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      It would be funny if it got the same 90mm stats that the type 61 got but it's really just a sad gun

    4. hazzgar


      It's annoying for sure but with food and good amount of gold spam it is still doable. 

      Also with all the +100% exp reserves from battle pass and missions and extra weekend bonuses you will have the gun in no time. 

  10. It isn't even a 5x XP weekend. The 3 stooges on my team are something incredible. At least I got the fucking mission done.


  11. I unlocked the Chimera yesterday and I've played about 25 games in it. This tank actually is a good reward tank. Like the Excalibur it isn't OP, but it provides a novel and interesting tank without fucking it up for everyone it goes up against. Now its time to move on to the Object 260 missions.

  12. I unlocked the Char Futur 4 and holy shit the gun is good. The camo is 33.41 stationary, 25.78 on the move with BIA and vents but no food/directive. The 4 second unload is something you really do have to work around.

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    2. echo9835


      @Kymrel yeah, the magazine reload is a bitch. A shorter burst more often would be a good change. To late now tho.

      @kolni The standard pen is so great I haven't even touched the gold shells yet, but thats good to know.

      I think its a good side grade from the BC 25T AP. You trade unload speed and magazine capacity for penetration and a slightly faster reload.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      I haven't played since 2017... France got new tanks? wow


      also I read that as Char Futa 4

    4. echo9835


      @HowitzerBlitzer That sounds... disturbing. 

  13. Is it just me or do other people play way better in autoloaders too? I play most of my autoloaders about 500-700 win8 better than single shot tanks. I think its just easy to trade HP with non-autoloader tanks, but maybe there is more to it I am just not seeing.

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    2. lavawing


      I felt autoloaders were stronger 2 years ago when you could actually unload the full clip and not everything can snap at sniping range

    3. Tman450


      the playstyle probably suits you better. They can be way easier to play if you get good at just dumping

    4. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Smashing people at the start of the game is very nice and its pretty easy to get that rhythm going while with single shots I just kind of find myself pew pewing a bit just chipping away at things. 

  14. I just got the IS-2 screen door and it looks like they put a shitty stock jpeg of a fence on the front.

    1. RC_Tank


      yeah it really does, that doesn't give me hope for the future of the game lmao

  15. anyone on the NA server who wants a good team for the Berlin gamemode send me a PM. I've had good luck pulling teams together and getting a winning streak going.

    1. ZXrage



      fuck you dirty sealclubber you are contributing to WoT's demise

    2. echo9835


      The poor AMX 40

  16. Is it to much to ask Wargaming to let us rebind our repair kit in the PvE mode? IS THAT SIMPLE THING TO FUCKING COMPLICATED FOR THEM TO FIGURE OUT?

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      yeah what kind of heathen doesn't have rep kit on 5

  17. Is there a way of turning off the God forsaken shitty music for the Brawl mode?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I have world of tanks completely muted in volume mixer

  18. I found out WeeGee re-enabled grand battles for me. What a profoundly unpleasant experience.

    1. Balthazars


      Yeah, looks like 1.9 re-enabled it for everyone. I had a rude surprise as well. The bastards.

  19. Should we create the zero key memorial book club? If so what book should we read?

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    2. Wanderjar


      4tlAs $hrugged? 

    3. Private_Miros


      1OO years of s0litude

    4. Wanderjar


      wait wait wait....
      The 3 Body problem    0...o...O

  20. Gr33tings all, 

    From now on I will b3 r3placing all of my e's with 3's to set mys3lf apart so I s33m cool and 3dgy. In doing this I hop3 to b3 as popular and upvot3d as much as anoth3r m3mb3r of this forum. Thank you all for b3ing so und3rstanding.

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    2. ZXrage


      You're lacking that unreasonable opinion that you will defend until you die

    3. Ham_


      m4ntic0r3 is b3tt3r th4n t-1oo ZXr4g3 u h0rny slut

    4. echo9835


      Th3 AMX is th3 b3st tank 3v3r.

  21. Mount and Blade Bannerlord came out today. I found something to replace tanks for a while. :D

  22. Good news! I found out how to sell the T-10! I will never have to play it again! YAY!

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    2. ZXrage


      he speaks the devil words

    3. echo9835


      my 40% winrate and constant screaming state otherwise

    4. kolni


      nope he is right it sucks

  23. Wargaming is selling the E-25 on NA. This is a PSA to stay the hell out of tier 5 and 6 tanks for a week or 2.

  24. If you've ever wanted to 3 mark the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, now is the time. I am shooting nothing but HE because reasons.

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    2. sr360


      12 hours ago, SkittlesOfSteeI said:

      This is so woke. Interestingly enough all the autoloaders except the 105 and at tier 10 work well with HE for example
      Batchat 25HE
      HEVP 50/51
      Foch 1fifHE5

      I think you misspelled the FocHE 155... 


    3. Diriz0n


      You have to have large bore size.

      T57, Emil ll, 5OB, Bat Chat, Foch B....the explosive power is too low.  O dmg HE hits and shitting-the-bed is actually more common than people think, and will not give you a guarantee low HP kill or cap reset. You are going to be doing 12 dmg against tanks like Jag Pz or Types. Even with 4-6 shells, with the whole barrage it still is not 2O% the AP dmg from 1 AP pen. Unacceptable math.

      Tanks like Fochs 155, sure that works. Especially since the gun wildly goes all over the place when firing HEAT or AP. And you are not going to be dealing 12 dmg hits against Maus, making it more reliable. 7O3  ll can maybe try to do it, gambling for tier 6 matches because it is 2 tiers down. 

      Try all HE spam SU13OPM or 5OTP proto. Those look like vehicles that can pull it off, and even will make money and train crews doing it.


    4. MagicalFlyingFox






      TL;DR high calibre HE is still dumb

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