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  1. The IS-3 stock is one of the most un-fun tanks I have ever had the misfortune of playing. I hope the top gun can actually penetrate the few targets it can hit.

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    2. echo9835


      pls kill me. 26 shots fired, 8 hits, 2 pens

    3. ZXrage


      Just saying man, there’s a reason most tier 8 heavies are still compared to the IS-3

      i know because I love mine <3 but yeah the stock grind is ass, the top turret and BL9 definitely improved my enjoyment of the tank

    4. Oicraftian


      I actually despised my IS-3 until the gun suddenly decided to start penning things. 


      It went from giving tier 6 heavies steel walls to going through armor.


      I still remember the battle where I pumped 9 shots into a tier 7 heavy at ~300 meters for 0 pens. Since every shot hit autobounce.

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