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  1. Theoretical hypothetical question for all you 3 markers out there: would it be possible to go up 2 Marks of Excellence in 1 game? For example from 64.9 to 85.1 in one game. If so, has it ever happened?

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I think the overperformance of the tank's average would be too much. Like, you would need a horrendous tank, and then you'd need to have a game of a liftetime, and even that wouldn't be enough I don't think.

      By way of example (and noting that the tank is actually good), I got 7.3k dmg and 1,500 tracking in a Leo Pta game for my 3 marks, but the actual progress was from 94.24 to 95.45, so barely 1%.

    3. hazzgar


      It is possible but it's rare. When lights MM changed but prems were untouched I think this might have been possible. 13 57 went from shit to OP. 

    4. simba90


      I went from 82 to 92% in the T26E5 in one game during one of the rental periods. One of the very few times I considered trying for a three mark.

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