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  1. I unlocked the Char Futur 4 and holy shit the gun is good. The camo is 33.41 stationary, 25.78 on the move with BIA and vents but no food/directive. The 4 second unload is something you really do have to work around.

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      stabs, vents, optics. 

    3. Wanderjar


      yeah i know vstab is pretty much always preferred but it seems like the gld has a case for comfy aimtime for the interclip


    4. kolni


      tried it with optics and the gun is pretty fucking yucky, improved GLD for me it is because the gun is workable and the few vision games u can play u can still play without optics, u just don't spot on ur own as much

      play it like it it is a single shooter with a super long reload > autoloading trading 2f0 on tanks during longer reloads and 1f0 on faster reloading meds over 2f1 unless kill imo

      camo is good and abuseable, doesn't pair very well with gun sadly unless you're going low VR (hard to fight in vision but not very good at giving information to rest of team)

      heat rounds are fucking fast for heat rounds, very comfy round to fire -> no other shell loaded


      nowhere near as good as Kpz 50t IMO though



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