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  1. Is it wrong that I unironically want teamkilling back so I can kill arty players? 

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I think it's needed tbh. I've noticed a lot more pushing out recently and I know it just wouldn't happen as much if you could shoot the dickhead for his troubles, or track them in the open. I was chased around the map for 3 minutes the other day in my EB75 because I wasn't "spotting" enough - in a game where I got Patrol Duty.

    3. ProxyCentauri


      It would definitely be a good thing. A slight encouragement now though- the sample is still too small to be
      significant but I seem to notice a slight reduction at tier 8/9 here at EU regarding number of clickers/game.
      Now that holiday season is over the pubbies probably have to go back to their Defenders or go broke fast.
      I was truly shocked regarding clicking/profit during holiday season. I could use a 53/55 with food and full gold
      spam and still profit somewhat as long as WR>50%/session. Arguably the most versatile arty apart from 261 maybe
      pretty ez keeping WR at 54%+. Only at tier X with the old bob T92 did I loose $(negative WR<50% solo- cant influence much in that old sledge- I only solo). 
      I wont go into the old trenches again regarding arty but as a minimum it should be way harder to profit by clicking.
      For a player in the 900-1500 range it was probably damn ez to profit(I am at 1600+ atm, middle of the green shitter range)
      so probably very confy for them to click when they suck at everything else


    4. crapcannon


      I want it back so I can TK scouts that sit behind me or hide in a bush the entire game while the battle rages on the other side of the map.

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