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  1. I earned a Reward tank in the latest 2 week suffering extravaganza. I don't have any of the reward tanks in my garage. Any suggestions on which ones are fun? T95, Carro, VK, or Obj. 907?

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    2. GehakteMolen


      i would pick caro tbh, a bit derpy gun handling and slow dpm, but on the other italian tanks, the slow dpm is `fine` (and its the best looking tank)

      Other wise the Vk, obj 907 is just an obj 140, and speaking of 907, is that tank even better as 140 nowadays? 140 has same gun, but better gun handling, better turret armour (907 has a big 40mm zone, obj a much smaller 45mm zone) and 140 has much better gun depression (-7 vs -5)

      907 has way better side armour, but thats it, i`d pick 140 any day in randoms, better turret and gun depression as way more usefull as reverse side scraping imo... (when i see a tryhard doing that, im 100% loading full gold to kill you first, shitty tactics and tacticool bs needs to be purged first...)

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      If you wanna be picked in CW more, 907.

      If you want interesting gimmick tank, Carro.

      If you want to turn off brain and blap people for 750, VK.


      T95 is kinda trash tbh. In regards to the 907, the hull armour is quite trolly and can bounce occasionally, especially when rushing. That plus the very very slightly better dpm means its still preferred in organised battles. In pubs the 140 is just way more comfortable.

    4. hall0


      907 is the best out of all available tanks. The go to medium tank in CW. And the best Russian medium in the game. 

      VK is a very good super heavy. But it is slow and therefore not really my cup of tea. 

      121b is a good medium after all the Buffs. But it is also available in bind store. So no reason why to pick it here. 

      Carro is shit. Only good thing is it's exclusivity. Armor is meh. Gun handling is shit. Dpm is meh. New CZ tank ha better gun handling than this turd. 

      M60 is nothing special when you have the M48. And it is in the bond shop as well. Therefore no reason to pick it here. 

      E6 is a tank from the past. Even after the Buffs it feels like this tank has been left behind. 

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