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  1. I'd guess around 80 dollars That's the standard bundle bullshit. so 50% or 60% off to just pay for the tank.
  2. I've found that the only way I consistently survive Westfield when there is three times the "dynamic gameplay" is to not be spotted. I tend to lurk at the base of the hill north of town and shoot people who wander into city seeking shelter from "dynamic gameplay". Sure those buildings provide the only protection from the scourge upon humanity in the entire map, but going there opens you to shots from others in town, from the hill to the north, and from across the valley to the south. I guess its a choice between other tanks or "dynamic gameplay".
  3. Theoretical hypothetical question for all you 3 markers out there: would it be possible to go up 2 Marks of Excellence in 1 game? For example from 64.9 to 85.1 in one game. If so, has it ever happened?

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I think the overperformance of the tank's average would be too much. Like, you would need a horrendous tank, and then you'd need to have a game of a liftetime, and even that wouldn't be enough I don't think.

      By way of example (and noting that the tank is actually good), I got 7.3k dmg and 1,500 tracking in a Leo Pta game for my 3 marks, but the actual progress was from 94.24 to 95.45, so barely 1%.

    3. hazzgar


      It is possible but it's rare. When lights MM changed but prems were untouched I think this might have been possible. 13 57 went from shit to OP. 

    4. simba90


      I went from 82 to 92% in the T26E5 in one game during one of the rental periods. One of the very few times I considered trying for a three mark.

  4. @Brewuup If you're looking to ace Russian and Chinese tanks I would suggest tech tree tanks that no one really plays. The XP requirements are far lower than something like a CW reward tank. I did mine in the SU-100 and WZ-131.
  5. You have a good point about the spotter, I've also found that the Smoke Screen is useful for pushing on cap circles. As for the arty/airstrikes, well WG solved the arty problem by giving it to everyone.
  6. Yeah, its pretty laid back overall. Fun for a while, not all the time tho.
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    2. orzel286


      @lavawing Why not both? I have both. I'd lick their feet 24/7.

    3. Haswell
    4. orzel286


      Oh, and I  think I have a game for you @Haswell


      I think it's like Mount&Blade, but leaning more towards rpg than somewhat-tactical/rpg. And is lewd.

  7. Chipping away at the God forsaken hellscape that is the test server if anyone wants to join.


  8. I bet if wargaming played their own game the changes would be different. also they gave the Luchs 640 HP, its like a wolf among lambs. I'm averaging 5 kills a game with 4 times my normal ping because I can trade HP so much better than before. Honestly I think an HP buff is a bit of a band-aid on a sucking chest wound at low tiers. The issue is that some tanks are just fucking broken OP and the caliber of players is so weak at low tiers that any half competent clown with an OP tank can kick the shit out of them.
  9. 10 million for a tier 3... holy shit WG, why not just ask for an arm or something?
  10. What the cinnamon toast crunch fuck is this deal? It looks like someone glued green pipe cleaners to it.
  11. I bought the KV-2 R a week before the announced "buffs" and was pretty pissed about the HE changes. I am still pissed about the HE changes, but hey KV-2 is still stronk tenk. Also @Diriz0n I am pretty sure WG knows that the HE changes are going to piss a lot of people off. I think that the HE changes are someone's pet project and they have professional pride caught up in it. They don't want to admit its bad but someone else is trying to do some damage control. If the KV-2 was nerfed, and lets be real the HE changes are a nerf, the RU server would lose their minds.
  12. So we have time to plan a fun tank funeral? cool.
  13. WeeGee is Thanos snapping the whole tech tree low tier tanks are going to be purchasable for credits (no research) and high tier stuff is removed for now, anyone who has them in the garage will get them as reward tanks, everyone else will get them back in some sort of god forsaken mission marathon or something. Wargaming has not made up their minds on what to do with them yet.
  15. At jury duty all day for the one thing I can afford and want. Awesome.
  16. I might buy it so it can collect dust next to my Mutz.
  17. you get a participation sticker and 50 bonds.
  18. Going into advances, I get the feeling it will be something awesome. to bad it will be gone before I get out of battle.
  19. Play until you're no longer having fun. When you get tilted, take a break. Play a new game and come back later. Most people play worse when they're mad, so when you get mad play something else. Sometimes I play 3 or 4 games, sometimes its more like 30. The game isn'f going anywhere so theres no reason to punish yourself. As for in game, play tanks you like, not trash tanks and don't plah stock tanks.
  20. @Haswell what if I start replacing all my Os with 0s? W0uld that ann0y y0u?
  21. Caern AX bidding. I its ok i guess. Kinda disappointed it seems to be working for once. :/
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