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  1. Lol I've gone from shitlord to shitlord who wins more than he loses. I keep improving, but I doubt I will ever hit a purple overall stats. I just don't have the motivation that players like you have. It's really cool to see how you got to be the best of the best tho. Also glad to see you're hand is working again.
  2. 7 kills in a skirmish. Something something seal clubbing.


  3. its open on 3 sides and not that easy to get into. Its good for a laugh when you get 10 tanks on your team to go there, but not much else. Most tanks don't have the turret side armor to hold it if the other team takes the north.
  4. The Fuhrer bunker is pretty exposed. the windows are huge
  5. How bad is the stock grind on the Leo PTA? I spent all of my blueprints and free XP to skip the indienpanzer. Should I just safe another 60K free XP or suffer through a stock grind?

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    2. echo9835


      Ok, Yolo and die once you get the 105. Thanks. :p

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      It would be funny if it got the same 90mm stats that the type 61 got but it's really just a sad gun

    4. hazzgar


      It's annoying for sure but with food and good amount of gold spam it is still doable. 

      Also with all the +100% exp reserves from battle pass and missions and extra weekend bonuses you will have the gun in no time. 

  6. Honestly a good start, i assume we will wait another whole year before the fucking things get dragged down to the level of all the other LTs.
  7. It is a well balanced tank. It makes trade offs and compromises to get its magazine and amazing penetration. That is why I think the Char is such a fun tank.
  8. It isn't even a 5x XP weekend. The 3 stooges on my team are something incredible. At least I got the fucking mission done.


  9. Wargaming internal account of some sort. Maybe a press account or testing account?
  10. Right now you just need someone to give you a push.
  11. I unlocked the Chimera yesterday and I've played about 25 games in it. This tank actually is a good reward tank. Like the Excalibur it isn't OP, but it provides a novel and interesting tank without fucking it up for everyone it goes up against. Now its time to move on to the Object 260 missions.

  12. Since Wargaming is going a bit on the crazy side with this whole equipment 2.0 thing, why not remove the gun rammer? Without the +10% DPM of the gun rammer a lot of other options become more appealing. I realize that it is quite a radical change, but it does carry a few benefits (theoretically)for the game as a whole. With an overall DPM reduction battles would (theoretically) last longer. It would open up slots for other equipment to be used. Artillery would have a longer reload. Any thoughts on equipment 2.0 without gun rammer? Crazy? Bad idea? Good idea?
  13. Imagine if WG put good players in charge of balance.
  14. 5% of TOG max speed all for the low low price of 600K credits
  15. But E25 memes. Just think of the seal clubbing.
  16. I want to see this in action, but it looks like something that could shake up the meta without adding in new tanks. I hope they limit the shit that the EBR can use because the last thing we need is one with higher top speed and power to weight. I see some real meme builds coming out of this tho. like a maus that doesn't take stun damage at all or an E25 that keeps almost all its camo while firing. Overall I am wary of this going the way of the ammo re-balance, but hopeful that it shakes up the meta in a positive way.
  17. I unlocked the Char Futur 4 and holy shit the gun is good. The camo is 33.41 stationary, 25.78 on the move with BIA and vents but no food/directive. The 4 second unload is something you really do have to work around.

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    2. echo9835


      @Kymrel yeah, the magazine reload is a bitch. A shorter burst more often would be a good change. To late now tho.

      @kolni The standard pen is so great I haven't even touched the gold shells yet, but thats good to know.

      I think its a good side grade from the BC 25T AP. You trade unload speed and magazine capacity for penetration and a slightly faster reload.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      I haven't played since 2017... France got new tanks? wow


      also I read that as Char Futa 4

    4. echo9835


      @HowitzerBlitzer That sounds... disturbing. 

  18. https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Unicorn-Horn Follow instructions. Tape to forhead.
  19. I don't disagree that the nerf itself is a bad idea in its current iteration, but the reasoning behind it is quite sound. On the most populated server 25% of the tanks in tier 10 match making are progetto's, and if you ad in the 430U it goes up to 42%. I wouldn't be surprised to see games of just those two tanks. That is a serious problem for WG that they have a strong incentive to fix. I think the fix in question is pretty dumb, but they are trying to fix an actual problem. Admittedly the problem isn't a problem for us, and the solution is a problem for us, but we're actually seeing WG try to fix a problem. They haven't tried to fix a problem since patch 9.18 gave us 3-5-7. I don't even know when they successfully fixed a problem last.
  20. Cromwell is used in tier 6 skirmishes the most. The T-34-85 is also popular.
  21. Tiers 5-7 are pretty great learning environments. Tier 1 is not a tier to keep playing at pretty much no matter what, and tiers 2 and 3 are brutal to new players. If you want to actually learn how to play then push up to tier 5 and 6 as fast as you can. look for codes that give days of premium and XP personal reserves and use those to grind out lower tier tanks in a few hours. Completing the tutorial on a new account should give you a free tier 6 tank token. the Russian KV-2, T-150, and T-34-85, the British Cromwell, and Italian P43 bis are all great tier 6 tanks to get started with. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask, everyone here is really friendly.
  22. So I did a short Reddit browse and now the Progetto nerf makes a lot more sense. Apparently 25% of all tier 10 tanks played are Progettos on the RU server. In my own NA server experience I almost never see more than one of the things, but if it is 25% of the total number of tier 10 tanks played then holy shit WG does need to do something. As for the 430U nerfs it still reeks of the same sort of "nerf" they gave the Type 5 when they made one of the hatches on the front only 270 mm thick. I think a bit more of a hit to the 430U would be a good idea, but I'm absolutely baffled by the Progetto stats on the RU server and I have no idea how to go about fixing it without massive nerfs to the vehicle. I think Wargaming is in the same boat in that regard. On the other hand the whole situation is somewhat reminiscent of previous metas like the 268v4 and Type 5 metas. I wonder if similar numbers have appeared in the past? Were there any other tanks that just flooded the MM like the Progetto does on the RU server?
  23. Oh thank God WG finally did something about that non Russian tank. Can't have an auto re-loader that is good other than the premium ones. I hope they nerf the shit out of the Centurion AX next. Give it a 17 pounder or something.
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