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  1. Ohw yea? I dindt actually know that xD i think its still relatable because we can see like how good he is in shooting damage in total. DPG is like the same but i dont know why
  2. uhm yea we wanna get more higher people because we can give tips and tricks to the lower ones. Greetings Freaky. Oh excuse me Sir. I dindt notice that.. im new here so i dont know anything. and i think it went wrong because i only clicked once on post thread. excuse me Assassin7 Greetings. Freaky
  3. Hello people who is watching this page. We are koersk a new starting clan searching for new players!What we offer?-playing skirmishes as much as possible (trying some tier 8 and 10 if we cant then 6)-activating boosters to get more priority things.-fun late nights talks to get some fun.What do we expect from you guys?-at least minimal 700 wn8 4000+ personal rating (some excaptions can be made)-at least have 1min. tier 6 and 8 tanks and a tier 10 on the way (ask the priority tanks to the field commanders)-have a sense of humour.-speak and listen correct english.-working microphone and teamspeak3-minimal 3 days online in a week. please give me a Personal message for further actions (freaky_boy2003) greeting from me and our clan Freaky.
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