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  1. He published me on July 23rd. This being our three month anniversary, I wanted to return the favor. I'm just sad it wasn't ready for his birthday. There'll be additions. One hilarious addition I'll release here before I post it to the site, because people were so inviting here.
  2. www.exposingewot.com Enjoy. More to come, this is just getting started.
  3. Oh, you won't be disappointed, my friend. But that video is *very* on target.
  4. Yet I TK one of them once, with fair warning, and here we are.
  5. Your answer will come Oct 23rd. =)
  6. I would like to take this opportunity to wish @Thing_1 a happy birthday! And I'm sorry your special birthday gift isn't ready yet, but maybe on our anniversary. =)
  7. Unfortunately for both him and me, yes. He posted the wrong address/phone number for my friend, because he picked the wrong one in White Pages. Even when we tried pointing it out, he didn't listen. lol
  8. lol You're assuming I'm not operating off of advice from legal counsel already, or haven't been all along. No, I'm not expecting this to "end up in some national news", the news doesn't care about any of this, nor would I want them to. More news = more publicity for them, and = more sharing of my information. Their page is small and sucks, it gets almost no traffic, and as a result I'm happy almost no one views it. I'm not playing that I have a secret. I'm just not about to talk about the multiple legal avenues being explored on a forum that I know they are watching.
  9. I already have letters drafted to a bunch of different companies associated with the site or his social media, outlining the various blatant TOS violations. However at the moment I'm withholding them in case those need to be used as evidence in a criminal case. But I know of at least one LE agency already contacted both GoDaddy and Cloudflare, so they may act even without my complaint. We'll see.
  10. Heh. Oh I'm not playing, though he thinks I am. I just want the personal info taken down. He can leave the site, even leave the post with my Warthunder name. I think that's a fair compromise. But he responded the predictable way, so here we are.
  11. They're definitely on, I've been messaging someone else. haha
  12. lol Oh Rexxie.. @Never - Well I actually do attempt to hide my personal information. I work with and frequently interact with members of the public who I'd prefer not have that information, as it poses a danger to myself and my wife. It would appear from his responses to my limited attempt at communication that he just wants a fight, as malignant narcissists tend to. And it also appears he is confusing the wheels of the legal system slowly turning to mean I was bluffing. You guys are right though, he's extremely paranoid. He seems to think I'm trying to get into t
  13. I realize many of them haven't been here in months or years. Hoping the tags will bring them back if they have email alerts on. Without giving too much away, there are a lot of avenues in play. But I suppose a class action suit isn't off the table.
  14. I realize this is a MAJOR resurrection. But I feel it's justified. Please, let me explain. A couple weeks ago, while playing Warthunder, there was an incident. Long story short, someone had a childish outburst in a match, and the next game they were also in the match on our same team. They did it again and I threatened to TK them. When they called my bluff, I went through with it. Four days later, my friend and I were dox'ed on "ExposingWoT.com". That forum was created in approx Aug/Sept 2016. They've been dox'ing people, mostly from WOT, for years. I think it's a wild esc
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