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  1. Yep, I kind of expected them to have done a little more in 13 minutes worth of gameplay. But oh well.
  2. She passed out. 4 was a bit much apparently. Turned out she was a little bit nutso though.
  3. I broke my last GF our first night together. Didn't even get a chance to test volume nor projectile speed.
  4. This must be facetious. That, or you're being intentionally thick.
  5. I think Ezz put up the first official "Nadstek" Kill. What is he owed?
  6. STK and Chiangmai's post's are cancerous. I would recommend using a razor blade on your retinas before attempting to read.
  7. I did mine before he did his. So there. Any ways, you don't see stasis in NUKED now do you?
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