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  1. Yep, I kind of expected them to have done a little more in 13 minutes worth of gameplay. But oh well.
  2. She passed out. 4 was a bit much apparently. Turned out she was a little bit nutso though.
  3. I broke my last GF our first night together. Didn't even get a chance to test volume nor projectile speed.
  4. This must be facetious. That, or you're being intentionally thick.
  5. I think Ezz put up the first official "Nadstek" Kill. What is he owed?
  6. STK and Chiangmai's post's are cancerous. I would recommend using a razor blade on your retinas before attempting to read.
  7. I did mine before he did his. So there. Any ways, you don't see stasis in NUKED now do you?
  8. Your daily dose of spasticness: Wibbly-wobbly-howtostats?
  9. I'm not sure why they don't just use a blacklist of words that are automatically changed to an acceptable version. You post the word "fuck" and it changes it to "*bleep*" or something like that. Systems like this have been used for years on other forums, it's not that hard to implement. . Get rid of a majority of moderators and leave a few trusted ones to remove pointless/hate threads.
  10. I give you a hearty +1 as I can't be bothered reading their trollop anymore.
  11. So exactly how many threads will there be regarding the The Great Panzac Dispute?
  12. RAGERMAN^^ We expect one, maybe two, battles before he's overly hard on himself and quits.
  13. On the SEA server you can say whatever the hell you want. They only thing they understand is [][][][][] 555+ I usually only vent when I'm solo.
  14. Don't worry, most of the guys from PBKAC were either asked to remove their signatures (Even the Koala Jesus) or it would be forcibly removed. There are some spastic rule enforcements going on at the moment. Apparently one complaint can be made and it must be taken care of...
  15. I'll hold my tongue on the inevitable jokes which will no doubt arise from that statement.
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