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  1. Had an amazing round playing as a bottom tier Comet scout. Even when the pizza showed up and I spilled my beer. Only noticed afterward I had the perfect opportunity to finish MD 3.15 :cri:



  2. Working on 6k blocked. VK B still the best for that? I love it - gonna kill me when it gets nerfed for the FaiLowe. 


    1. Fulcrous


      Swede T9/10 are the best for that :serb:

  3. Any thoughts on the Krupp for sale today? Haven't found much opinion online yet. 

    1. breeeze
    2. BadLuckCharm


      Look at the Upcoming Changes thread - it's in there. And it's tiger poo, apparently.

  4. Going to bump/necro this since it's expected on the calender tomorrow. What's the outlook on the IS3-A a year later? I haven't had an IS3 since around 10k games (need to rebuy it along with the KT,) but miss the Hammer of Stalin. I have the IS6 and KV5, but wish I had a Soviet Heavy with respectable penetration.
  5. Had a revelation that I have way too many premium tanks. Decided, besides missions, my goal is to play 100 games total in each Tier 5 and above. It'll be interesting. 

  6. So I'm a dummy. Clicked on it to see if it was doing the discount for owning an IS-6 for the regular one, and clicked on Paypal to see the full, calculated total. Some idiot (me) had checked the options to make it nearly all automatic. So I am now the ignominious owner of a tank I already have. Fuck. I would've rather spent the money on the Patriot or some shit. Time to grind out a Mastery and a couple marks. Fuck. Oh and it charged me full price for the "just the tank" package.
  7. Redemption! To make up for my Pools M46 fail-to-carry-the-win on Sand river, I managed a victory with 6222 damage and 10 kills. 

    Had to run luck a bitch from a camping near-full-health E-75 to secure the win, but still. 


  8. I don't get it.  I have 127 games in the T54E1 and 119 in the M46. WR are 54% and 43% respectively. WTF. I know the Patton is the stronger medium, and I should be doing better in it. Same goes with the STA-1. Terrible with it. But stellar with the Obj 416. 

    1. RichardNixon


      100 games is a small sample for winrate. Only a 95% chance of being within +/- 9% of performance level. Damage-based metrics are a lot more reliable over low battle counts.

  9. Thanks! Watching your replay I pretty much agree with everything you said. Like I said, I got greedy wanting the 3 arty kills - got less focused on trying to carry. The Cent was a good player (better than I,) and I should have tried to save him. What about saving the O-Ni? In hindsight saving him didn't do us any good.
  10. So this is hands down the best game I've had - and I'm not stellar in the M46 *cough* 43% over 116 games oh God I'm a scrub *cough.* I had this game in the bag and I threw it. I knew I could out-DPM the T30 at the end but I couldn't get the positioning. So really, I'm looking for advice primarily on my end-game here - but I'll take any and all. Also, when I took out the 3 artillery, I didn't think we had too much of a chance and I saw an opportunity to complete a T-55A mission. So it may not have been the best play/a little selfish and I get that. Any and all comments are welcome.
  11. So, the upcoming sale. I have 11.1 Mil credits and to buy: OBJ 268, E-50-M, T110E4, WZ11111111-4, Obj 430 II. 

    Any opinions on priorities? 

    Also the O-Ni and Challenger. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NotchbackFiero


      Yeah, I've read all over that the 704 is better than the 268. I love my E-50 so the M is kind of a gimmie; and I'd like to get all the hover-mediums eventually. 

    3. Valachio


      Buy the WZ1111111111111111111111111111111111-4 if you want a great tier 9 med

      Buy the 430 II if you know how to sidescrape and don't care about spamming HEAT


    4. leggasiini


      Challenger and O-Ni wont be discounted tho


      1. Wz-11111111111111111 111111-4, not just that thing is both one of the best heavies AND meds in the tier but 113 is now damn good too

      2. e-50m 

      3. 430 II

      4. either TDs, both are not very that good although i like 268 always when i try it on test server and its getting HD model in next patch(es). Devs atleast said one is ready.

  12. These rentals reminded me I have a Panther 8.8, that it's not shit, and that I actually like the thing. Which is odd, considering I hated the 30.06/Panther/Panther II.

    (E 50 is love, though.)

    1. FavreFan4ever


      I found the Panther 88 to be pretty fun as well. While I only got into one tier 10 game (the rest being mostly 8s and a couple 9s), the gun was great, the armor was workable (sidescraping FTW) and the mobility better than I expected (for some reason I was surprised when it moved more than 30kph...)

  13. Is there a topic/list/spreadsheet etc that has the average damage needed for a given tank/MoE? 

    1. NotchbackFiero


      Ah, vbaddict tells me. I'd kind of forgotten about that.


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