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  1. I understand, but it is still annoying this is possible. Should not be to hard to ban clans like that.
  2. Could you please remove clan DRAKS from the clan top ten? They are using a trick to reach the top position by abusing the training games for new players. If you check their stats you will see most players haven't played any games and will most likely never do so. A few have played 1 game exactly and did so with a Tier 1 tank in the trainingroom, where you can play a maximum of 10 games against bots in a scripted scenario. You can get a WN8 of 27.000 or higher if you are any good and now how to play against the bots. Hence this clan is ranked 1 with an average WN8 value (battle weighted!) of more than 12.000. That's ludicrous. This is based on 13 games in total, for a bogus clan with 94 members. They all pretty much know what the deal is, their names are all following the same template. Easiest thing to do to get rid of jokers like this is implementing a minimum number of games played per player. That number should be considerably higher then 10. As XVM also does not list WN8 value in game under 100 battles I would suggest that to be an appropriate number.
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