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  1. Im not asking specifically about the thread, im asking about the wotlab page, in allusion to your comment " the community doesn't seem to want one anyways". And because the core of xvm is the rating systems, thats why im asking about the futhure of the wn8. Dont take it personal or offensive in any way, im just only asking about this subject. Like you, im interested in the potential changes, for both, the game and the wn8.
  2. Why then this page and other like this still exists? Why the XVM (even with the anonimizer) still exists? Why are you in this page? Beside the events (halloween and the last cw), others stuff (the british lights line, E75 TS, 703 II, the new double cannon line) was pretty accuracy with the sandbox and supertests. Isn't a promise, they says that and all is about "what happens when it happens?". Just remember a saying from my country, who laughs last laughs better.
  3. For the crew, there are more problems out there, for example, tier7 with 4 guys and tier8+ with 5 or 6, or some guy that are commander/radio and then commander/driver. About the HE and HP, isnt only for low tiers, in fact, is a better system to counter glass cannons. Type4/5 are the problem? wtf? the type 5 was disgusting nerfed. And the rebalance drops a light over the obsoletes tanks like is-4/e100. Actually the only "cancerous" high tier derp is the fv4005, and even with the new HE will do more avg dmg. In my country we have a saying: If you will be penetrated, just relax and enjo
  4. Armor/penetration rebalanced? why? Stop follow streamers who tell you that the HE rework is a nerf... no more burn engine when youre hitted in the turret, for example, or no more 5dmg with the kv2 hitting an enemy.
  5. No, is planned for june/july Yes, looks like... Is planned for june/july of this year
  6. Read my edit above, yes... the changes will be more massive that just a change of HP...
  7. I'm asking about the wn8 stats, will remain? will change? will obsolete? HE rework is not the only change in ammo, the standar ammo will do more damage that special ammo. Equipments can be upgrade to do more damage (more % to fire engine). Even Wg will make a new recent PR for the changes. Crew 2.0 specialization can do more dmg in theory that the current crew.
  8. The update to wot 2.0, crew, equipment, branchs, ammo and hp reworks.
  9. Any news about what will happen with the wn8 when the magapatch/megaupdate will come? All reddish will be unicum? Or we will have a new wn9 or something? For anyone who missed the new info: There is a translation in the comments.
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