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  1. I have found more and more that 6th sense is not going off and i justy die. Is it anything that anyone else has noticed, other members of my clan are saying the same thing. Maybe it's a mechanic of the game as things develop with new tanks and power creep. Is spotted sense getting over powered by spotting creep? Anyone got any answers. NB: my 6th sense does go off most of the time, but more than often it does not. It is not just me grumbling because I am rubbish or had a bad game. It is also not me missing the point about: - if i get killed in the gap between getting spotted and the few sec between the spotted notification going off and me getting blown up. It is also not when it is a spotting bush blind shot. I get shot many times by more than one tank if they are running towards a hill top and i am on the other side and 6th sense will not go off at all. It's like I don't have it on the tank and i do check to add it as a directive if I have a commander with no 6th sense. Hence my not understanding and others say pretty much the same thing. Any teck players please help.
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