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  1. Kind of thought so already on the shitty tanks part, the thing is i really want to complete all lines at some point, guess grinding a enjoyable line and only getting the daily win on bad ones could be a solid strategy since it will get faster and faster later on thanks to blueprints once you are closing in on grinding. Thanks for the advice.
  2. After a 4 year break with this game and trying my best the last few weeks holding up 2,1k wn8 and 55% wr im seriously so salty again i might need to quit another 4 years. So my question is basically how you manage your mindset and not tilt for the following or similar situations. 1) Grinding an underpowered tank that has been hit by powercreep the last few years. I need around 200k xp for the next 2 T8 heavys in the german techtree playing the tiger P. This thing is slow, has no good armor profile, laughable alpha and dpm and the gunhandling and depression sucks a**. And this thing is probably not even the worst offender to come. 2) Being the prey of BS RNG. Im not talking about dispersion, im not talking about low rolling, that stuff is tied to gamebalance/making games more dynamic for me and im not that easily tiltable at least. Getting snapshotted by some russian tank while you are flanking with your medium 300 meters away and half your tank behind cover AFTER he moved his turret and hull probably having his aiming reticle cover half the map would be a good example of stuff where i simply want to fling my pc out the window. Or more common: good aimed shots that would on average penetrate the target but since +/-25% rng don't. Hitting russian lower plates or the good side of the pike noses and not damaging them because your pen. simply lowrolled 15-25% is utter BS imo. and seriously makes me tilt, i really should uninstall the mod that shows you where and at what angle you got hit/hit the enemy.. 3)Premium ammunition spam at every tier. I hated it 4 years ago, i don't understand how so many players have this kind of credits nowadays and i hate it even more especially when im in a tank or in certain situations where the enemy just doesn't need it. I don't even know what tilts me more, driving in my grille 15/leopard1 and getting shot 90% of the time with premium ammunition or driving in a tank that actually relies on it's armor... On the other hand there are some tanks like the campaign reward soviet t10 heavy where prem/HE is the only answer... I know the human memory is very subjective but i really liked the heavy gameplay of earlier wot more, shooting weakspots and trying to hide your's/make it hard to hit. Now it just feels like either you load premium or even more stupid if even premium doesn't work spam HE, this might have to do something with map design but idk. I really want to like/play this game more, my more casual friends have nearly double my battles by now since they didn't take a break this long, however: It just feels like the more i understand this game and get better the more BS i think about certain design decisions and overall game balance by wargaming.
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