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  1. NA server. Username is "Ghost_In_The_Machine_", but when I searched that name (with the underscore after the last word) a couple of days ago, got the message "nothing found". Tried it today and it came up OK. All good now..., thanks
  2. Appreciate the info, but as stated in my last two posts, I was specifically interested in WoTLab.
  3. Thanks for the input, but I'm even more confused now... Is there anything I can do about getting up-to-date stats on WoTLab?
  4. Maybe a stupid question, but here goes... I've been a casual player of WoT for a few years in tanks all the way up to Tier X, but when I try to check stats on WoTLab all that shows are some of the original Tier 1 tanks played when I first started out. How do I get recent stats to show? What am I missing? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanx, GITM
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