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  1. AstronautApe, I'd be super happy to take over your account. Back then, 3 years ago, there was no warning yet, when making an account in a different location, I just heard about world of tanks, typed it into google and worldoftanks.com came up and I enrolled there. Thing is, I am from Germany, so playing on the US server ensures me to have fun with high ping, lags and preaiming. After reaching about 7.000 battles on this account I finally realized that I am on the wrong server, when suddenly the website suggested being transferred over to the EU forums. I never considered rerolling, because I g
  2. I am up for this. TS3 is a given. Right now I can guarantee to play on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, but I applied for a job at a late night club -> if that works out I might not be online on 1 or 2 days out of Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Tier 9s: E75, WZ120,Patton,T54,Centurion7(no decent crew), T30 Tier 7 scouts: Bulldog, T71,Type62 Tier 6 scouts: T37,MT25 Looking forward Stalingrad and tier 9s. When is the training supposed to be happening? What do you say?
  3. 1) Your team has quite a few great hulldown tanks. Abusing the shit out oft hat advantage is a given. 2) You wanted to use the opportunity to get some damage, so that their derp rush wouldn’t go to vain completely. Also I can imagine that you wanted to show your presence (big alpha gun) in order to stop the enemy from pushing further up. 3) The T29s didn’t do well. They derped in without knowing how many enemy tanks hey would encounter and died quickly. (I think they would have done a much better job on line 9/0, abusing their hulldown abilities) Other than that one oft he T29s did a
  4. I already have you on my list, but you shall add me to yours.
  5. Patton with stock turret > Patton with elite turret. Why: trollish hulldown with 400m viewrange > no hulldown and 410m viewrange.
  6. Also... watch Zeven. Seriously. He is amazing at explaining.
  7. You guys seem to forget that there will be a time when it is possible to retrain the jobs - for example "useless" radioman to driver. And I want my new driver to have as much exp a possible. So yeah, healing my injured crewmember at the end of the battle is a nobrainer. I actually curse myself when I forget to do it / press the heal button too late.
  8. Does anyone else also thinks that those 9 rings on German tanks look fucking stupid? Because I sure do. Should be max. 3 marks like for any other nation.
  9. Sounds like a great idea. Add me, I am from Germany. They really should have introduced an account transfer option by now - after 3 years...
  10. 1) Can you elaborate on this, please. While the map is loading I see the different tank setups on both teams and make a plan on what to do to counter their advantage / on how to leverage my teams advantage (for example: a position / more medium tanks or more heavies). I will not have a finished plan yet though,but I finish it including my spawn position / team spawnpoint. On maps like for example Erlenberg I will wait for the countdown to finish and watch where my team deploys and include that info into making my plan. Does this cover your way of making a plan "right away before battle starts
  11. Yeah at 5:50 you were supposed to go back to base and kill the RHM - which was at only 300 health. Instead you sat there for 15 seconds doing nothing ( I take it you were trying to figure out what to do ) I would have let the T32 deal with the arty - he indeed managed to kill one of them - and would went back to base, hoping that the arty wouldn't be able to oneshot me and hopefully being able to kill the RHM without having any trouble - using the superior gun depression of the Centurion I. Anyway, at 10:50 I also would have gone back to base.
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