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  1. I find that maintaining a solid WR in solos is next to impossible. For that reason I'm looking for people to platoon with in tier 5-8 (credit grinding and XP grinding). I play on US Central. The time which I play is haphazard, but I'm on almost everyday.
  2. Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well. I am a returning player, having given away my account in 2017 I am now starting a new account from scratch. I was a unicum player (3300+ wn8 iirc). When I played I was an ultra aggressive heavy/medium/light player, with the BatChat 25t and Obj. 140 being my favorite tanks. Coming back into the game I see tons of new tanks and nations, the options are astonishing. I would love to build a relationship with other players that would be interested in platooning/socializing with me. I plan on playing in the afternoon/evening for a couple hours (
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