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  1. Regarding your comments about rev

    45 minutes ago, GamerDaPro said:

    I haven't found the rev's role out yet really. It's too slow to be anywhere needed, its agility is alright, but the 40kph top speed is really limiting. So it can't get where damage is needed quickly. It cannot make situations on its own either, because of the non-existent armor, so right now I have a tank that can't get to situations quickly enough to help, and isn't capable of creating situations either.

    With the t-34-3, I could get to spots quickly,  and I was pretty much able to run away as well when it was necessary. I could also spot at the start of the matches due to the pretty good camo. I could hardly ever snipe with it though, as the gun was shit for it, but it wasn't needed because I could just get close and then run away. And if there was no one to support, I could easily just start brawling somewhere on my own, the turret was really good, even the hull armor was usable sometimes, but I pretty much became a tough turret with a 390 alpha gun when it was necessary. What I'm saying is that the t-34-3 was ALWAYS usable somewhere, and I could almost always carry battles with it. I had no trouble with the penetration due to the tank's nature, I could easily maintain ~2,1k DPG, and I even platooned with regular t8s (HEAT spam was necessary then though). And that tank only got better afaik, as I only played it before the buff. Compare the revalorisé to it, what does it have? Yeah, a gun, but nothing else.

    Anyway I don't wanna hijack this thread with the rev anymore, mention me somewhere else or pm if anyone wants to reply to this.

    You are overexaggerating about t34-3 being always usable. If you are pushed by heavies - you were screwed most of the time. If you had to snipe - you were screwed, if you had to dpm out of a situation - you were screwed, if it was a hill poking fight - you were screwed. Not saying it's bad it simply wasn't as universal as you said. It was simply a worse version of wz111 since it was worse at brawling because of worse handling and hull and hp. 

    As for m4 rev - yeah it's a support tank but a bloody good one. You just need to read the map and forecast enemy plays better instead of going to a place and counting on armor and top speed to save you from mistakes. 

    1. GamerDaPro


      Sorry about the late reply, I kinda forgot about this forum.

      I've never played the wz-111, so I can't comment about that, however I'm sure you couldn't do two things in the wz-111: Scout, and circle/sidehug slow heavies.

      What you're saying about sniping is true, however I don't remember doing that a lot, I was spotting a lot more rather than sniping. I remember getting the 3rd mark in a 1,2k-ish dmg game, with 3k+ spotted.

      Also I actually loved brawling in the t-34-3, so getting rushed by heavies was my thing. I never resorted to out DPMing stuff, because that's not how the tank is played, and I loved hill fights thanks to the strong turret, and good alpha. The bad depression wasn't a problem after the first 10-20 battles with the tank, and I haven't played the tank after the buff, so it's even less of a problem now I believe.

      Anyway, the t-34-3 was my go-to carry tank I could pretty much always dominate with. I could bully tier8s and lower in it, and outplay tier9-10s as well. It's probably because of my playstyle or something, but the m4 rev is really far from that bully/carry potential for me.

      Also, I bought the lorr 40t as well, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

    2. hazzgar


      1. Wz111 can scout as well as the 34-3 - They have the same view range. Though yeah it is a bit worse in those rare situations when you find a super slow heavy that can be circled by a slow medium (34-3 traverse is meh)

      2. wz111 has everything you say the 34-3 has outside of traverse. It has only 0.8worse hp/t and only 0.1 worse ground resistances with same top speed so in 80% of the situations mobility is the same

      3. As for advantages - stronger turret so no lolpens when someone hits your cheeks, stronger hull and strong LFP so lower tiers can't pen you instead of you having to hide your hull. Higher dpm, no gun elevation problems so people can't fuck you by being over you, more shells (so if you carry a lot of heat you will not run out of AP on a long game) stronger sides by 40mm (lol), 250 more hp, 20more ammorack hp. 


      So basically wz111 is a better 34-3. The only advantage the 34-3 has is traverse. 


      As for m4rev - yeah it's a support tank. It can't bully but saying it's bad because of that is like saying TVP 50/51 is bad. You just have to play it differently and be more patient. Also it is less screwed when the enemy team has a lot of armor. 

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