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  1. BC 25t AP, or AMX 30 first, halp! I can't decide between the 2 for shit. I've always been a batchat player, and the bc seems less painful stock as well, but I kinda wanna try the amx 30s as well, credit spam isn't an issue, exp is though.

    1. GamerDaPro


      Actually just after posting this, I decided that getting the amx would be more sensible, since getting the gun on it will eliminate 80% of the stock grind on the bc.

    2. hazzgar


      Just dont get the t10 amx 30. It's meh. BC is way more fun

  2. I kinda miss it, now I get bored pretty quickly after I die, that means I have to exit the battle which sucks when I'm waiting for the tank.
  3. Shooting through tanks, now in HD! Srsly, I thought this 3yr old bug would be gone by now...



    1. Assassin7


      3 year old? More like 6 year old....

    2. GamerDaPro


      Ah damn yeah, I'm old

  4. Nice, finally a map where I can lose 60% of my health to camping tds after peeking, then sit behind a moderately tall building while clickers slowly splash all my remaining hp away, can't wait to play it!
  5. Hey, I'm a casual returning player as well, I'm not nearly as active as I used to be as I just occasionally sit down for an hour or two when I have the time. I'm almost always up for tier8s, but atm I have a tier 6 stock arl as well. Also I'm rusty af, and 99% of the games were solo, so my stats are pretty fucked, if you don't mind that, just hit me up whenever you'd like to platoon and I'm online.
  6. I haven't found the rev's role out yet really. It's too slow to be anywhere needed, its agility is alright, but the 40kph top speed is really limiting. So it can't get where damage is needed quickly. It cannot make situations on its own either, because of the non-existent armor, so right now I have a tank that can't get to situations quickly enough to help, and isn't capable of creating situations either. With the t-34-3, I could get to spots quickly, and I was pretty much able to run away as well when it was necessary. I could also spot at the start of the matches due to the pretty good camo. I could hardly ever snipe with it though, as the gun was shit for it, but it wasn't needed because I could just get close and then run away. And if there was no one to support, I could easily just start brawling somewhere on my own, the turret was really good, even the hull armor was usable sometimes, but I pretty much became a tough turret with a 390 alpha gun when it was necessary. What I'm saying is that the t-34-3 was ALWAYS usable somewhere, and I could almost always carry battles with it. I had no trouble with the penetration due to the tank's nature, I could easily maintain ~2,1k DPG, and I even platooned with regular t8s (HEAT spam was necessary then though). And that tank only got better afaik, as I only played it before the buff. Compare the revalorisé to it, what does it have? Yeah, a gun, but nothing else. Anyway I don't wanna hijack this thread with the rev anymore, mention me somewhere else or pm if anyone wants to reply to this.
  7. Yeah, I ended up buying the revalorisé because it's cheaper and the lorr isn't available atm. I loved the t-34-3, and the revalorisé feels so shit compared to it. Well, at least I'm up for a challenge.
  8. I've been looking to get this tank sometime, but at the same time I'm looking at the revalorisé as well. Is it worth to wait for a lorr 40t sale, and is it worth the slighly higher price? It does seem more fun due to the autoloader and the speed, but at the same time almost everyone ranks the revalorisé higher from what I saw. Help me decide between the two, crew training doesn't matter much (so I don't mind losing a crew memeber for the 30b), only credits, and how fun the tank is, also probably the carry potential as well. Also nah, I'm not going to get both, I feel gulilty for buying even a single premium.
  9. The other thread I posted in was probably a duplicate one, so pasting my post here:
  10. Wow, 2 years after I stopped playing I just randomly clicked on a thread saying how WG still fucks the game up. I seriously wonder how this game is still alive with that management. That TD line always sucked, with the only decent tank being the 263 (and the 122-54 as well to some extent), and they finally managed to change both that didn't need changes at all.
  11. dJAeQ2D.png

    Well... I can't say I disagree with that, can I?

  12. Fuck. this. arty. shit.


  13. Being overly aggressive will hurt your wn8 and WR as well, even though you can always dish out some dmg before you die, I doubt you could reach 3,5k-4k wn8 if you're too aggressive. However I've found that being aggressive can win a lot of games, sometimes someone's gotta spot the camping TDs, and someone has to lead the push if you outnumber a group of enemies. While these might hurt your wn8 a bit (the first one to push usually dies/loses shitload of hp), your pubbies are likely to snowball into a victory. So playing aggressively usually pays off, as long as you do it somewhat wisely, mind you, suiciding and playing aggressively aren't the same. I've always been an aggressive player (both ingame and in chat ), no matter the tank I was in (probably this is why I sucked at TDs), 4k DPG surely looks nice, but where's the fun in redline sniping? I was an "in yo face" batchat player, and still maintained 3,1k DPG, and 66% WR with it over 1k games. tl;dr: I would be as aggressive as I can, just make sure that dying is worth it.
  14. Batchat best chat. I loved that carrymachine
  15. I've found that spotting dmg is a huge part of marks in the batchat. I had several games where I only did like 2k or so dmg, yet the % still went up (was above 90%). So aggressive playstyle, and spotting as much as you can while you're on a reload definitely pays off as long as you know what you're doing. The batchat is one of the easier tanks to 3mark imo because it's so versatile.
  16. I only played it before the depression buff, but I assume it only got better. Other than the batchat, it was the only tank I could comfortably carry with. I had 600ish battles with it, and never got bored. I won't go into the details, as others have already done that.But it's definitely a carry hard pubstomper tank for me, though not a moneymaker.
  17. If you're someone who pays for games, $8 for the KOTORs is definitely worth it as well. Or rather $10 with the EAW then, it is also awesome. (the lego stuff could be good, but I've never been a fan)
  18. To be honest, the best thing I found was active scouting in a t-54lt. With that accuracy, and apcr spam you can usually do 2-3k dmg or more, and you can spot the rest. With the right maps you can get it in 3or so games.
  19. You could try joining WG and correcting the god awful building/terrain hitboxes.
  20. Creativity, playing a lot, checking the places out for yourself(yea sometimes even in training rooms, or CW/ESL trainings when you're bored AF), whether they work or not. You'll have loads of situations like "well, fuck this isn't how I imagined", and you'll usually remember those.
  21. From experience, the key to high dmg/wn8 isn't the knowledge of the most popular spots, but knowing the maps inside out instead, and developing the ability to go to places you've probably never been to before as each battle progresses. My most successful games were the ones where I kept changing positions according to allies/enemies, and where I was creative enough to properly guess whether a spot is beneficial or not in a given situation. In my opinion no matter how many good positions people tell you, and how many you remember of those, nothing beats your own creativity and knowledge through experiments.
  22. A HE shell into them with high enough alpha usually does the trick without turning blue, as long as you do loads of dmg after(as usual), you can TK even more in the following battles. I used to do that a lot, never got banned for TKing.
  23. Well, he actually asked whether a 350W PSU would handle a 200W TDP card :D. To be honest it would, unless you put something else in the PC as well, like a motherboard with a CPU.
  24. There have been quite a few hungarian ones, but these were left out: Csá / csáó
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